Which Enneagram Type Is The Best (A 9 Point Guide)

This article will highlight all of the enneagram’s best qualities and explain what they are great at doing. Furthermore, for the understanding of the audience, the article will introduce each enneagram as well so they can determine the link between their traits and their known qualities.

The 9 Enneagrams – Their Best Qualities

Here is what each enneagram type is best at doing:

  • Type One: Giving Purpose
  • Type Two: Carers
  • Type Three: Getting It Done
  • Type Four: Authentic Individuals
  • Type Five: Critical Thinkers
  • Type Six: =Reliable People
  • Type Seven: Great At Having Fun
  • Type Eight: Goal Oriented
  • Type Nine: Peacemakers

Who Is An Enneagram Type 1?

The enneagram type 1 is also known as the Reformer because of their desire to change the world for the better – they believe they are on a mission to set things right! They are rational and idealistic and can be described by the terms self disciplined, purposeful, possibly perfectionists and hold values high.

These individuals are always on the move to make things better but they have this fear that they may make a mistake. Nonetheless they strive to produce perfect output and this may make them over critical of not only their own self but that of others too. This also causes them stress and anxiety as they are worried things may not go as planned – which is usually the case when it comes to life!

People with this enneagram type know the meaning of sacrifice. They may seem very disciplined to others but they are burning with passion and desire. It’s just that they know how to keep a control on themselves but look out – they might explode anything and this will give away their image of being in control! However, this personality type has the ability to forego what it is they desire in order to achieve the greater good for all.

Type 1s Best Qualities

When it comes to the type 1 enneagram, they are great at giving people a sense of purpose in their life. They help others bring structure and routine especially when they are going through a tough time and don’t know what to do. They help others make progress and guide them by implementing rules, discipline and routine into their lives.

  • Guide others
  • Develop Sense of purpose
  • Form a structure for others to live within and follow

Who Is An Enneagram Type 2?

An enneagram type 2 is also known as the Helper because of their desire to help others and make their tasks easier or remove any burden upon them.  They are very caring and have great interpersonal skills that allow them to interact with people to help them and understand their situation and needs. Personality traits used to describe type 2s include possessive, demonstrative, helpful and people pleasing.

People with this type are very empathetic and have profound emotional intelligence thus it makes them more approachable and appealing to people who are in need of help and find it difficult to ask. They are friendly, generous and self sacrificing hence they overlook their own needs to fulfill those of others!

Type 2s Best Qualities

These types are very loving and make others feel welcome and loved. They are great at taking care of the people around them because they have traits such as those of patience, being loving and caring as well as sensitive. They make great teachers, caretakers, therapists as well as nurses and counsellors.

  • Loving and caring
  • Understanding
  • Warm and friendly personality
  • Put others first
  • Sensitive

Who Is A Type 3 Enneagram?

A type 3 enneagram is also called the ‘Achiever’ because of their desire that drives them to accomplish the big things in life. They are very hard working; putting in much time and energy in their work in order to achieve the success they desire!

These individuals are known to be very confident and have high levels of self efficacy, determination and the will to compete with others. However, they are also concerned about how others think of them and their image in the public which is sometimes very stressful.

Type 3s Best Qualities

No matter what happens, they will ensure they get the job done hence you can give them great tasks and expect them to be completed on time. Such individuals can be expected to lead huge projects, ensure critical tasks are done on time and they are known to lead under pressure.

  • Reliable
  • Work under pressure
  • Project Managers
  • Hard working

Who Is A Type 4 Enneagram?

They are also known as the individualist because of their desire to be self-sufficient and do things on their own terms. Being dramatic innately, expressive and sensitive describes them very well. Such individuals are very honest, creative and remain reserved and personal however they do long to connect with others. What prevents this? Their fear of being vulnerable or abandoned hence they tend to keep a distance. 

Another highlighting feature of such personalities is that they dislike the ordinary lifestyles people have most probably because they feel they cannot achieve something like this in their life.

The type 4 enneagram does have a dark side to itself. These enneagrams can become very toxic to themselves if left alone for too long. They fear that they will never develop a self identity with which they can understand themselves. However, they always feel as if something is missing from their life which they can’t seem to pinpoint. The type 4 enneagram is brutally honest with himself or herself; they accept feelings, thoughts, pain and fear which they experience. Hence they are often more equipped to go through experiences others may break during.

Type 4s Best Qualities

The type 4 personality is also loving but they are very creative and see the beauty in many things that we fail to see. They are open to discussions and will roam towards unknown territory.

