What are the rarest personality types?

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In this article, it will be discussed what are the most common personality types. For that, the article will explain what personality is, how it is formed, and the different types of personality, according to the 16 Myers-Briggs personality types.

What is personality?

Personality is a construct that refers to all a person’s patterns of thought, actions, and feelings, and it is what can help people to understand behavior as predictable. It is what makes a person unique.

Although a person’s personality traits are things a person is born with, and it remains consistent most of their life, the environment also has an impact on the person’s personality. Some characteristics are important to consider how a person’s personality is formed.

The consistency in their actions is related to what defines a person’s personality, it is what shows the person’s patterns of behavior. A person’s personality also has multiple ways of being expressed. It can come through thoughts, facial expressions, and what and how their close behaviors are.

What are the personality types?

According to Myers-Briggs people are divided between the duality of 4 factors:

  • Extraversion/Introversion
  • Sensing/Intuition
  • Thinking/Feeling
  • Judging/Perceiving

Each person will answer for one of the two in all four categories, creating 16 different personality types.

Let’s take a look at what is said about each personality type:

  • ISTJ: the inspector

They tend to be more reserved people, who are practical and quiet.

  • ISTP: the crafter

They are usually independent and like to have time to themselves to think.

  • ISFJ: the protector

They usually are more reserved and good-hearted people.

  • ISFP: the artist

They are easy-going and more reserved people.

  • INFJ: the advocate

They are highly idealistic people, but also easy-going.

  • INFP: the mediator

These people are usually more introverted, creative, and moved by high values.

  • INTJ: the architect

They are extremely analytical people that are both logical and creative.

  • INTP: the thinker

They are people that are constantly thinking about things, are not very social, but might have a few close friends.

  • ESTP: the persuader

They tend to be more detail-oriented, focusing on what is happening at the moment rather than the future.

  • ESTJ: the director

They are people that follow laws and traditions, have good judgment, and expect other people to also be reasonable.

  • ESFP: the performer

They are people that love to be in the limelight, they are often entertainers.

  • ESFJ: the caregiver

They are loyal, outgoing, and good-hearted people.

  • ENFP: the champion

They are charming and energetic people, with great creativity.

  • ENFJ: the giver

They are extroverted people, who are very loyal and warm.

  • ENTP: the debater

They don’t focus on the right now, rather they are people who are great at having new ideas.

  • ENTJ: the commander

They usually are assertive people, who speak their minds and are very confident.

What are the rarest personality types?

According to studies, the most common personalities can change from one place to another and they also change when talking about men and women.

Let’s take a look at what are the most common ones for each gender.

Most rare personality type in men 

The most rare personality type in men is the INFJ personality, it is only 1% of men that have it. This type of personality, which is thought of as having feminine traits, such as a high level of emotional intelligence and empathy, is usually more common in women.

This could be because of cultural aspects. When boys are raised, they might be taught to not be so emotional or empathetic.

Most rare personality type in women 

In women, the rarest personality types are INTJ and ENTJ, they show up in only 1% of women. Those types of personalities that are more associated with being strategic and assertive also might indicate that there is a cultural factor to making it rare. Women with those personality types can have a harder time understanding their feelings.

Most rare personality type in general

The 5 rarest personality types in the population in general are:


This personality is only present in 2% of the population. They are people that usually feel misunderstood by others, being known as easy-going perfectionists. They tend to be compassionate people, idealists, who are always ready to help other people.

People with INFJ personality types are emotional and logical. They can be too stubborn, have trouble dealing with confrontation, and have high expectations about things and people.


People with an INTJ personality type are very analytical, creative, and logical. They are 3% of the population, and 3% of men have it, with only 1% of women being an INTJ.

They tend to look at the big picture of a situation, looking through an objective view, they want the world around them controlled and have high expectations of things. This all can cause them to be at times callous and insensitive.


