What Is An Enneagram Type 2? (complete guide)

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This article will explore what an enneagram type 2 is, what their basic fears and desires are as well as their dominant traits. The article will also look at what strengths and weaknesses this enneagram type has and how their personality changes if their character improves or deteriorates.

What Is An Enneagram Type 2?

An enneagram type 2 is a personality type that is caring, warm and friendly. They are people oriented, sometimes possessive and altruistic in nature. Such people are eager to please their loved ones and may end up doing much for them to be in their good books. 

Type 2 enneagrams are motivated to connect with others; they are thus kind, empathetic and helpful. They use these traits to connect with others, interact with them and become significant in their lives. Such accomplishments greatly please them but it may result in them skipping their own needs or repressing their negative feelings or thoughts.

This article will investigate this enneagram type in detail; however, before we do that, let us look at the concept of enneagram types and what they mean.

What Is An Enneagram?

Enneagrams are a system of personality that help explain how people function in the world, view it and deal with their own emotions and thoughts. This system is based on the belief that the personality can be divided into 9 types which are interrelated to each other. Each category has a dominant element which is known as the type while at the same time it has a lesse dominant aspect known as the wing. 

When personalities grow or deteriorate, they are likely to lean to another type which is also identified by the system in how it is represented.

Enneagrams help explain what are the basic motivations and fears behind a person’s behaviour, what their dominant traits are and how is it that they experience and understand the world in which they operate.

The Basic Motivations of Enneagram Type 2.

What motivations lie behind the behavior patterns exhibited by enneagram type 2? Does it just involve a desire or some basic fear as well? Let us take a look!

The Basic Desire Of Enneagram Type 2 – The Helper.

The basic desire of this enneagram type is to be loved, feel accepted and recognized by others. They want to be appreciated for their behaviours towards others. Their desire also includes others being able to recognize their intentions and feelings for the people around them and those whom they love. Hence, these individuals undertake steps which are likely to catch the attention of others. They pay close attention to the needs of others, they observe what things make someone happy or sad and they strive to make the other person feel satisfied, secure and safe.

People with this basic desire are seen as empathetic as in they understand the feelings of others, extremely altruistic because they do not demand any material rewards for their service and warm and friendly as they want to be approachable so people can actually ask them for help.

What Is The Basic Fear Of Helpers?

Their basic fear stems from not being able to achieve their desire. The Helper is scared that they will be left unloved or alone by those whom they care for either because people do not recognize their worth or because they are not worthy or being loved.

This results in them becoming anxious or even depressed. To avoid such an unpleasant outcome, they strive to be helpful in the eyes of others and also become a central part of their lives by always being there. This is the basic fear that drives their extremely helpful behaviour.

The Basic Characteristics Of Helpers – The Type 2 Enneagram.


These individuals have all the characteristics that make a person approachable – no one hesitates to ask them for help or come to them for a certain matter. This is not only beneficial for others but also the type 2 enneagram because now they have the opportunity to not only help others but also show their worth in terms of being recognized, accepted and henced loved!

Traits which these people possess is being very friendly, warm hearted and observant. They give out an aura which makes people feel comfortable to talk or sit down with them. The type 2 enneagram is also very observant in case someone wants to open up with them but just can’t. In that case, they may offer help themselves by saying ‘You seem upset’, or ‘Is something bothering you?’.

Their behaviour also aligns itself with their traits and intentions. They tend to smile a lot, talk frequently with others and seem open to talk. They are not curled up in a corner avoiding people and just focusing on their work!

Encouraging And Active.

These people are constantly on the lookout for those who need help and they also want to portray themselves as someone who is in the condition to help! People with these traits are full of life; they appreciate others, recognize their achievements small or big, and encourage others around them to achieve what it is they want.

They do not seem lazy or slow nor do they hesitate when someone approaches them. These individuals do not want the chance to help someone go just like that!

People with a type 2 enneagram are perceived as being efficient, helpful, resourceful and active. It is these perceptions that allow them to be seen as someone who is not just willing to help but can actually help because they have the energy and resources to do so.


They are good listeners and observers. They can easily tell if someone is off, feels upset or is tense and this trait allows them to determine who is in need of their help and what type of help. 

Due to this trait, people do not really have to make the effort of explaining their current condition; ‘The Helper’ just knows when someone isn’t feeling like themself. Other people however, unlike type 2 enneagrams, struggle to notice if someone is upset and often lose the opportunity to console them.


As these individuals are people oriented, they are open to change and adapting themselves to the needs and requirements of others.

Although people can be stubborn, type 2 enneagrams are very flexible and open to new experiences, They have no problem in adjusting themselves as long as it benefits the other person. 

What Are The Weaknesses Of The Type 2 Enneagram.

Lack Self Confidence.

These people have a very strong urge to be recognized and appreciated by others. Just doing a good deed is not enough; they must see the impact it has in the form of words of praise or recognition from others. This can become an issue as Helpers will constantly seek reassurance from others. 

They may cause things to be complex between them and the person whom they have helped and hence become unapproachable due to this habit. People may be weirded out by their desire for words of appreciation and feel strange and hence want to avoid them. Also, unlike others, Helpers will feel underachieved until they not only do something good but also be acknowledged for that which is always not possible.

Sensitive To Criticism.

The desire to be useful to others is so strong that they put much effort into helping others. This effort may involve a lot of planning and execution and consistency. Type 2 enneagrams need to look approachable, they must keep a lookout for those who are in need of help and finally they must take out the time and resources to actually help someone.

Imagine doing all that and then being criticized? It doesn’t seem so pleasant. Hence, although they may be very easy to ask for help, they might react quite negatively to criticism which may backfire on their efforts.

Overlook Own Needs.

This is pretty obvious. When you are so focused on what other people need and put in time and energy to help them, you often forget your own needs or run out of the energy to help yourself. This may result in frustration on the part of the helper especially if they don’t get what they aimed to achieve and also have to face their own work piling up!

The type 2 enneagram may go into stress because they feel they are worthless and this feeling may arise because they do not get the chance to help others.

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This article looked at the type 2 enneagram which is also known as the ‘Helper’. It highlighted this type’s basic fears and motivations, the dominant traits they possess and what strengths and weaknesses they have as individuals.

Frequently Asked Questions: What Is An Enneagram Typ2e?

What does an enneagram type 2 in stress go into?

An enneagram type 2 in stress goes into type 8 enneagram which is also known as the ‘Challenger’. If they are not getting things they want, they become pushy and even tyrannical.

Who should an enneagram type 2 marry?

An enneagram type 2 should marry a type 8 or 3 as they possess the same interests, levels of energy and charisma.

What are good jobs for an enneagram type 2?

Good jobs for an enneagram type 2 include teaching, social work, nursing, life coach and mentorship.




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