The Office Myer Briggs Type Indicator (Complete list)

This article takes a closer look at the characters from the famous T.V series ‘The Office’ and how they fit into the personality types of the MBTI. 

The Office and The Myer Briggs Type Indicator

‘The Office’ features many characters that fit pretty well into the well known personality types of the MBTI test; from The Defender, The Mediator, The Logistician to The Entertainer, The Advocate and The Strategist, you can find numerous personality types in the show and it really gives you a taste of what types of personalities you can experience in the real settings of your office!

Before we look at the various types of personalities shown in the T.V. series, let us take a brief look at the series itself and what the Myer Briggs Type Indicator is!

The Office – Your Source of Everyday Entertainment!

You can take that literally! The office is not just your everyday routine but it’s a comedy TV series based in the USA that features a group of coworkers who go through a number of hilarious events everyday at work; from pranks to mishaps and work related problems, the TV show does a great job at not only helping you relate to how it’s like to work but also the many unfortunate events you can face there.

It’s not surprising to see a trend emerge where people love associating characters from famous TV series or movies and cartoons to personality types; the very purpose of today’s article is to help show you how we can attribute different personality types from the MBTI to the hilarious but extremely talented characters of ‘The Office’.

The Myer Briggs Type Indicator

It’s yet another interesting and fun psychological self assessment tool that is widely used around the world. It asks you a series of questions based on likes and dislikes and categorizes you into either extraverted or introverted, thinking or feeling, Intuitive or sensing and judging or perceiving. Based on these outcomes, it assigns you a certain personality type that is also given a title like ‘The Defender’ for example.

In the next section we will take a look at the characters from the show ‘The Office’ and what personality type they best present!

‘The Office’ – A Famous TV Series.

Below is a list of the characters from ‘The Office’ whom we will be examining in depth t=in order to give them one of the titles from the MBTI:

  • Jim Halpert
  • Michael Scott
  • Pam Beesly
  • Dwight Schrute
  • Angela Martin
  • Jan Levinson
  • Kevin Malone
  • Stanley Hudson
  • Kelly Kapoor
  • Phyllis Vance
  • Oscar Martinez
  • Andy Bernard

That is a long list! Let’s get into it!

Jim Halpert – ENTP

Also known as ‘The Defender’ Jim is extraverted, intuitive, a thinker and perceiver! In the show you can see him as someone who is clever and likes to play pranks on others and have some fun. He may seem like a quiet chap but once he gets his own type of company and the right opportunities you will see him in action taking the lead – mostly in pranks and making life a bit more fun for everyone. 

Jim is committed either to something or someone. In the show you can see how seriously he takes his relationship with Pam and even with work or when it comes to winning a good argument or having a say, Jim doesn’t step back or shy away, especially from Michale Scott. 

Michael Scott – ENFP

Michael Scott absolutely fits the personality type of ‘The Campaigner’ because he is witty, extremely energetic and loves to have a laugh and make the best of every situation. He is extraverted, intuitive, feels and perceives. 

Even in the show you can see Michael often taking decisions on his feelings rather than logic and constantly expressing how he feels. He likes to socialize immensely and be a part of the crowd. He tries to be charming and at the same time uses his personality to cover up for his fears and insecurities. Despite his ups and downs, he seems to have an infinite capacity for love.

Pam Beesly – INFJ

An ‘Advocate’ indeed, Pam is introverted, intuitive, a feeler and judge. She is a good observer who can easily identify what people need which may explain why she and Dwight are such good friends. She can easily build relationships between complex things even though she is private and quiet natured – usually the one offering ideas in the face of misfortune. These advocates value self control and discipline in their work and are much interested in the welfare of others.

Dwight Schrute – ESTJ

Known as ‘The Executive’, Dwight can be classified as extraverted, sensing, a thinker and judge. He takes things literally – in the show Dwight has the habit of believing everything he is told. These types of people set boundaries for themselves, hold themselves and others to high moral standards and they like to keep an eye on others. Such people also have an intense need of being organized and focused in their work. Despite such values, they are not boring and like to be dramatic and intense as is Dwight in the show.

