What did Tyler Joseph say while talking about Depression?

In this blog, we will cover Tyler Joseph talking about Depression, and also include who is Tyler Joseph, what is depression, symptoms of depression, and answers to frequently asked questions.

What did Tyler Joseph say while talking about Depression?

Tyler Joseph has openly talked about his struggles with mental health-related concerns. Twenty-One Pilots, one of the albums was also inspired by his mental health.

He talked about how one should hold onto hope, not try to fake that they aren’t suffering, direct their energies into something productive, and how to battle through it and keep your mental health in check

Before we get into details of what Tyler Joseph has talked about we should understand depression and symptoms associated with depression. 

Who is Tyler Joseph?

Tyler Robert Joseph is an American singer, songwriter, rapper, musician, and record producer who is known for his amazing work in the field of music.

He is best known for being the frontman of Twenty One Pilots with Josh Dun. He has been nominated for Grammy Awards six times and he has won one award.

What is Depression?

Depression is a mental health condition that is usually characterized by persistent feelings of despair and sadness for a major portion of one’s day. It impacts a person’s daily life and all the aspects of their life. 

According to the data from the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention, around 18% of Americans suffer from symptoms associated with depression in any given 2-week duration of time in the year 2019. 

Symptoms of Depression

Even though depression can look different in different people but we need to have an idea of the most common signs and symptoms of depression. They are mentioned below:

  • Feeling of sadness, emptiness
  • Hopelessness, helplessness, worthlessness
  • Lower self-esteem
  • Crying more than usual
  • Loss of interest in pleasurable activities
  • Feelings of being mostly low on energy
  • Trouble concentrating
  • Talking slowly than usual
  • Sleeping-related issues
  • Changes in appetite
  • Sudden weight gain or loss
  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Tendency to harm oneself

Tyler Joseph opened up about his mental health struggles

Tyler Joseph has stated that while he was depressed and anxious, he was definitely suicidal, based on his songs and reading between the lines in numerous interviews.

Twenty-One Pilots have openly discussed mental health issues in their music, while also complementing a “new generation of artists” that are freely using their music as a platform to explore ideas around mental health.

The band spoke up on the conversation about mental health in music in a recent interview with NME, stating a new generation of artists is working to dispel the stigma.

“I do think that our culture when it comes to suicide and despair, has made leaps and bounds,” frontman Tyler Joseph remarked. I’m very glad that music has enabled us to talk about this so openly because talking about it is so vital.

“In a sense, I feel like there’s a big part of it that’s been covered with ‘let’s talk about it, like, you’re not mad, there’s nothing wrong with you, just look how many other people go through this.'”

What Tyler Joseph has to say about Depression

Joseph’s advice and motivation to help people through a really tough time as depression makes you doubt yourself, give up hope and feel you are not enough but he has some real stuff to share with all.

  • Don’t give up hope. 
  • Continue to push through the droughts. 
  • Return the inevitable disappointments to your craft. 
  • Molds must be broken. 
  • Think. Create. But, above all, stay alive. In the meantime, make it about other people. 

According to Tyler, whatever anxiety or stress we are experiencing, we do not want to demonstrate to the world that we are not mentally ill. In the last 2-3 years, we have seen increased support from our country regarding depression. 

Some people were depressed, but they smiled because they were afraid that if they talked about how they felt, others would criticize them. So they grin, believing that everything will be well.)

You are free to close your eyes if you like. Things can be less frightening at times. Sometimes you just want the truly awful story to be your nightmare. You want to pinch yourself since you just awoke from a dream.

Direct your negative thoughts towards something else

Let’s try to take this energy, attention, and emotion you’re feeling, which is definitely negative, and move it somewhere else.

Let’s try something different. And so I look at art, I look at music, I look at writing and lyrics, I look at a concert, and I look at those as moments where people can take the things they’re battling with and really kind of unleash and pour them out onto this thing. That has greatly aided me.

As Tyler stated, completing diverse tasks helps shift your attention away from a series of experiences that you want to forget. Music functions as a dream. A relaxing piece of music can make you forget about everything, including your concerns, and writing your heart out will relieve stress and anxiety and make you feel good. 

Pouring your heart out in the form of writing might sometimes aid in your recovery from trauma. Always retain a good attitude about yourself; positivity can keep you happy and away from nightmares.