  • Good artists
  • Creative
  • Loving
  • Helpful

Who Is A Type 5 Enneagram?

These individuals are very much interested in learning things that are relevant to their area of interest. They will investigate its elements and try to gather as much information as they can! The enneagram type 5 is alert, innovative but secretive at the same time.

People with this enneagram type have the ability to build complex ideas and skills; this is possible only because of their focus on the specific area they are working within and their dedication to master it.

The type 5 enneagram has an innate need to learn continuously. They want more and more information and want to increase their reservoir of knowledge. It bothers them if they have an interest in a certain thing or phenomena however, they are not able to learn more about it. Their curiosity is indeed a problem for them. At the same time, this desire to learn more about their interests distracts them from other things in their life, especially the practical ones. 

Type 5s Best Qualities

They are the ones who actually make sense when you talk to them! They are analytical and will find out the truth behind matters. They help you see through emotions and will arrive at great conclusions. Furthermore, this personality type is smart and hard working and is a good listener; they will stick to their values and the truth.

  • Smart
  • A good listener
  • Great investigators
  • Work through emotions and other distractions

Who Is A Type 6 Enneagram?

A type 6 enneagram is also known as the loyalist because of their traits that include commitment and engaging with others and willing to fulfill their promises. These individuals are very hard working as well as reliable and people that can be countered. They believe in being there for others, especially their loved ones.

The type 6 enneagram is also an excellent problem solver and they are able to see where the loopholes are, why exactly there is a problem and what possible solutions there are! They are great at bringing people together for a common cause that requires cooperation and joint resources in order to solve an issue or problem!

However, this enneagram type can become evasive and run away from their problems. If confronted, they are also very defensive and may snap at you! They are prone to experiencing stress and will oftentimes work while complaining about it – it is not easy to get them to stop working.

Type 6s Best Qualities

They are the best friends and companions to have who will stick with you no matter what and ensure you feel the love from their side!

  • Loving
  • Loyal
  • Hard working
  • Motivate you to achieve greatness

Enneagram Type 7: The Enthusiast

These individuals are versatile and spontaneous! They have a lot of energy in them and they like to be in high spirits! However, by continuously working themselves out, they can get tired and become exhausted and hence lose focus. They will become distracted and lose track of the goal they had in mind. It is obvious then that they have problems with impulsiveness and impatience.

Overall, these individuals are joyful and cheerful and that is what they emanate when they are around others.

Type 7s Best Qualities

Enneagram sevens are known as the “enthusiasts.” People who are type sevens are often spontaneous and want to experience everything that life has to offer!

  • Energetic + bubbly
  • Lives life to the fullest
  • Fun to be around/keeps things interesting
  • Encourages others to step outside of their comfort zones
  • Funny + encourages positivity
  • Down for adventures + spontaneous trips

Enneagram Type 8: The Challenger

This enneagram type can be described as confident, confrontational, decisive and assertive as well. They do not hesitate to voice out their opinions or take a stand for what they firmly believe in. Furthermore, these individuals are focused on what they want and will not stop at anything when it comes to achieving their goals or desires.

However, although they are resourceful and generally straightforward people, these enneagram types are affected by their ego and can be dominating when it comes to being around other people. They want to have what it is that makes them feel complete or whole and as we said they will do anything in their power to get it!

Type 8s Best Qualities

Enneagram eight is known as the “challenger.” People who are type eights are often goal-oriented and self-confident!

  • Encourages + empowers their loved ones
  • Speaks out against injustice + encourages others to stick up for themselves
  • A protective friend
  • Tells you how it is
  • Stays strong during hard times
  • Will affirm your anxious thoughts + offers up solutions

Enneagram Type 9 – The Peacekeeper

These personalities just want everything to be okay! They desire peace and justice and will do absolutely anything to obtain this. They avoid conflict at any cost and will prefer to stay far away from it due to the suffering and pain it causes as well as the unproductive outcomes that accompany it.

The type 9 enneagram is one that fears loss and separation and they do not want to be in the bad books of anyone. This is why they are generally quite accepting and agreeable because they do not want to clash much with others even if it means not getting their point across or effectively expressing their views and why they support a certain stance!

Type 9s Best Qualities

Enneagram nines are known as “peacemakers.” People who are type nines are often easygoing and reassuring!

  • Will point out the best parts of other people
  • Makes you feel seen + understood
  • Can calm others nerves
  • The best listeners
  • Tries cheering others up on their bad days
  • Very patient + understanding


This article took a look at each enneagram type and their best qualities!



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