The Zodiac Signs When High (A 3 Point Guide)

This article will talk about 3 zodiac types when they are high and how they behave. Furthermore, the article will describe what these types like to do when they are high or how they get high!

The Zodiac Signs – Getting High

Here are the 3 zodiac signs we will take a look at who like getting high:

  • Libra
  • Pisces
  • Aries

Let us introduce them and take a look at their behavior when they get high!

What Is A Libra?

The Libra is the seventh sign of the zodiac which is represented by the symbol of scales. People who are born between September 22 to October 22 fall into this category and are assigned the star of Libra. The birthstone of this zodiac sign is the Opal, Peridot, Tourmaline and Sapphire.

Generally, Libras are people who are peace loving and avoid conflict. They have good people skills and are gentle beings to be with; they will listen to you and understand your experiences, problems and situations and won’t really judge you for it. They want good things to happen to people hence they value fairness and justice. 

Not only Libra but also Gemini and Aquarius possess the element of Air. This signifies them as individuals who are thinkers, communicators and doers. They breeze through life in a very smooth flow analyzing, synthesizing and probing various elements and things of interest. They are intelligent which also helps them make decisions.

Venus is the planet that rules over Libra giving it it’s romantic touch and feel. Venus is a planet that revolves on the axis of love and passion; Libra with it’s calm and peaceful nature of relationships allows Venus to dump it’s love drunk influence all over it. Hence, this combination leaves Libra with the sense of not only romantic love but an eye for aesthetics too.

Getting High – Libras

Yes Libras are stoners and this is because of their open and confident nature – they love going clubbing and will the first and last ones over there partying all night – they definitely don’t mind the extra dose of weed their friend offers or they bring along in case they need more to get into the feel and enjoy the music!

This zodiac sign loves to stone with their friends. Enjoying a quiet evening is not their cup of tea and they would rather be with a group of friends sharing whatever weed they have! They love to stone in groups and see the effects it has on each and everyone of them. Having fun alone is not an option – they need others to experience the fun they have in puffing and smoking that weed!

These signs love to keep some stash with themselves in case the opportunity presents itself! They will not hesitate to offer others the chance to sit with them and stone all night.

Their partners can do wonders if they know how to party right with their Libra significant other – having enough weed can make the Libra happy and more and more in love with you. They invest in relationships and love it when others know how to make them happy!

What Is Pisces?

Pisces is the twelfth zodiac sign that is represented by the symbol of the fish and extends from the period of February 19 to March 20. People born under this star are usually described as friendly people who are kind and compassionate and have a knack for wild imagination and creativity. However, they sometimes get overwhelmed by their emotions and have fears. They are also likely to become victims due to their naive nature.

The birthstone of Pisces is Aquamarine and is also associated with others such as Bloodstone, Jet and Rock Crystal.

Pisces like Scorpio possesses the element of water in its nature. They are people who allow their emotions to flow and are in touch with a deeper level of themselves as compared to others. Their emotions range from negative ones to ones that accept the world and the creatures in it. For them security is very important and they are known to have intense dreams. Words like ultra sensitive and strong intuition are used to describe stars that possess the element of water.

Neptune represents universality and the concept that we are all one hence it inculcates a sense of compassion, kindness, idealism and even imagination into the star it rules; Pisces. This influence that Neptune has on Pisces is well defined by its traits because Pisces see the good in others and rarely say no because they want to be compassionate and help those around them. Furthermore they are very naive beings and they have a wild sense of imagination.

Getting High – Pisces

Pisces are stoners because getting ‘high’ is what complements their personality; they love to engage in philosophical discussions and also be artistic – taking weed helps them get in the zone and perform better in such areas!

Furthermore, this sign is forgetful and this could be one of the effects of drugs and a great signal towards their behaviour – close friends can tell whether or not there’s something fishy about their behaviour! 

By nature, this zodiac loves to be creative and listens to a lot of music. They can become more effective in their artistic hobbies by getting high! They can also enjoy the quiet evenings that they have while listening to music and take in a bit more just to get into the feel of things – being high while listening to music takes you to another level indeed!

These signs also like to go out and party on the weekends especially at summer festivals or college parties! This is one of the best places to get high and enjoy the moments with your friends – they won’t mind taking a puff and letting the drug do the work!

In the upcoming section, we will take a closer look at the zodiac sign Pisces and also highlight traits that may add to its drug related behaviours!


Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac and people who fall under this category are born between March 20 to April 19. Their symbol is the Ram and they are affiliated with the birthstones Topaz, Heliotrope, Aquamarine, Jasper and Diamond. 

They possess the element of fire which means they are very passionate, have an exploring tendency in them and they are feisty and don’t want to be held back! Their ruling planet is Mars which brings to them passion, aggression, ambition and animal instinct so obviously when combined with the famous fighter Ram they become unstoppable! Just remember when you see an Aries being argumentative or competitive you can see the influence Mars has over them!

Generally, an Aries can be described as someone who likes to pursue their dreams and passions and they are quite competitive and defensive hence it is not a good idea to come in between them and want they want. They are motivated by their animal instincts to be at the top and this powers them and their desires so be careful!

Getting High – Aries & Smoking

Aries are also prone to getting high especially because of the amount of stress they take due to their work and the people they have rallied along with themselves. To get high means they can relax for some time and forget all of the pressures on them!

The aries star is a fire sign and hence smoking greatly attracts them – especially the part where they light the smoke and take in a deep breath after that short but satisfying flame of fire. Furthermore, they are quite stubborn in nature and once they get addicted it is hard for them to stop!

This sign is also conscious about how they look to others and they want to seem glamorous and of the high life. Thus, one of the reasons why they smoke is to look that ‘look’. Hence, they prefer to smoke or get high because not only do they want to forget their worries or depression but also have that cool look!


This article took a look at 3 zodiac signs and how they behave when they get high. The article also introduced each sign in detail and explained why or what they like doing when they get high. The zodiac signs discussed and explained in this article include the Libra, Pisces and none other than the Aries sign.


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