People with an ENTJ personality type tend to be talkative, feeling energetic when they are around people. They think more about the future than in the present, they are planners.

They are 2% of the population, being present in 3% of men, and 1% of women. They are not emotional people but can be great leaders. But they can be impatient and considered, at times, insensitive and aggressive.


People with an ENFJ personality type tend to be great at personal relationships and can be described as warm and supportive people. Sometimes it can be a problem to them how much they devote to people, and how hard they are on themselves.

Having an ENFJ personality type happens to 3% of the population, being present in 2% of men, and 3% of women. Since they are good at dealing with people, they would be great leaders. But they can also be overly sensitive and need other people’s approval. They can also be manipulative.


There are about 3% of ENTP personality types in the general population, being present in 4% of men, and 2% of women. These people usually are very social, great people to have conversations with, and love to bring people to debate.

They tend to be more focused on the future, which makes it hard for them to stick to the plan, they lose track of it. They are extremely curious people, always interested in learning new things. And when they don’t take quick action, they prefer to wait and see what happens. They are people that find routine difficult, and usually have trouble focusing.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): What are the rarest personality types?

What personality type is the smartest one?

The smartest personality type is the one from people with an INTP and the second are people with an INTJ personality type. They are people that are constantly thinking, being extremely rational, and introverted.

People with INTP personality types love to think, and they are always focused on details, so learning comes naturally to them. An example of a person with an INTP personality type is Albert Einstein. 

As for people with an INTJ personality type, they are very intuitive people, so information just seems to fit them. An example of a person with an INTJ personality is Elon Musk.

What is the personality type that cries the most?

The personality type that can make a person cry the most is INFJ, the advocate. They tend to be people that get involved deeply; it can be a situation, a movie, or a book. 

They are extremely passionate, and empathetic people. They can get so engaged in the situation that it can make the most of them at times because it is often hard for them to separate themselves from the situation they are in. And even after the situation has passed, a person might find them still moved just by remembering what had happened.

What are the 3 most lazy personality types?

The 3 most lazy personality types, from the most to the least lazy, are INFP, ISFP, and INTP.

The first one is considered lazy but in reality, it is just that what tends to motivate other people, like work and money, is not what drives them. They just need to focus on their true passion and with that, they won’t be so lazy.

People with an ISFP personality type are more reserved, and in the same way as INFP they are not interested in money, planning, or investing in the future. As for people with an INTP personality type, they are not one to overwork, they would rather think of an easier way to do things than get exhausted.

What are the angriest personality types?

People with an ISFP personality type are the ones most likely to get angry, and they might show how angry they are, but sometimes they might not show it at all.

They can, sometimes, just cut people out of their life, other times, they can deal with it. But since they are highly unpredictable, it is hard to know how they would deal with their anger.

People with ISFP personality will often get angry when they are controlled, get told what to think, or are labeled. Aside from that, arrogance and hypocrisy can affect how they feel. Not only that, being pressured is something that will also get them angry, as well as being overlooked and/or interrupted.

What is the best personality type for a person to become a teacher?

The best personality type for a person that wants to become a teacher seems to be the ENFJ, the protagonist. They are often in touch with other people’s feelings, they are great communicators, extremely reliable, and dedicated to helping and inspiring other people.

Aside from them, people with the ESFJ personality type would make great teachers. They are better in organizations and rules than people with ENFJ personality, but since they are also very emotional, they can bond well with people, which can help in the classroom.

What is the most social personality type?

The most social personality type is the ESFP. They find themselves very at ease in social gatherings. They also love to entertain people, as well as talk openly about things.

For them, the idea of fun is being able to connect with people and truly enjoy that situation. They mostly don’t fear any social situation but are the best of themselves while being the center of attention.


This article discussed what are the rarest personality types, explaining what it means to have each of those. To make it more clear, the article explained what personality is, how it is formed, and what impacts its formation.

If you have any questions or comments about this article, feel free to write it in the space below.


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