Twin Flame Depression: What it is and How to Overcome it?

In this blog, we will explore what is twin flame depression, how to know if you found your twin flame, the difference between twin flame vs soulmate, how to overcome twin flame depression, and answer frequently asked questions. 

Twin Flame Depression: What it is and How to Overcome it?

Twin flame depression can feel like a part of you has been lost somewhere and you feel like everything around you is unbearable and your entire world has crumbled right in front of your eyes. 

There is a lot more to twin flames and let us get to that in the further sections. 

What is a twin flame?

A twin flame is a deep connection of souls between two people, also assumed to be a person’s other half, often dubbed as the “mirror soul”. There is a misconception about the twin flame; it makes you feel complete, but relationships are supposed to make you feel good about yourself in your own complete way, they shouldn’t be a substitute for validation.

The idea of a twin flame is based on the fact that sometimes a single soul gets split in two different bodies. If a relationship of that of a twin flame then it is going to be taxing and a salve both. 

This is because of the “mirroring” attribute of a twin flame soul: your fears, insecurities, and dark corners are reflected in your mirror soul and your mirror soul would be equally affected by whatever happens to you and vice versa.

How would you know you have found your twin flame?

There is a sense of prompt and rapid recognition. You long and you feel a deep attraction, so much so that it feels like home. You can be immediately comfortable with them as if you have known them all your life.

Your past background would be quite similar to your twin flame with many coincidences and interests which are common between the two of you. You will recognize that whatever differences/polar opposite qualities you both have will complement each other.

In such a relationship you feel overwhelmed and there is a magnetic attraction between the pair, your empathy levels rise up so much so that you can feel the other person’s emotions as well, so much comfort might even seem uncanny.

Because a twin flame is your mirror soul they will aid and guide you in overcoming your doubts and fear, so if you see a problem in your twin soul it is a reflection of that problem in you and vice versa. Your twin flame pushes you to ask questions about yourself, it is more a way of discovering yourself for both the twin flames.

●       Your life seems to change swiftly and transforms out of nowhere, it is totally unexpected and will always take you by surprise.

●       Being with a twin flame means always facing yourself, especially those aspects of yourself which you do not prefer. It can be troubling but eventually will lead to healing.

●       Your relationship might seem like a chase. Sometimes you would get farther for many reasons, but you eventually come back because the attraction is so strong and reasons would be absolutely random as if it is just predestined.

●       There is a sense of unworthiness in the relationship, it is ethereal (not always in terms of time) but place, geographically, you feel as if something divine is behind all this.

Difference between Twin Flame Vs. Soulmate

According to Andrea Donnelly, an energy healer, a soulmate is someone who can adulate and commend us while in the case of a twin flame, that someone has just way too many similarities with us, they can be strong “awakeners” and may produce an altogether distinct kind of growth.

In popular culture, soulmate relationships are put on a pedestal, and of course, eternity is always associated with soulmates; they can push you to an awakening or a new realization about yourself. 

They are supposed to bring that tip of balance on point, like two halves of a whole. While twin flame relationships turn out to be very very similar. They can enhance your creativity levels but can also be very composite and like a nexus of things that reside inside you. 

It can help us understand our own weave of codependency. Also, you might meet more than one soulmate in your life but there exists only one twin flame for you.

The Twin Flame Separation

The twin flame depression is way worse than normal breakups of our relationships, romantic or platonic. There comes a stage in the relationship when things become very impossible to deal with and even too painful to be dealt with, one might want to just leave everything and run. 

There is no timeline, it can last from months or days or years, one requires a lot of patience and time to recover from such a separation, but the glimmer of hope remains, you may meet again. Like any relationship, the effort is the key. 

If you do not give your best or put yourself in your best shoes in a relationship then it can fade away. The symptoms of twin flame depression may include, physical sickness, the inability to handle emotions, the emotions are felt by both the twin flames and not just the runner or chaser, if ignored this can impair your mental health.

