Why are rich people so depressed?

Although it might be hard to believe, rich people are largely depressed. This article will discuss the belief that if people have all they want, they would never have a reason to be sad, let alone depressed. 

It will show as well what are the main reasons rich people get depressed, ad how they usually overcome depression.

Why are rich people depressed?

It is a common assumption that wealthy people would have no reason to be depressed. But that is not what is seen in therapists’ offices and psychiatrists around the globe. 

A study has shown how people that reach a certain level of annual income, of 105 thousand dollars in the USA, and 95 thousand worldwide, have a higher chance of having reduced well-being and feel less satisfied with their lives.

Let’s discuss some reasons why wealthy people get depressed.

Never-ending desire

This might happen because once people earn enough to fulfill their needs, the rest of the money is usually used to fuel their desires, and although that can be great at first, with time this can only come to make them more interested in material items, that will not increase their well-being.

There is a term for this, it is called the treadmill effect. It is based on the thought that once you get a material good you want, you are not fulfilled by it, you rather start to think about the next thing you desire. This can make people face the emptiness life can have. 

Showing that rich people are usually not satisfied by anything. Because they are focusing simply on acquiring things instead of going through what feels humans up, experiences and connection.


Even though they can have the world at their feet, wealthy people tend to live a more isolated life. This can happen because the richer you get, the harder it might be for people to relate to you, or because you feel like you don’t need other people to survive.

This can also happen as a security measure. You might be distanced from doing everyday things, such as going to a store to avoid putting yourself in danger. All of this disconnection can weigh down on people with time and affect their quality of life.

You tend to work more

People that are wealthy, or are aspiring to occupy a prestigious place in a company usually tend to work over hours. This comes with a belief that people should earn those high positions.

And although working can be something that offers life meaning, going through these long hours can be something that deprived them of living through things that makes them happy, like spending time with family and friends.

Being an entrepreneur

Being an entrepreneur can cause people to become depressed. This is because of personality traits they usually have, like being extroverted, risk-takers, with an open mind, or it can be related to this condition of living.

They are usually people that are always comparing themselves to others as a way to measure their success, which can be overwhelming. As well as working as much as they do. They tend to not take some time for themselves, or if they do, they are hardly emotionally present.

When they succeed in a business, they can start to live a life that is completely different from the one they had before, and that can cause them to detach from their personality. Another reason might be that they are usually wealthy from birth, so having to go through the frustrations of owning a business can be too much.

Entrepreneurs also have a high sense of not being accomplished, because even after they succeed, they can still feel like a failure for not being able to be present or enjoy ordinary events in life, such as their kids’ birthdays.

Their brain function

People of wealth, and leadership, tend to have an area of their brain more stimulated. This can turn success and work into an addiction. They can feel like they constantly need more of it, the same way people with substance abuse would need it. This can cause them to feel disconnected from other people and activities.

What are ways they overcome depression?

For a wealthy person to cope with depression they need to invest some of the energy they have put into their careers and professional life into their healing. They are extremely focused people, who are very creative and energetic, they need to set goals for their recovery.

In that sense, therapy can be a great way for them to cope with depression. It is a way they can feel like they are putting their efforts into solving their situation. And because they are usually so focused, it might be easier for them to figure out where their depression is coming from.

Business people are also extremely used to moving in the world through the “fake it until you make it” way. This is something that can allow them to move even when depressed. And if they know how to balance it to not overdo it in a way they are in denial about their condition, this can help them find ways to feel better.

People of wealth need to cope and look for treatment when they feel depressed. Studies have shown that being depressed can cause people to go into financial meltdown. This happens because they might start to take risky decisions, or not take care of their business properly.

If you’re facing this, it may be a good idea to seek the help of a therapist or other mental health professional. You can find a therapist at BetterHelp who can help you learn how to cope and address it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): Why are rich people depressed?

Can lack of money cause depression?

Yes, lack of money, the same way as being wealthy can cause people to become depressed. The constant worrying about their condition and possible debts can cause them to get depressed. 

And once a person with a lower condition in life is depressed, they have a higher chance of going through even more financial problems. This is because they will probably suffer from depressive symptoms in their work lives. For example, they can have trouble focusing or with memory, which can be a problem at work.

They can also have trouble making decisions and establishing how they will handle their income. With all that, it might be easier to understand how depression can also be present and have a huge impact on the life of people with lower incomes.

What are the most common personality traits of rich people?

5 personality traits tend to be most present in wealthy people. The first one is that they usually are extroverted. This is something that helps them move around, meet people, and mingle, which is extremely important when trying to make a business successful.

They are also conscientious people, even with whom they want to marry. They analyze things in every possible outcome and know how to deal with delayed gratification and keep their focus on long-term goals. 

For being able to do this, rich people usually demonstrate they are more emotionally stable. They don’t make decisions in their spare moment, or as an emotional response. They keep their eyes on their goals and go for them.

They are also people that are less neurotic, this is shown by their ability to not respond emotionally to things. They are not affected in a way that causes them anxiety, gets them worried, changes their mood, or causes them to be afraid.

And finally, wealthy people tend to be more self-centered. And although some people might assume that is a bad thing, it just shows how they have high expectations for their achievements, even though they understand other people might be needed for this. 

What are things that make people happier? 

Science says that there are 5 things you can bring to your life as a way to feel happier. The first one is to practice gratitude. This can have a quick effect on improving your mood. People that write down the things that made them happy on that day can usually make themselves feel better about themselves.

This is a benefit of journaling. Writing down all that positively impacted you at the end of the day, the small and big ones, can make it clearer to you what you went through during the day.

Having positive people around you can also be something that improves your mood. This is very different from toxic positivity. It means having people around you that will help you look at things from a different perspective when you don’t feel so well.

The same is said about spending time with people you love. This is a great way to recharge your batteries, not feel lonely, and have social support. It can be by being close physically or even digitally. 

Being kind is also something that can help people feel happy. It can be by doing volunteer work or helping a friend in their move. This can give you a better sense of satisfaction with your life.

Investing in experiences rather than things can also make you happy. When you buy things you forget about them easily, but with the experiences, you always have those memories to look back at. And this can give a sense of connection and happiness.

How do I know if I will be rich? 

People that become rich usually have some similar traits. They are usually very creative, but also don’t put all your eggs in one basket. They tend to invest in multiple things to guarantee themselves.

People that might become rich tend to be more persistent and consider all the risks in their actions. But at the same time, you might aim at high goals that you are determined to achieve.

People that might become rich also study a lot and have an open mind to look for places to invest their money and energy in. Being that investing is something they are passionate about. 

Why should I be rich?

Although many people would like to be rich, very few of them think about what would be the biggest benefits of being rich. They usually consider not worrying about money anymore as one of the biggest benefits.

But if a person is rich, it may also be that they can help people, be it family members or their community. They can also have a better quality of life, and open themselves to new experiences. 

And the biggest benefit of it is to notice how you manage to do this list of your determination. This can give you a great sense of accomplishment, and growth.


This article showed that, contrary to popular belief, money is not equal to happiness, and people of wealth do get depressed more often than people would assume. The article explained what are the main reasons why rich people get depressed, and also how they usually overcome the condition.

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