What Does A Healthy Enneagram 4 Look Like? (The Ultimate Guide)

This article will take a look at the type 4 enneagram and how they behave when they are healthy not only generally but also in relationships and their careers. Furthermore, the article will also introduce this enneagram type in detail as well as highlight its fears and desires.

What Does A Healthy Enneagram 4 Look Like? 

A healthy type 4 enneagram is self aware and true to their own self. Hence they are emotionally expressive but also sensitive to others feelings. In this article, we will look at the 3 healthy levels of the enneagram 4 as are defined below:

  • Level 3 – Healthy
  • Level 2 – Very Healthy
  • Level 1 – At Their Best 

We will explore each level, but before that we will introduce the type 4 enneagram in detail!

Who Is A Type 4 Enneagram?

They are also known as the individualist because of their desire to be self-sufficient and do things on their own terms. Being dramatic innately, expressive and sensitive describes them very well. Such individuals are very honest, creative and remain reserved and personal however they do long to connect with others. What prevents this? Their fear of being vulnerable or abandoned hence they tend to keep a distance. 

Another highlighting feature of such personalities is that they dislike the ordinary lifestyles people have most probably because they feel they cannot achieve something like this in their life.

The type 4 enneagram does have a dark side to itself. These enneagrams can become very toxic to themselves if left alone for too long. They fear that they will never develop a self identity with which they can understand themselves. However, they always feel as if something is missing from their life which they can’t seem to pinpoint. The type 4 enneagram is brutally honest with himself or herself; they accept feelings, thoughts, pain and fear which they experience. Hence they are often more equipped to go through experiences others may break during.

When their fears become too much, they can adopt the path of self destruction and engage in habits of excessive alcohol consumption, drugs, reckless sexual behavior and in the worst cases suicide. 

The type 4 also experiences very negative thoughts. They become extremely pessimistic and torment themselves with their thoughts to the extent that they view themself with hatred and dissent. They will try to drive away anyone who tries to help them. 

Basic Fear.

Type 4 enneagrams are confused about who they really are or what beliefs and values define them. They fear not having an identity or self worth. They feel as though they are not benefitting society and have no place in it. Such individuals become a victim of self pity and self indulgence and want to stay inside their thoughts.

If you’re facing this, it may be a good idea to seek the help of a therapist or other mental health professional. You can find a therapist at BetterHelp who can help you learn how to cope and address it.

Basic Desire.

Their basic desire stems from their fear; they want to discover themself and hence possess an identity. They want to be known for who they are and be visible in the eyes of others so maybe they can connect with them and experience the life of the ordinary and live the dream they imagine.

Healthy 4s – Careers & Relationships

In this section, we will look at factors that help the enneagram type 4 grow and become a healthier version of themself!

Careers & The Workplace

Having a close and friendly relationship with your boss can do wonders for employees. Not only are they more committed to making things work at the office but they also feel comfortable sharing issues with their boss especially if they need a favor such as time off or something filling in for future assignments if required.

The type 4 enneagram appreciates it when their boss takes the time out to get to know them and actually understand their needs and personal commitments. This not only means a lot to them but they also appreciate that their boss wants to know more about them in case they need some time off from work. 

The type 4 enneagram is very happy when they are actually asked how they are doing by their colleagues or managers. They like to know that others are genuinely concerned about them and their wellbeing. Furthermore, it makes them happy when people go out of the way during their busy routine to check in on them.


At their best, the enneagram type 4 loves to build relationships and invest their own self into them. They are emotionally expressive and also very sensitive to the feelings of others whom they are close to!

They love to engage in meaningful conversation and want to make the best out of the time they spend with their loved ones!

What Does A Healthy Enneagram 4 Look Like? 

In this section, we will outline the behaviours of the type 4 enneagram at each level of the healthy version of this type.

Level 3

At this level, this enneagram type is mostly focused on their own self and growth. They are trying to understand their own selves and hence become emotionally honest. They are okay with feeling what they feel and accept it rather than deny feelings. This is one of the ways they become more strong and mature and hence healthier.

This enneagram also becomes more humane in the sense that they recognize other people do exist and that they also have feelings. This realization is what happens at this stage. In later ones, they act on this realization.

However, sometimes they can be contradictory in their behavior and be serious or funny at the same time. They may also question the purpose of life. All in all, they do have some issues at this stage but they are actively growing towards an ideal version of their own self!

Level 2

At this stage, the enneagram under discussion has developed a mature and well defined awareness of their own self. They become more gentle towards others because they have already recognized the fact that they are indeed humans and require care too. Furthermore, this enneagram is also quite compassionate towards others.

The type 4 enneagram also becomes very introspective at this stage and wants to explore within their own self a meaning for existence. They like to reflect a lot and will focus on their inner side. They become even more accepting of the impulses or feelings that they have and recognize their worth!

Level 1

This is the best version the type 4 enneagram can reach. In this version, they are able to take any bad event or experience and turn it into something beautiful and positive; they will either learn something from it or look at it in a positive light to see any opportunities hanging around it. They become optimistic in their nature, always thinking in a positive manner.

These individuals also become quite creative and like to express their own feelings and thoughts through some form of art that others can perceive and study!

Here is a recommendation for personal growth for the type 4 enneagram,

“Self-esteem and self-confidence will develop only from having positive experiences, whether or not you believe that you are ready to have them. Therefore, put yourself in the way of good. You may never feel that you are ready to take on a challenge of some sort, that you always need more time. (Fours typically never feel that they are sufficiently “together,” but they must nevertheless have the courage to stop putting off their lives.) Even if you start small, commit yourself to doing something that will bring out the best in you.

Avoid lengthy conversations in your imagination, particularly if they are negative, resentful, or even excessively romantic. These conversations are essentially unreal and at best only rehearsals for action—although, as you know, you almost never say or do what you imagine you will. Instead of spending time imagining your life and relationships, begin to live them.”


This article took an in depth look at the type 4 enneagram and how it behaves when it is healthy. The article not only defined the healthy levels of the type 4 enneagram but explained them in detail so the audience knows the traits this enneagram exhibits at each level. The article also highlighted how this enneagram behaves when they are healthy at the office and in relationships. Finally, the article introduced the type 4 enneagram in detail by defining its major traits and also explaining the fears and desires it has.



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