Our ego is like an insatiable being waiting to consume anything that comes in its way, and letting our ego control us makes us less emotionally mature. And this is exactly what can hinder any relationship no matter how intense the attraction might have been in the first place. 

Low emotional maturity lets us not control our emotions and the way we respond to them, we hurt our feelings as well as others. The ego needs to be told that it is amazing and completely perfect but when questioned, life seems to shatter and all your opinions look like they are made of ice which melts away at one blow of heat.

The chaser in the relationship would be quick to play the blame – game and give in to anger and self-pity, while the runner will remain vexed regarding their emotions and live in a state of denial. Anxiety and Insomnia can also tag along with depression.

There is a sense of manic, and haplessness, it will wash over you like some kind of grief, like missing an organ that has always been attached to your body. 

The energy chakras inside your body will become unbalanced all of a sudden and there will be a bunch of trapped energy inside your chakras and it becomes only worse until you find a way of release. You might feel your consciousness tearing apart.

The pain always seems to be magnified because it is not just you who is suffering but also your twin flame. And you will keep feeling till the healing process is fulfilled. If not taken care of, you may develop suicidal ideation. 

But it is not you who needs to die, but the ego, the super self, which keeps tugging at your ear like the little old red devil. The depression sets in when you leave the separation untreated, it leads to a blockade, more like a dam-building up against the wave of your sadness.

How to overcome the Twin Flame Depression? (Tips to help)

●       You must recognize the root of your separation. You must brace yourself for emotional, mental, and spiritual upheaval.

●       Prepare yourself for permanent separation, but that does not mean that you have to suffer forever, you both can heal with synchronization and still not form a reunion.

●       Consult your doctor if you experience psychosomatic symptoms of depression, like chest or abdominal pain, it can require medical assistance.

●       Do not force yourself to suppress your emotions, accept them, and let them not destroy your peace of mind

●       The pain goes away when you learn the lessons which you were to all this time. It is not the end of the world, it is a journey to a better place.

●       You gather strength and patience as you heal and let go of the self that feeds your ego.

●       One who loves themselves can love others well. Improve your relationship with yourself, understand your insecurities and work on them.

●       Practice breathing exercises or yoga or meditation to calm your inner self.

●       Do not forget your personal dreams and aims of your life, never forsake your purpose, let not the flame of your passion die down. It will definitely feel all the more fulfilling.

●       Take note of what you eat, embrace more fruits and vegetables, focus on eating whole foods

●       Affirm yourself.


We discussed what twin flame depression is, what twin flame is, how would you know if you have found your flame depression, the difference between twin flame and soulmate, and how to overcome the twin flame depression. 

Frequently Asked Questions: Twin Flame Depression: What it is and How to Overcome it?

What is the function of a twin flame?

The role of a twin flame relationship is to bring out the best in you, to make you see your potential that has been hidden all this time, to push you to make better of your life, and help you on a journey of spiritual growth.

Can twin flames be together?

There is usually an intense physical attraction between the pair, it is not just sexual on a corporeal level but also full of bliss and harmony when in physical proximity. So yes there remains an intense amount of physical energy between the pair.

Are twin flames true love?

No, twin flames are never supposed to be always romantic or sexual, so it is not about romantic love but about life partners. It is about getting to know yourself better through your mirror soul as if embarking on a journey of radical awakening.

How can I recognize my twin flame?

You will spot upon meeting the person as if you are looking at yourself in the mirror, there will be uncanny resemblances, an intense connection, and a strong wish to improve yourself and not just the relationship

What are the twin flame stages?

There are 8 stages – Yearning, Glimpsing, Falling in love, The fairy-tale relationship, outer and inner turmoil and purging, the phase of running and chasing, the phase of surrendering and delusion, and the last one – Oneness.

 What is a mirror soul?

Mirror souls are those souls whose tangible existence is chosen by us to create a union in the current lifetime.

What is a twin flame reunion?

The concept consists of splitting a part of one soul into two bodies and when the other party approaches you your brain and body work together to accept it and resound with it on an inner deeper level.


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