The Enneagram Type Of Voldemort (+3 facts)

This article will look at what enneagram type Lord Voldemort, the villain in the Harry Potter series also known as Tom Riddle, is and what strengths and weaknesses he possesses. Furthermore, the article will also identify the basic fears and desires of this enneagram type and how this relates to the characters behaviour in the movie series.

What Is The Enneagram Type Of Lord Voldemort?

The enneagram type of Lord Voldemort is known as the ‘Challenger’ which is Type 8 with a Wing 9 personality. These enneagram types are confident, decisive and clear in what they want as well as confrontational.

A personality type similar to that of Voldemort is one that does not like to take orders from others, seeks autonomy and independence and desires to be in control of their life and destiny. Unlike others, they struggle to open up in terms of their emotions and are very clear in what they want and will go to any length to achieve it!

Who Is The Dark Lord?

The Dark Lord also known as Voldemort, was initially found by Dumbledore at a boy’s school or hostel where he was known by his real name ‘Tom Riddle’. Tom was no ordinary boy and the children at his school soon realized this. 

When Dumbledore goes to meet Tom for the first time, he is also convinced he is a wizard – but a different one – and offers him a place at Hogwarts. What Dumbledore finds astonishing about him is that he can talk to snakes; this isn’t common even for a person in the world of wizardry.

Tom is a bright boy who is determined to be the best of his kind and this is shown from memories of different wizards like Dumbledore himself and Professor Slughorn which show the young boy as someone who is inquisitive and determined to learn more and become more!

Eventually, Tom learns of the dark magic that exists and aspires to become the most powerful dark wizard in the world that operates according to his principles; he changes his name to Voldemort and begins a journey of ‘self actualization’.

Voldemort’s Basic Fear.

In the initial life of Lord Voldemort, we see him meeting Dumbledore; the first thing he expresses is that he can make those hurt who hurt or tease him. This is an important finding in that we realize Voldemort is scared of those who try to control or hurt him and this may be why he develops an enneagram that is defined by this basic fear.

Yes. Enneagrams of type 8 have the basic fear of being harmed or controlled by others. They fear they will not be able to achieve their dreams or live to the fullest due to other people’s influence. At a young age, Tom is convinced others view him as different and may want to hurt him and this thought is ingrained in his personality which also affects his behaviour; he begins hurting those that are seen as a threat to him.

The Desire of the Dark Lord.

Personality types with an enneagram of type 8 have the basic desire to protect themselves – they want to be in control of their destiny and be in a position that does not allow others to cause them pain or damage. 

From the movie series, it becomes very obvious from the start of Voldemort’s intention; he wants to become the most powerful Dark Wizard of his time and create a world that operates according to his beliefs which may be in alignment with his fears. For example, he always considered non magical people a threat and maybe this is why he wants to remove mudbloods from the magical world of wizards.

The Personality Lord Voldemort.

Throughout the movie we observe how Lord Voldemort presents; he is usually calm, ambitious and determined to achieve what he wants. Let us explore the dominant traits of this dark wizard.

The following section not only highlights the dominant traits of Lord Voldemort but also his strengths and weaknesses as a type 8 enneagram.

The Dominant Traits.


Although Voldemort likes to tease his victims a little bit, he is usually the type who likes to get straight to the point! He does not shy away in asking the other person what it is that he wants or has a problem with and ironically the other person is already aware of what the Dark Lord wants.

In the scene where he kills Snape, regardless of the long journey they shared together, he confronts his ‘loyal’ servant with the truth that he cannot be the true master of the Elder Wand because Snape killed Dumbledore! He wastes no time and immediately kills the wizard with no remorse or regret shown.


Voldemort is very clear from the beginning on what he wants! He aims to become the most powerful dark wizard by pursuing the elements of the deathly hallows, preserving himself in horcruxes to become immortal and recruiting an entire army to establish his ideology in the land. Nothing can come in between what he wants and hence he is decisive. 

Fear Loss of Control.

These individuals are quite scared of losing any control they have. This fear dominates their personality and it is quite often shown in their behaviour. Their actions and feelings as well as thoughts may be overtaken by this fear as the movie shows Harry is able to creep into the mind of Lord Voldemort and what is on his mind is apparent – how can he regain or increase his control.

To avoid this fear, Voldemort sets out to kill anyone who may reinstate this fear. He kills Dumbledore, Snape and longs to eliminate Harry so that he cannot be harmed by him. He is so scared that he divides his soul into 7 pieces.

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The Strengths of Enneagram Type 8.

These individuals are quite confident and very much alive and energetic. They are driven not only by their fear but desire to overcome and achieve the security and power they want! As in the case of Voldemort, his personality is very interesting around both his friends and foes. He is charming, self confident and very much assured that they will gain what they desire. Furthermore they do not mind adding some humor to their conversations.

Regardless of their intentions, these personalities have leadership skills which is why Voldemort, despite his intentions, is able to harness many resources and supporters. They have the ability to move people through their words and ideas and convince them to join their force.

Voldemort is conscious about those around him. He is aware of the needs of those who support him. He promises and gives what his followers desire except if it involves any loss of power for him. He recognizes different needs of different people and provides accordingly. It is this strength of his that allows him to not only garner support but manipulate people through temporary attractions. Even in the case of getting what he wants, he takes away what others desire, so that maybe they hand in Harry Potter. He knows people well.


These individuals are stubborn – they do not let go easily of what they want and will adopt any means of achieving it. Sometimes it is difficult for them to control their temper if it hits a weak spot they have.

To some extent, these individuals are delusional or over confident. They misjudge the situation and believe everything will work in their advantage. This is why Harry is able to escape Voldemort’s reach many times as he is over confident that alone, he can overpower Harry – he does not realize there are always others around to save him! At such instances, it is when Voldemort loses his temper and exits the scenes.

Individuals with this personality type dislike authority or taking orders from others. This is why Voldemort attempts to become the supreme wizard in the magical world. How he treats his supporters is like how a master treats his servants and this shows his inner thinking of how he desires to be the one who is unquestioned or cannot be given any order.


This article delved into what enneagram type Lord Voldemort is and what his dominant traits are. The article, apart from touching upon his basic fears and desires, highlighted what strengths and weaknesses this personality type has!

Frequently Asked Questions: The Enneagram Type Of Voldemort.

What personality type is Tom Riddle?

He is an ENTJ who can be described as having a commanding and strategic personality.

How did Voldemort turn into a baby?

To give him a body, Peter Pettigrew used Nagini’s poison and unicorn blood to create a vessel in which Voldmort could reside.

How was Voldemort defeated?

He was defeated by killing all 7 pieces of his soul.


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