Which Zodiac Signs Are The Most Unique? (Top 3)

In this article, we will be taking a look at the zodiac signs that are the most unique and creative of them all! The article will highlight why they are considered unique and what traits do they possess to back this up. Also, each of these zodiac signs will be introduced in detail to the audience.

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The Most Unique Zodiac Signs

Here are the most unique zodiac signs in the list:

  • Cancer
  • Taurus
  • Sagittarius

Let us take a look at each of them in detail and see why they are so unique!

Cancer – Driven By Emotions 

Cancer is the fourth astrological sign in the zodiac represented by the symbol of the ‘Crab’. It is assigned to those people who are born from June 20 to July 22. People born with this star are often considered as caring, sensitive and protective but their habits of repressing their feelings and thoughts will surprise you when they experience strong mood swings and extreme anger. Their focus is not on their own self but on others and their well being.

The birthstone of Cancer is Ruby but goes well with Moonstone, Pearl and Emerald as well! 

The Moon is the ruling planet of Cancer and represents the unconscious, one’s feelings and the self as it takes light from the Sun which focuses on the person itself. The Moon represents the feminine side which is associated with nurturing others and caring for their needs. It inculcates the instincts of caring for loved ones and those in need. 

The element of Cancer is water hence they have a deep relationship with the realm of emotions; they feel strongly and are also quick to note how others are feeling. They allow themselves to get in touch with their emotional side more compared to others so they feel and express strongly too.

What Is Unique About Cancer?

The Cancer sign is unique because of the creativity they possess inside of them. They are deeply fueled by their emotions and this is why they are able to come up with things – sayings, paintings and any sort of artistic creation – that are so unique and inspiring.

These guys really know how to wave their magical wand in different fields of life. They are great painters, sculptures, tattoo artists and what not. It is important to note that they have the water sign and this greatly helps their imagination, emotions and thoughts flow out of them and onto what they create!

Let us take a look at some of their traits that make them so creative and unique when it comes to the arts!


This star has the power of intuition like some others thus they have much reliance on their gut feelings; they just know and don’t have to see or experience something to believe it. They are people who focus on what is going on inside; their thoughts, feelings, dreams and ideas guide them to what is right for them and drive them away from what is bad for them. They look at how they feel towards someone or something to determine if it is right for them.


Yes Cancers are very sensitive and their emotional intelligence is very high. They can easily sense if you are upset or feel uncomfortable and this will tend to this immediately. They can notice small changes in people’s behavior, tone and body language or facial expressions and also gauge the reason for this change as it is often related to emotions if not only pure logic.

Don’t Open Up Easily.

Cancers do not like opening up so easily and that too with everyone. Although they are very friendly and warm and kind hearted to others, they may not expect the same from others and so find it difficult to share their own feelings or thoughts. Also, they like to recede into their shell at times so that they can get in touch with their feelings without any disturbance. That may be a reason why they don’t allow others to come so close because they value their privacy.

What Is A Taurus?

The Taurus is the second sign of the zodiac and is represented by a ‘Bull’; people who are born between April 19 to May 20 are assigned this star! The star tends to describe people who are generally stable and reliant, hard working and do not like to be questioned much. Those who have the sign of a Taurus sometimes become too materialistic and lazy due to their love for pleasurable things. 

This sign has the birthstone of Emerald and is affiliated with other stones such as Aventurine, Sapphire, Garnet and Amber. 

Taurus possesses the element of earth which tends to influence it a manner that the zodiac sign becomes centered and stable. The element of earth helps people become close to nature and allows them to get in touch with themselves and develops a sense of appreciation for the things or materials around them. Another possible influence of this element is that it humbles the star it is associated with.

Venus is the ruling planet of Taurus and is known as the goddess of love however its effects for each star are different. It also rules Libra but affects it in an entirely different way! In terms of Taurus, it inculcates a sense of love for the material things around Taurus like it’s career, home, environment, material belongings and even family hence the Taurus finds peace and comfort in these that may also translate into a sense of security. 

Venus also develops a natural understanding of love and romance for this star hence Taurus’s view of this domain of life as something natural that occurs with time and as they mature through life; it is something that will happen when the time comes and it is destined or meant to be. They will not question the differing concepts of love and accept it.

