What Does A Healthy Enneagram 6 Look Like?

This article will take a look at the type 6 enneagram and how they behave when they are healthy not only generally but also in relationships and their careers. Furthermore, the article will also introduce this enneagram type in detail as well as highlight its fears and desires.

What Does A Healthy Enneagram 6 Look Like? 

A healthy type 6 enneagram is someone who strongly believes in the relations they have established with others and ensures they are honored in every way possible. Despite being independent, they consider themselves as part of a bigger network which is interdependent. Furthermore, they trust other people and are quite optimistic about the present and future. 

Other than strongly believing in their own self, they contribute to the development of their communities to help others grow and become independent individuals as well!

Here are the 3 levels that we will discuss with regards to the type 6 enneagram when it is healthy:

  • Level 3 – Healthy
  • Level 2 – Very Healthy
  • Level 1 – At Their Best 

We will explore each level, but before that we will introduce the type 6 enneagram in detail!

Who Is A Type 6 Enneagram?

A type 6 enneagram is also known as the loyalist because of their traits that include commitment and engaging with others and willing to fulfill their promises. These individuals are very hard working as well as reliable and people that can be countered. They believe in being there for others, especially their loved ones.

The type 6 enneagram is also an excellent problem solver and they are able to see where the loopholes are, why exactly there is a problem and what possible solutions there are! They are great at bringing people together for a common cause that requires cooperation and joint resources in order to solve an issue or problem!

However, this enneagram type can become evasive and run away from their problems. If confronted, they are also very defensive and may snap at you! They are prone to experiencing stress and will oftentimes work while complaining about it – it is not easy to get them to stop working.

These individuals also have issues with their decisions in the sense that it is difficult for them to take a certain stance on something – hence they are indecisive and sometimes doubt their own selves.

Basic Fear of Loyalists

The enneagram type under discussion here is fearful of losing what support, stability or guidance they have in life. They are very much dependent on others whom they not only consider close but also depend on. The reason why they are so loyal to their close ones is because they do not want to lose them. Why? These people are the ones they derive their support and guidance from. They have this belief that they do not have all the resources that they think they need to take the world on!

Basic Desire of Loyalists

The type 6 enneagram has the desire to have stable and strong relationships from where they can derive support, guidance and the strength they need to tackle their own problems in life. They want to be able to trust others and depend upon them and feel like they have someone to rely on. 

This is what drives these individuals to form loyal bonds with others so they are not left alone when they are in need.

Careers & Relationships

In this section, we will look at the factors that bring out the best in the type 6 enneagram and how they behave at work or in relationships that matter a lot to them!

The Workplace

The type 6 enneagram likes to interact with others – especially their peers at work. This is important because their peers make up a big part of their environment; hence if their peers are supportive and encouraging then the type 6 enneagram feels as though they are indeed in a safe and supportive place!

Hence, it is necessary that employers and managers create environments that encourage peer collaboration and team playing attitudes. This way the type 6 enneagram will get the support they cherish and need!

The type 6 enneagram prefers to work in a safe and supportive environment that they are familiar with and do not want too many new things to pop up suddenly! They like the comfort zone they are used to and that is what allows them to get work done efficiently.

Environments that are full of new stimuli, threats or uncertainty are ones that the type 6 enneagram does not prefer. If they have to work in such an environment then they would prefer to be protected in a manner that guarantees their safety. All in all, if you want to get the best out of the type 6 enneagram, it is necessary to provide a safe and supportive environment.


At their best in relationships, these individuals are in the constant habit of offering help to their loved ones as well as the moral and physical support and encouragement they need. They also do not mind spending time with their loved ones and enjoying whatever time they spend together. It not only helps them strengthen the bond they have with them but also allows them to refresh their own mind and body.

It is necessary that their partner also gives them the time and attention they desire and need so much to ensure they remain happy and in a healthy state. Also, their partner should help encourage them to focus on the positive aspects of situations and point out opportunities in them. They should also assure them of their unwavering support.

What Does A Healthy Enneagram 6 Look Like? 

In this section, we will look at all the healthy levels of the type 6 enneagram!

Level 3 – Healthy

At this stage and level, the type 6 enneagram is all focused on sacrificing their time and effort for others and their community. They spend much time participating in activities that contribute to community development. Furthermore, they help create and establish security and stability in their own world by building and maintaining relationships.

They are also strongly attached to and dedicated to the individuals and communities they work with – hence they are emotionally invested in them and are very loyal.

Level 2 – Very Healthy

The type 6 enneagram has been able to influence others with their love for and commitment to others. Thus, they are able to elicit emotional and physical responses from the people or communities they are involved with – it becomes a strong two way relationship where both sides can now depend on and expect from each other!

At this stage, the enneagram will focus on forming not only strong but permanent relations with the other person or groups of people they are deeply involved with.

Level 1 – At Their Best

This is the stage where the type 6 enneagram reaches the point of self actualization as termed by Maslow. The enneagram not only has full confidence on their own selves but on others too and hence they feel secure and can excel in their work without any such fears or anxious reminders that their loved ones will leave them. 

Furthermore, they become independent all while understanding they are part of something bigger and more valuable – they are able to develop traits of bravery, taking initiatives, leading others and being confident and positive in times of difficulty. 

Also, they are quite comfortable expressing their own self which they were previously not because they were afraid they would upset someone and lose their support. However, they are now confident in their own selves and others and hence will speak up when they think it is required.

“Work on becoming more trusting. There are doubtless several people in your life you can turn to who care about you and who are trustworthy. If not, go out of your way to find someone trustworthy, and allow yourself to get close to that person. This will mean risking rejection and stirring up some of your deepest fears, but the risk is worth taking. You have a gift for getting people to like you, but you are unsure of yourself and may be afraid of making a commitment to them. Therefore, come down clearly on one side or the other of the fence in your relationships. Let people know how you feel about them.” 

  • The Enneagram Institute


This article has taken a look at the healthy stages of the type 6 enneagram and highlighted how they behave when they are at their best. The article also introduced this enneagram type in detail with their fears and desires too.