Tyler Joseph and Christianity

Tyler said that you hear about our conservative upbringing and know we’re Christian guys, but we’re not afraid to be ourselves. When it comes to outworking them, putting on greater performance, or standing up for individuals who are being put down, I will take on anyone. 

Our mothers constantly accuse us of betraying them, and we’re still trying to deal with it. They claim to be true fans as if they’ve been there since the beginning, and they believe that we’ve changed as humans.

According to Tyler, it is most elaborate that not everyone knows what kind of time management we handled; our mother believes that we don’t understand how to use our time and that we are wasting it. 

We, as a generation, believe that ‘slow and steady wins the race,’ and that formula works in most circumstances, as we take time for ourselves for our mental health so that work strain does not impair our mental health and we suffer from stress, worry, and sadness. 

He attempted to teach his admirers that no matter how slow or fast they are, they can attain their goals. I recall the first time I presented my parents with a song I had composed. 

The topic may have been a little darker than they were used to, or extremely introspective in an unsettling way. I expected them to retaliate with some kind of judgement or concern about how I was feeling, but they were proud of it.

Keep going and doing what you want to do 

Tyler stated that he desired to become courageous. The first time he created a song, it was a little bit unmoderated and raw, but he showed it and knew it would be a little uncomfortable for them. But he bravely emerged from his shell to try to persuade his conservative parents to change their opinions for the sake of his mental health.

Tyler’s journery as a songwriter

My songwriting began with me writing in a journal; it was absolutely uncensored. I’m not sure whether I intended to expose everyone to this side of myself, but when I saw how people responded to what I was saying and some of the questions I was asking, I realised I wasn’t alone.

It is not simply that the repercussions, sorrow, or delight we experienced were unique to us; rather, it occurs to everyone. Everyone has ups and downs and attempts to resolve them in their own unique way.

Money is vital when you’re growing up. And now I have a job that pays enough for me to live. But I truly want to donate it to my parents, relatives, charity, and the people in my life.

Everyone assumes that we only want to spend money on ourselves, but this is not the case; rather, we want to spend it on our family, friends, and those who are always there for us.

Tyler motivates his fans

Tyler Joseph is a great motivator for his fans. His entire body of work, including his song lyrics, elaborates on the purpose of life and provides encouragement so that people do not feel demotivated or depressed. His manner of life is one of self-esteem. As mentioned above, his band’s (Twenty One Pilots), one of the albums was also inspired by his mental health, it inspired a million of fans. 


We discussed who Tyler Joseph is, what depression is, symptoms and signs of depression, Tyler’s struggles with his mental health, what he had to say about depression, and how he motivates his fans. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): What did Tyler Joseph say while talking about Depression?

Why Tyler from 21 Pilots has a black neck for some reason?

When Tyler Joseph, the band’s main singer, performs, he paints his neck and hands black. The reason for this is that Tyler has developed a figure in his imagination called Blurryface, who reflects his despair and anxiety.

Tyler Joseph wrote Stressed out for what reason?

“I was thinking about my brother and our relationship now and when we were kids,” Joseph says. “For a long time, he was my sole friend. I don’t think it’s a generational thing; I believe my father enjoys the song as much as I do.”

Are the 21 pilots married?

Josh Dun of Twenty One Pilots and actress Debby Ryan are now married! After fans noticed his wedding band in the homemade “Level of Concern” music video, the couple announced they married on New Year’s Eve.

What is the meaning of the song Stressed Out in relation to stress?

This song contrasts adult uneasiness with youthful innocence (and perhaps obliviousness). Tyler notes that children have concerns, but as an adult, he understands which ones he prefers—not the ones about whether others will like him, but the ones that can be alleviated by his mother’s simple song.

What is the central theme of the song Stressed Out?

The lyrics to the song “Stressed Out” by the famous musical group Twenty One Pilots revolve on three key themes. These themes are nostalgic memories of childhood, the stress associated with maturity, and the problems of sustaining family bonds.

Why do I worry so much?

Some people are more susceptible to stress than others due to mental health disorders such as depression or a growing sense of irritation, injustice, and worry. Previous experiences might have an impact on how a person reacts to pressures. Job problems or retirement are two common important life events that might cause stress.



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