Voldemort’s Myer Briggs Personality Type (A guide)

This article will explore what is the Myer Briggs personality type of Lord Voldemort, the evil villain from the Harry Potter series, what his defining traits are and also look into the strengths and weaknesses of this personality type.

What Is The Myer Briggs Personality Type Of Voldemort?

The Myer Briggs personality type of Voldemort is an ENTJ which is also known as a ‘Commander’. Personality types like these possess leadership traits but at the same time or considered arrogant and intolerant. 

The ENTJ is extraverted, intuitive, a thinker and judge. This personality type describes someone who loves to accomplish, follow a vision and have very decisive thinking. These individuals are known to take steps that have shaped the world especially those powerful institutions we see standing today are often the children of such people. 

Commanders are bold in the sense that they do not hesitate once they have made a decision; they are passionate to achieve the vision they have created using the information they gathered over time and will not let anything stop them from doing so.

This article will examine Lord Voldemort’s character in the light of his Myer Briggs personality type and take a step further by analyzing the high and lows of his personality type. However, we will first look at the character of Voldemort.

Who Is Lord Voldemort?

Also known as the Dark Lord or He Who Must Not Be Named, Lord Voldemort’s real name is Tom Riddle which is revealed in the initial parts of the series. He, like other wizards, finds himself in the muggle world considered an outcast by others but ultimately rescued by the great wizard, Dumbledore himself.

Tom is exceptionally unique and talented. What others know less of him is that he is on a mission. Is that mission fueled by his childhood experiences or the greed and fear of his personality type? It is difficult to determine. 

His mission is to become the greatest wizard of all times; not just the great wizard but the greatest dark wizard and that makes all the difference. He is inspired by the story of the Deathly Hallows which provide a theory on how to become immortal. He is also interested in the concept of Horcruxes which means he can preserve his soul into pieces; something similar to the 9 lives of a cat.

Nonetheless, Voldemort is the evil character of the series in which he gathers an army of deatheaters to force his power upon others and create a world that submits to him only. 

ENTJs – The Commanders.

An ENTJ is a naturally born leader who possesses a great vision. They are defined by 4 traits namely extroversion, intuition, sensing and judging. Let’s look at these in more detail.


Although Voldemort seems to be extremely indulged in his own self; he is indeed an extrovert who cannot live without his audience. He needs people around him to serve his ego, to reassure him of his actions, glorify him and carry out his tasks. He realizes the need and power of having supporters especially in the start when he is extremely helpless without a body.

Commanders are extraverts by nature. They function well with people and it is what charges their social battery. They like to talk, share their opinions and observe people. They learn a lot just from being around people and this may help them further achieve their goals.


There is a lot of debate on whether Voldemort is intuitive or basis his decisions and actions on his senses. However, after careful consideration, it was decided he is more of an intuitive person rather than one who uses their senses to gather or create information.

Voldemort, no matter how ruthless and selfish he is, achieved much during his lifetime. He did become the most powerful dark wizard of his time and did so uniquely. He did not think like ordinary people; he was focused and motivated and it forced him to think out of the box and not just look around but inside himself as well as in the past. He did not process information simply through his senses but drew upon it in a unique way and that resulted in his powers.

He created information by observing patterns he saw rather than using existing ones and tested new things. He was indeed intuitive.


The biggest weapon Harry had against Voldemort was love. Voldemort was not focused on others, his feelings or what bought him happiness. He was task oriented and would do anything to achieve it. He was logical and objective. Even during the series, Harry admits that most of the time he beat Voldemort was because of luck and the support he had. However, Voldemort gave his everything to compete against Harry. Hence he is a thinker and not a feeler.


People with this trait are not flexible. They have a plan which they must follow and they go according to it. They do not like to do things before or after it. They value control, organization and closure. Even in the movie, Voldemort is seen as someone who is patient when it comes to following his plan even though others may be trying to make him see the bigger picture. It shows he has confidence in how he plans and executes.

What Are The Strengths Of ENTJs?


These people are very much alive because of their vision that is propelling them to what they desire most. They have a lot of energy which is seen in how they behave and talk. Voldemort is one who likes to enjoy what he does and hence he seems very involved and sometimes dramatic when he interacts with others.


These individuals possess a lot of confidence – so much that sometimes the other person doubts their own strategy. However, in the movie, this confidence usually backfires on the Dark Lord himself. He trusts his own plans and the decisions he makes and hence watches as they unfold.

Strategic Thinkers.

Commanders like strategy. Although they may not have the perfect plan, they are able to navigate their way through. Almost in every part of the series, Voldemort’s initial plan of killing Harry fails in some way or the other however, he is still able to escape the situation and return to try again another day.

Charismatic and Inspiring.

Yes, even villains can be charismatic or inspiring. Voldemort is an extrovert and has good people skills. He understands what people want and has the ability to offer them that and at the same time inspire them to join his vision. He is charismatic in the way he speaks and presents himself despite his appearance. Bellatrix, for one, is extremely charmed by him and is always ready to throw herself at his feet.

Even Dark Wizards Have Weaknesses.


Voldemort is extremely intolerant. Extremely. He is unable to control himself when he is under stress or anxious because of the situation. In one instance, a death eater presents himself by saying ‘My Lord’ and is instantly killed with the Avada Kedavra killing curse because apparently, Voldemort is stressed and doesn’t want to deal with anyone.

How he gets irritated when Neville demands to say something during the battle at Hogwarts is obvious but he controls himself because he is near to victory and he must ‘please’ those whom he is about to win over. However his reaction shows he does not tolerate anyone and if he does it is just a fake expression or smile.


People with this personality type may become arrogant. Voldemort was indeed arrogant. Throughout the movie, he keeps on stating that only he can be immortal. Towards the end when the Elder Wand fails him, he corrects Snape and states that he is indeed ‘extraordinary’ and it is not him who is at fault but the wand.

Emotional Instability.

Voldemort goes haywire when he loses control of the situation. He cannot control his emotions and his anger is a good example of it. Everytime he fails to kill Harry his anger is apparent and he usually leaves the scene wildly expressing his disappointment and anger at the lost chance.

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The article discussed in detail the character, Voldemort, from the famous Harry Potter series and highlighted what his personality type is, what are his dominant traits and what strengths and weaknesses does he possess.

Frequently Asked Questions: Voldemort’s Myer Briggs Personality Type.

What personality type is Lord Voldemort.

The personality type of Lord Voldemort is an ENTJ because he is arrogant, intolerant, ruthless and impatient.

What Hogwarts house does Lord Voldemort belong to?

Lord Voldemort belongs to the house of Slytherin at Hogwarts school.

Did everyone know what Voldemort’s real name was?

Everyone was not aware of Voldmort’s real name which was Tom Riddle.



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