Thom Yorke has depression (+WHat he said)

This article will discuss if Thom Yorke, the lead singer of Radiohead, is depressed. For that, the article will show what he has said previously about his mental health condition in interviews, and what has appeared in his work.

Is Thom Yorke depressed? 

Yes, Thom Yorke has battled depression for quite some time. Thom, the lead singer, and main writer of Radiohead, a band that is known for hits such as Creep, has openly addressed his mental health condition in many interviews. 

In one given to the French Musique Plus channel he talked about his struggles, and how he thinks people calling his band depressing is offensive.

In it, he says that when people call his music depressing, it seems like depression is an abnormal condition. He says it is something that adds to the stigma depression already has, making life even harder for people that go through it.

During the interview, he also says that some of his music was made during his depressive phase and that it is not always negative, since sometimes it can lead to great creative healing power. 

With that, it is possible to affirm not only that he has experienced depression, but that it has been present in his songs. Let’s discuss how depression has been a part of his work. 

How has he dealt with it?

In 1997 with the release of Ok Computer, the band hit non-precedential stardom. But this caused him to question himself even more. In songs such as How to Disappear Completely it is possible to understand a little more of Thom Yorke’s emotional condition.    

In it, he talks about how what he is going through is not happening, and his wish of not being in that place. He has stated that during this period he was feeling completely unhinged, and that was because he couldn’t assess how and why he had done what he had done. 

And in 1998 he started to experience writer’s block that had such a negative effect on him that the whole band decided to take action. With that, they decided that the writing process of the band had to change, as well as their way of recording, and promoting their songs.

When describing this period, Thom Yorke has said that it felt like the ground was being pulled out of him, and he was just falling. With time, this started to affect his relationship with his band members, and at some point, something had to change.

Thom discussed with their producers if they could work differently, and even though everyone was skeptical of it, they gave it a try because Yorke was being emphatical about how this way of making music wasn’t working for him. With that, they release Kd A.

With that, little by little the band caught on to what was their new process, leading them to produce even more great songs. Nowadays it is common to see how many people identify with the thoughts and feelings that are brought in his songs. 

And as a result of that, Thim has often said how he has been feeling this way since his 30s. He also has declared how he began to fear death during that period, and how yoga, running, reading, and swimming is ways he found to deal with his depression.

Along with those, music and writing are a great gateway for his feelings. Another matter that he has taken on, is activism. He has been a present voice in many humanitarian, environmental, and animal causes.

How is he now?

Through the years it has been possible to observe many changes in Thom Yorke’s behavior. In the beginning, he has seemed almost catatonic on stage, and that has been different lately, even more nowadays, since he released a solo album, and went on tour on his own. 

He seems a lot less worried and says that his relationship with work and people has changed a lot. Before he would be so concerned about work that taking some time off to enjoy with family had to be highly justified. 

It seemed like it wasn’t possible to do anything else but work. And this caused his social interactions to become even harder. 

He says that through this change of perception even his relationship with touring has changed. Nowadays he feels grateful to be able to do what he does, and seeing how his music touches people is humbling.

He has also stated that having the chance to write about his emotions and thoughts has been a great way to cope with all that goes on inside him, and the things life brings his way. He has dealt with many tragedies, such as the loss of his wife. 

And having a place where he could externalize it through his lyrics or even by just listening to music.

By discovering these ways of coping with his emotions he will not prevent himself from feeling them, but allow them to flow through him, and find positive ways of dealing with them. And the same way Thom Yorke has found his ways, most people with depression will find their own.

It is always a personal matter. What works for one, won’t necessarily work for the other. But once you learn your way through it, even if depression doesn’t have a cure, you will be able to find ways to process your emotions in a less tortuous way.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): Is Thom Yorke depressed? 

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How can I cope with depression?

There are some ways one can cope with depression. Aside from lifestyle changes, it can be necessary to look for professional help. Having a therapist and a psychiatrist help you through this can be extremely positive. 

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And in some cases, you might need medication. That can happen because your symptoms are too intense, and also so the medication can treat the chemical imbalance that depression causes in your brain. 

Aside from that, trying to have a healthy lifestyle, and surround yourself with people you love can help you cope with depression.


This article discussed whether the lead singer of Radiohead, Thom Yorke, is depressed or not. For that, the article discussed what he has said before in interviews, and on his music. Along with that, the article explained how he has been dealing with depression.


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