Angela Martin – ISTJ

Yes, Angela is a logistician. She is introverted, sensing, a thinker and judge. She likes to work alone and bases work on logic. She gives preference to work rather than  pleasure although there are exceptions sometimes – like in the case of Dwight! People like Angela are very blunt and straightforward and just say what they are thinking regardless of how others perceive it.

Jan Levinson – ENTJ

Extraverted, intuitive, a thinker and judge, Jan is indeed ‘The Commander’. She is blunt, fiery and has the natural gift of being a leader with good negotiation skills to get what she wants. She is very clear about what she wants and how to get it. Such people are usually careful about where they spend money (basically frugal). People who have this personality type do not let emotions interfere in their plans and look forward to achieving high goals. However, although these people do not allow emotions to come in between their goals, they may make use of emotions and ‘love’ to get what they want as in the case of Jan and Michael.

Kevin Malone – ISFP

Kevin can be called ‘The Adventurer’ for he is introverted, sensing, a feeler and perceiver. The title may look deceiving but such people live in a colorful and sensual world where their thoughts are unique and interesting. Kevin can be difficult to understand like other people who have this type but he is loyal, strong willed and sensitive as well as curious. These people may seem rebellious at first especially if they face situations that go against their internal value systems but they are sweet and loving once you get to know them.

Stanley Hudson – ISTP 

Also known as ‘The Virtuoso’ Stanley is introverted, sensing and a thinker and perceiver. Such people are independent and rebellious and they also dont like following rules – this can be observed best when Michael usually has a new idea but Stanley as usual refuses to listen or act on it maybe because he considers it stupid! People with ISTP personalities don’t like to follow rules as they believe it limits them and they are more concerned with their own interests and pursuits. 

Kelly Kapoor – ESFJ

Being extraverted, sensing, a feeler and judger, Kelly is ‘The Consul’. As you can see her character in the show, she demonstrates this type perfectly –  a warm and happy person easy to work with and may be a people pleaser especially to the people at the front. They are concerned about others and will sacrifice for the greater good. However they might become a bit difficult to deal with especially if they are under stress or their need to please.

Phyllis Vance – ISFJ

Being ‘The Defender’ Phyllis is an introverted, sensing, a feeler and judge. She best represents this personality type as she is traditional, kind, loyal and observant. She is willing to go a long way for others but finds it difficult to stand up for herself. Such personalities also try their best to maintain peace.

Oscar Martinez – INTJ

He is introverted, intuitive, a thinker and judge thus gaining the title of ‘The Strategist’. Such people are clever individuals who can use the patterns they see to predict outcomes. They are quiet, thoughtful and observant while at the same time trying to make sense out of things they see occurring. People like Oscar are independent and adaptable so as to not get left behind.

Andy Bernard – ESFP

Here comes ‘The Entertainer’! Being an extravert, senser, feeler and perceiver, people like Andy love catching the attention of the crowd and being the center of attention not minding being loud. They can’t handle being alone and want to please others! They get bored quite easily and are protective of their loved ones.


The article identified the various personality types shown in the TV series ‘The Office’ and attributed to each character in the show a personality type from the MBTI! The article also took a quick peep at what the MBTI is and briefly introduced the comedy TV series which is based in the USA.

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Frequently Asked Questions: The Office and The Myer Briggs Type Indicator.

What personality type is Dwight from The Office?

ESTJ (The Executive): His strict values and motivation to be organized and prepared for the worst earn him this title.

What mental illness does Dwight Schrute have?

He has paranoid personality disorder because of his delusional thoughts of how important he and his tasks are and the fact that he is always scared someone is out to get him.

Is it Jim or James Halpert?

It is actually James Duncan Halpert who is played by the actor John Krasinski in the US TV series ‘The Office’.

What Enneagram type is Dwight Schrute?

He is a Type 8 which is known as ‘The Challenger’ with a Type 7 wing (The Enthusiast) due to his traits of being strong, assertive and self confident about his ideas and thoughts. 


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