Ukranian Personality Traits (A Complete Guide)

In this article, we will explore the national character of the Ukrainian people. This article will look at the personality traits exhibited by Ukrainians, and their culture and lifestyle in general.

What Are Ukranian People Like?

Ukrainians are jovial people and are more pleasant to be with than their Russian cousins. 

“It is said that Russians sit, talk, drink, and brood; Ukrainians eat, drink, and sing, and the majority of their songs are joyful and romantic.”

Ukrainians, who are positive and unimposing, see the good side of life and have a proverb that sums it up: “Things will sort themselves out somehow.”

Ukrainian Personality Traits


Kyiv (Kiev) is Ukraine’s capital city and has a warmer, more mild climate. Ukrainians, as “southerners,” are more cheerful than Russian people and establish friendships more comfortably. They have a wonderful sense of humour, smile a lot, and laugh about their own problems once they get to know you.


The culture of a people who have been farming for millennia is pervaded by a sense of attachment to the native soil. Ukrainians have a strong attachment to their homeland and a deep love for it. They love discussing the natural beauty and the wonders of their fertile homeland, which has been battled over and brutalised by neighbouring countries throughout much of history.


Ukrainians are very resilient people. Ukrainians are rekindling their pride in their heritage, which they want to revisit. They might tell Americans that, whilst enduring the conquest of Genghis Khan’s Golden Horde and the annual invasions of other Asian nomadic tribes, Ukraine has served as a borderland buffer, allowing Western civilization to flourish and expand to the United States.


Self-expression and unconventional behaviours are not tolerated, although emotional outpourings and portentous profligacy (as in praise, roses, catering, and drinking) are commonplace. Many foreigners have noticed that Ukrainian attitudes are blunt. 

During a fun card game, cards are slapped on the table, and the Ukrainian ni (say nee) is more explicit than the English nyet (meaning no).

Frank Disposition

People are less cordial and appreciative in comparison to Western norms, in large because formalities or pleasantries like “thank you,” “you’re welcome,” and “please” are not used as often. When you misdial a number, it’s not uncommon for the person to hang up on you without saying something because he or she was not really the person you were contacting. The practice is to provide service without a smile.


Respect for elders is ingrained in Ukrainian culture, and elderly people are sceptical of the idea of younger people’s guidance. Grey hair is a desirable trait and a sign of wisdom. Since the new generation jumped on the bandwagon, the typical Ukrainian bureaucrat is now about 50 years old. Where appropriate, these bureaucrats like to deal with people their own age.

Gender Equity

According to the United Nations, there are just 86.7 men per 100 women, with almost 900,000 women outnumbering men in the 15-59 age bracket. In matriarchal Ukrainian society, women have a powerful identity and are idealised in literature. 

In comparison with Russians, functional roles in the Ukrainian home are quite narrowly established than in most other Eastern countries, and power in the Ukrainian household is divided between husband and wife.

In Ukraine feminism isn’t an issue. Many occupations (such as medicine) are thought to be reserved for women, while others are reserved for men, but Ukrainian women seem to be at ease with certain gender distinctions. 

According to American women who have lived in Ukraine, Ukrainian women have to put up with even less and stand up to men far more than Russian women. Sexual abuse is said to be rare or non-existent as per Ukrainian women.

Beauty Centered

In Ukraine, dressing the finest is almost a compulsion. Women and men wander around in pointy shoes, shiny leather belts, and a mix of flared, sequined, and skin-tight dresses, making it look like a fashion show. 

Ukraine’s fashion industry is undeveloped as yet, and it can be monotonous and employ cheap imitation very often. People in more wealthy cities and towns have started to cultivate a sense of individual style, but the bulk of fashion is determined by what small vendors want to buy and sell at street markets.

Work Ethic

Work habits in Ukraine are a consequence of seventy years of Sovietization, which distorted the conventional work ethic. Ukrainians are known for being passive in the workplace, lacking energy and initiative, and responding to others rather than expressing their own ideas. Orders would come from Moscow in the past, and they were obeyed.

This has resulted in a community that depends on its own assets and is aware of the potential for threats from the outside world. Instead of a straight answer, a question will be asked in response to a question. 

Value For Relationships

Family and friends are more valuable than work and professions. Personal relationships provide protection from life’s threats and challenges because they last a long time. 

