Which international celebrities identify as INTPs?

This blog will answer the question, “Which international celebrities identify as INTPs?”, discuss the strengths and weaknesses of an INTP, list the attributes of an INTP, define a celebrity and briefly outline which international celebrities identify as INTPs.

Which international celebrities identify as INTPs?

Celebrities that identify as INTPs are:

  • Meryl Streep (Hollywood actress)
  • Tina Fey (Hollywood actress)
  • Cole Sprouse (Actor)
  • Black Francis and Joey Santiago (Members of the Rock band Pixies)

What are the attributes of the typical INTP?

By gaining an understanding of the attributes of an INTP we can better understand celebrities who identify as INTP personalities.

The INTP possesses the following attributes:

  • They have a great imagination
  • They are great Problem-solvers.
  • Are mostly, silent people.
  • They are very calm and level-headed.
  • They are reflective.
  • They are very logical
  • Tend to be inquisitive and explorative.
  • They are detail-oriented.
  • They are efficient and reliable.
  • They are analytical and very logical.
  • They are studious
  • Always contemplate the purpose and search for reason.
  • Often perceived as distant and unemotional

What are the strengths and weaknesses of an INTP?

Similarly we can investigate the strengths and weaknesses of an iNTP to better understand celebrities who identify as INTP personalities.

Strengths of an INTP are as follows:


INTPs are very open to alternatives, new theories and ideas which are logical and factual. Though they possess great minds they do not think they know everything. They are ever open and ready to learn.


INTPs tend to be objective though they are intuitive, they are usually unbiased in their approach to most matters. 

They base most of their beliefs on concrete facts but also have a deep respect and regard for theoretical ideas.


INTPs have a very unique imagination, as a result they are inventive and overflowing with original and never heard of before theories. 

These ideas are usually born from their keen intuition and seem to be preposterous and impossible to others, but they will always prove them wrong as they turn out to be remarkable innovations.


When they have a new idea, INTPs can be very excited and optimistic about it, they seem to light and glow as they share their idea.

They can even come out of their introvert shell momentarily if another person shares or shows interest in their theories.


INTPs are honest and would never contradict themselves. They strongly believe that the truth is the most important factor and cannot be hidden.

They are therefore very blunt and spare no expense when telling people the truth though they may hurt others in the process. 

The most important thing is that the truth has been honored.

Weaknesses of an INTP:


INTPs are introverts and so they tend to be withdrawn they perceive socializing as an intrusion on their thought process and personal space and time. 

Their social intelligence is resultantly unexplored and low.

Insensitive and Clueless

INTPs’ preoccupation with logic and search for the truth has inadvertently made them have little or no emotional consideration for others. 

They dismiss feelings as irrational as a result emotional situations are difficult to process for the INTP and are very awkward for them. 

This may offend others as they come across as cold and uninterested.

Rebels at heart

INTPs do not like rules, guidelines, and norms and are usually non-compliant to regulations as these things stifle their creativity. 

In the workplace this makes them difficult to supervise and manage as they will question and oppose the rigidity and tradition. 

Constantly question themselves.

INTP’s openness to new ideas impedes their capacity to arrive at and execute a decision. They do this with everything including their own skills and they tend to  delay in action indefinitely.

They continuously question what the best move could probably be and sometimes fail to decide altogether.

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What is a celebrity?

A celebrity is a person who is very famous and gets lots of public attention on most media platforms such as TV, Radio and social media. 

Usually a person becomes a celebrity because they are in the entertainment industry. They star in movies that become blockbusters , sing songs that become internationally acclaimed or have their own reality shows or are comedians.

Which international celebrities identify as INTPs?

Below are some international celebrities who are INTPs:

Tina Fey (Hollywood actress)

She is a typical INTP who is ambitious and logical. She reportedly appears outspoken because of the roles that she usually portrays on the big screen. 

However, Tina Fey is an introvert who loves to spend her time alone when she is free.

Meryl Streep (Hollywood actress)

Meryl Streep is reportedly flexible, logical and intelligent. She also appears to be logical and ambitious. 

Streep attributes her success to her perfectionistic nature which makes her meticulously play her role beautifully in her performances. 

Out of the many roles she auditioned for, Streep has only been turned down four times, making her one of the most successful actresses in the industry.

Cole Sprouse (Actor)

Disney fans of the classic sitcom ‘The Suite Life of Zac & Cody’ will recognize Sprouse as a typical INTP. He has an intelligent and open minded way of doing things. 

He even went to pursue a degree in Geographic Information Systems after his retirement from Disney and later returned to the big screen as a Hollywood actor.

Black Francis and Joey Santiago (Members of the Rock band Pixies)

Black Francis is infamous for causing problems with the other band members because of his emotionally detached personality typical of an INTP. 

Joey Santiago is known for his abstract and simple lyrics which reflect his intuitive nature.


This blog answered the question, “Which international celebrities identify as INTPs?”, it listed the attributes of an INTP, defined a celebrity and briefly outlined which international celebrities identify as INTPs. 

Celebrities that identify as INTPs are:

  • Meryl Streep (Hollywood actress)
  • Tina Fey (Hollywood actress)
  • Cole Sprouse (Actor)
  • Black Francis and Joey Santiago (Members of the Rock band Pixies)

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Which international celebrities identify as INTPs?

What Celebrities are INTP?

Celebrities that are INTP are:
Tina Fey (Comedian/Actress)
Meryl Streep (Actress)
Stephen King (Author)
Seth Meyers (Talk Show Host)
Woody Allen (Film Director)
Ellen Page (Actress)
Cole Sprouse (Actor)

Are INTP attractive?

No, most people shy away from the INTP because of their emotional detachment and introverted nature that throws people off. However, INTPs themselves are attracted to people who are different from them.

How smart are INTP?

INTPs are known to be very smart. They are overwhelmed by this as people usually have very expectations of them.

Are INTP good liars?

Yes, INTPs are excellent liars because they have a vivid imagination and conjure up several lies at a very scary pace.

Are INTPs secretive?

Yes, INTPs are very secretive people, mostly because they keep a lot of information to themselves. INTPs are independent people who can often keep secrets to themselves without fully realizing they are doing this.

Are INTPs lonely?

Yes, INTPs definitely experience feelings of loneliness, sometimes even when they have close friendships and relationships because of their poor ability to make emotional connections.


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