The MBTI of Star Wars Characters (9 surprises)

This article will explore the Myer Briggs Personality types attributed to each of the famous star war characters.

What MBTI’s Do The Star War Characters Have?

The star war characters have the following MBTI personality types:

  • Darth Vader – ENTJ
  • C – 3P0 – ISFJ
  • Han Solo – ESTP
  • Leia Organa – ENTJ
  • Luke Skywalker – INFP
  • Obi Wan Kenobi – INFJ
  • Padmi Amidala – ENFJ
  • R2 – D2 – ENTP
  • Yoda – INFJ

Darth Vader – ENTJ

A commander is someone with extraverted and intuitive thinking who is a thinker and judge. These people are decisive and love to accomplish. Also, they have a habit of gathering information in order to construct and have a better understanding of what they want to achieve. These individuals are natural born leaders who greatly value accomplishment and have charisma, confidence and like to function on what they believe is right!

Anakin is truly a commander who is committed to finding the best solutions – he was innovative and brilliant as a general during the clone wars and still follows the Jedi Order tradition but does not let it limit his creativity and thinking that help him make the accomplishments he needs to make!

Commanders are unable to handle their emotions properly as is the case of Anakin. He is unable to process his dark emotions in an appropriate manner and this is what Palpatine takes advantage of.

Another issue such personality types have is that they become stubborn or arrogant in the sense that they are unable to go back and question the choices they have made or the paths they choose to take – Anakin is quite similar in this sense.

C – 3PO – ISFJ

A defender is a personality type that is introverted, sensing, a feeler and judge. These individuals are well known for their loyalty, commitment and responsibility. They are generally unassuming and pay close attention to the small things.

Although extremely altruistic, these individuals can sometimes get caught up in the ‘what if’s’ of life which gives them much stress like C – 3PO! They become overloaded and focus on something they get caught on.

However, they are extremely imaginative and observant and quite enthusiastic and this can be seen in C -3PO’s behaviour as he tries his best to relate with the experiences of human beings from time to time!

Han Solo – ESTP

These individuals are energetic, outgoing and action oriented! They are considered extroverts, having a sensing orientation and a thinker and perceiver. They are also known as ‘The Entrepreneurs’. Personality types like these are always in the center of the action, navigating their way as the scene unfolds they are quick, smart and but can make mistakes as they are sometimes hasty.

Han Solo ideally fits this type. He is a great leader who believes in greater causes and goes with the flow amending his actions but never stopping for long. He rose from an impoverished childhood to join the alliance of rebels and soon joined Luke Skywalker and Leia Organa in the fight against the Empire hence supporting the cause of galactic freedom!

Although these individuals are bold, rationale and pretty direct, they can be insensitive, impatient and risk prone. They sometimes become stubborn insisting they go on with their way and may often face loopholes in their plan due to their unstructured way of going about things. This may explain Han’s life event of meeting with his estranged son – things get complex sometimes in these people’s lives.

Leia Organa – ENTJ

A commander like Anakin! People with this personality type are very energetic, like to take the lead and are strong willed, usually driven by a vision of what they want to achieve and are quite confident! 

Leia Organa, like her father, is a brilliant leader. She is smart and tactical, making her someone with good negotiation skills and a master of strategy in the battlefield. She is stubborn in the sense that she holds family values very high and firmly believes in her principles. All these qualities give her a charismatic and inspiring personality.

She is bent on creating a better now for her people. However, sometimes these people become cold and ruthless and arrogant due to their way of handling situations in a structured and fixed manner based on their beliefs; it can be difficult for them to divert from how they planned to do things.

Luke Skywalker – INFP

These individuals are thoughtful, creative and quiet but very caring. They are introverted,intuitive, feel and perceive to understand their world and surroundings. 

People like Luke look inside themselves for answers. They believe it is important to focus on what they believe is right and thus look inside for a calling or purpose. This explains why, despite facing opposition, Luke had a personality that pushed him to stick to his values and not let go of them – especially when he was tempted by the Dark side. 

He is quick to learn and also spends time on questions that are relevant to the future more than they are to the present. Although people like Luke are creative, open minded, generous and passionate, they can be difficult to get to know, overly idealistic and self critical!

Obi Wan Kenobi – INFJ

Being an INFJ or ‘Advocate’ means you stand up for what is right and speak passionately about what you believe in even though these people are introverts generally, intuitive and feel and judge.  

These individuals strongly believe in justice and are altruistic in nature, extending a warm welcome to those who approach them. However, sometimes they are so focused on their intent they forget about themselves. 

Obi Wan Kenobi does not have an issue staying on his own, he likes to deal with the present and looks towards the tradition for guidance as well. He is diplomatic in his ways but that does not stop him from pursuing what is the truth!

Padme Amidala – ENFJ

She has good intuition and this explains why she was able to figure out that Count Dooku was involved in starting the clone wars! People with this personality type are known as ‘Protagonists’ who easily mesmerize their followers and make good Kings or Queens as was Padme. 

Such leaders believe in the welfare of their people and this may explain why Padme was so insistent on establishing peace and providing resolutions to conflicts. Although they are tolerable, reliant and altruistic and it themselves they sometimes struggle with. Such people are self critical with fluctuating self esteem and may become too self less.

R2 – D2 – ENTP

Extremely smart thinkers who love to engage in challenging and intellectually stimulating debates with others not shy to share their opinions and thoughts. R2 is a very adamant thinker who is highly intelligent and can adapt quickly. Such individuals are very fond of observing patterns like R2 is!

ENTPs are knowledgeable, original and great brainstormers but argumentative, stubborn and intolerant at times!

Yoda – INFJ

Yoda looks like the quiet, wise and mystical being you would imagine! These personality types are unique in that they like connecting to others, stand up for what is right and view the world in an abstract and maybe not so objective manner.

These individuals are insightful, creative, passionate and obviously altruistic. They love doing what is right and beneficial for others while at the same time pushing people to embark on a journey of self discovery. However, these very same types may be prone to burnout, reluctant to open up and sensitive to criticism! 

Yoda very much fits this type because he has a habit of picking up patterns and putting himself in other people’s shoes! However the way he conducts himself like talking in riddles may be a bit frustrating to others who prefer a more blunt approach! 


The article provided a comprehensive overview of the characters of the famous Star Wars movie and what types of personalities they hold with regards to the Myer Briggs Type Indicator. The article attempted to explain each personality type of the MBTI and relate it to the Star Wars character so the audience could develop a relation between the two!

Frequently Asked Questions: The Myer Briggs Type of Star War Characters.

What personality type is Padme?

She is an ENFJ as she has great leadership characteristics and cares greatly about her people.

What personality type is Palpatine?

The personality type attributed to him most commonly is INTJ.

What type of villain is Darth Vader?

He’s a high-ranking Jedi Knight-turned-powerful Sith Lord in service to the Galactic Empire


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