Individual needs, such as providing meals for the household, finding proper medical services and scarce medicines for family members, and setting up a stock of provisions for the winter season, both demand time and energy. Survival is at the top of everyone’s priority list, and corruption is an accepted sin if it is needed for survival.

Helping And Supportive Nature

Intimate communities, stressing collective self-help and solidarity, particularly in times of crisis, influence social life, a legacy of the peasant tradition when segments of the population assisted impoverished neighbours. When support is needed, friends and family will go to great lengths to support one another.

3 Accurate Ukranian Stereotypes

Ukrainians are fluent in Russian

Of course, also in Ukrainian. It is preferable to have two native languages rather than just one. That is why they have no trouble knowing and speaking Russian and Ukrainian – and they will never be embarrassed by their bilingualism.

Ukrainians are a superstitious nation

Like in many cultures, Ukrainians have a number of “superstitious beliefs” which are mostly rituals. Most people in Ukraine will sit down in their homes before departing for a trip to guarantee a secure journey, they will perceive breaking a glass by mistake to be good fortune. The majority of people do not think these things work, but they want to do them regardless.

Gender stereotypes are still intact

In Ukraine, men are men and women are women in every field of life. Men are supposed to open doors, pull out seats, and pay for the women in the typical gentlemanly manner. Women are supposed to prepare meals, clean, and also still look beautiful, and they are expected not to be offended when they experience such views.

Famous People From Ukraine



Mila Kunis

Alex Len

Ivan Franko

Leon Trotsky

Joseph Conrad

Milla Jovovich

Olga Kurylenko

Stepan Makarov

Elina Svitolina

Anna Akhmatova

Ivan Aivazovsky

Vladimir Korolenko

Dmytro Chygrynskyy


In this article, we explored the national character of the Ukrainian people. This article looked at the personality traits exhibited by Ukrainians, and their culture and lifestyle in general.

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Frequently Asked Questions: Ukranian Personality Traits

What is Ukrainian culture like?

Traditional peasant folk art, embroidery, and vernacular architecture are all important aspects of Ukrainian culture, and their features have been shaped by the tools available at the time. The Eastern Orthodox Church and Slavic mythology have a strong influence on Ukrainian practises.

What is Ukraine well known for?

Except for Russia, Ukraine is the largest nation in Eastern Europe. It is noted for its current conflicts with its large eastern neighbour, a massive nuclear event, and its deep heritage as the centre of the first eastern Slavic state. It is the largest nation entirely in Europe, except Russia.

What are Ukrainian facial features?

A long and slender face, a straight nose, dark eyes, and light hair are among their physical features. These characteristics are passed on from their forefathers, the Thracian and Celtic people. Polessky and Volyn are two varieties of Polessky. This category includes Ukrainians that have a mediaeval look and demeanour.

What does Malanka mean in Ukrainian?

Ukrainian New Year’s Eve
On January 13th, Malanka (Ukrainian New Year’s Eve) is traditionally observed. Good and evil spirits landed on the earth on New Year’s Eve, according to Ukrainian legends.

Is Ukraine a poor country?

Ukraine’s GDP stood at a standstill in 2013. Ukraine’s economy shrank by 6.8% in 2014, and the trend accelerated in 2015, with GDP falling by 12%. However, as of 2014, the economy is already in bad shape. According to the International Monetary Fund, Ukraine had the lowest GDP per capita in Europe in 2018.

Is Ukraine beautiful?

Ukraine has some of the most beautiful scenery in the world. It has amazing scenic beauty and secret treasures. There are several cities and villages to visit. There are waterfalls, scenic mountain hikes, massive ski resorts like Bukovel, and more.

What side was Ukraine on in WW2?

In World War II, a large percentage of Ukrainians fought on the Allies’ side. On September 1, 1939, 120 000 Ukrainians fought alongside the Polish Army against the Wehrmacht. The majority were Polish people from Galicia and Volhynia, all of which were part of interwar Poland.

Is it dangerous in Ukraine?

Overall, if you’re visiting the capital Kyiv or coastal towns like Odesa, Ukraine is a secure place to stay. Political movements are frequent in Ukraine, and travellers should avoid any marches or demonstrations during times of civil unrest, and exercise special caution in packed public events.



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