How Are Taurus’ Unique?

The Taurus sign is unique because they seem lazy but they are actually one of the most creative signs out there. This could be because they are ruled by the Planet Venus that is centered around pleasures and the sweet things in life. Hence, the Taurus does know how to enjoy life and they are passionate about things even though they are selective. 

This only comes into play when the topic is of their interest – after that you will be surprised at how they transform; they become active and very much involved and their thoughts start to run and they will do incredible things! This is why they are so unique because once they are around something or someone that interests them then they become very different – actually they come into their true form.

Let us take a look at some of their traits that define their behaviour!

Hard Working.

This zodiac sign believes in hard work and they will make sure they put in all they have got. They understand that success is not just the result of factors like luck or getting help but it mainly depends on how much you put in. They will invest their time, money and efforts into a task or job they have taken up. No matter how small or big the task is they understand that until they actually put some work into it it won’t be as good as they want it to be.


Taurus appreciate the experiences they have through their five senses. They like to see, hear, smell, feel and taste things that give them pleasure hence you will notice they are mostly sensual in nature. They are fond of material things which they greatly associate with happiness and a sense of security. They won’t be embarrassed saying material things give them happiness; they accept their nature and the sensations they get from what they love.

Dislike Authority.

People with this zodiac sign rarely like authority, especially if they think that authority is wasting their time, not doing anything productive or is preventing them from reaching their goals. They will be the kid in class who speaks up and questions their teacher if they think he or she is saying something wrong; they will tell their boss their is a better way of doing things and they will also speak bluntly in front of any controlling body to say what is right and not what is pleasing to them.

Sagittarius – A Fun Loving Creature Who Doesn’t Like To Worry At All!

This sign is indeed unique! They know how to enjoy life and won’t let anyone get in the way. They want to experience what life has to offer and their spontaneity never ceases to surprise anyone. They will get up and be ready to travel across the world to meet a friend or attend a once in a year festival. Once they make up their mind about something they don’t back away so easily. 

The Sagittarius is the 9th astrological sign of the zodiac which emerges from the constellation Sagittarius in the sky and spans 240 degrees to 270 degrees. This sign is attributed to those who are born from November 21st to December 21st.  Theer element is fire and their ruling planet is Jupiter which is also known for goodluck! 

This sign is associated with the birthstones of Topaz, Turquoise, Tanzanite, Zircon and Citrine. As mentioned before, this sign as well as Aries and Leo possess the element of fire which is one the four elements people are categorized under. Fire represents spontaneity, inspiration, intuition and passion.

Jupiter is the ruling planet of not only Sagittarius but also of Pisces and brings with it mostly luck, good fortune and exploration especially in spirituality and knowledge. This planet influences people who are related to positions such as priests, judges, teachers, imams and philosophers.


Yes these people will show you the bright side of life and help you look towards the countless possibilities life has to offer. Despite their fun loving and wild nature, Sagittarius’s have the ability to reach in and help you get through difficult times. Why? They are optimistic.

People with this zodiac sign like to view life in a positive manner. They do not focus on events too much and like to move in order to experience life as it is unlike others who may get stuck on a single event that slows them down.

Free Spirits.

Ever seen those horses galloping freely across the fields? Well they should remind you of a Sagittarius. Yes they are free spirits who treasure their freedom and independence. If you hold their reins tight they will tug until you let them roam freely and explore their surroundings. They are adventurous, independent and truly explorative as already defined by their ruling planet Jupiter. 


Fun loving and wild free souls, Sagittarius’s can turn on you in the blink of an eye expressing how they feel; whether angry, surprised or upset they will let it out all on you as if they were storing it up inside for a long time. This will most likely surprise and shock you because if you listen and watch closely enough you will learn a lot on how they think and feel; somethings you may not have even expected. So be ready for such outbursts. Don’t let them scare you but stand strong because even a Sagittarius needs an outlet!


This article took an in-depth look at each of the zodiac signs that are considered to be the most unique in nature. The article also listed and explained the traits that reflect their uniqueness.


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