Stranger Things Personality Types (A Complete Guide)

In this guide we will be examining the personality types of the characters from the popular television show Stranger Things. We will be looking at the Myers Briggs personality type of some beloved characters from Stranger Things.

Stranger Things Personality Types:

Netflix’s Stranger Things is full of a number of vibrant and interesting characters. In addition to being a trip down memory lane for all those who grew up in 1980s America, it provides a wide selection of characters with unique personalities. ‘Adventurers’, ‘Advocates’, ‘Campaigners’…the whole gamut of MBTI types has been represented in the show. 

From ESFP Steve Harrington with his charming and engaging personality to ISTP Max Mayfield with her deft skateboarding skills, nearly every MBTI type has been represented in this show. There is a character or every viewer to relate to.

Following are the MBTI types of some of the main characters:

Eleven : ISFP

Mike Wheeler : INFJ

Lucas Sinclair : ESTJ

Joyce Byers : ISFJ

Dustin Henderson : ENTP

Barbara Holland : ISFJ

Nancy Wheeler : ESFJ

Jonathan Byers : INFP

Steve Harrington : INTP

Will Byers : INFP 

Jim Hopper : ISTP 

Max Mayfield : ESTP 

Robin Buckley : ISTP 

Alexei : INTP

Billy Hargrove : ISTP 

Bob Newby : ENFJ 

Axel : ENTP

Becky Ives: ISFJ

Benny Hammond: ESFP

Scott Clark : INTP

Suzie : INFJ 

Bruce Lowe: ESTP

Carol Perkins: ESFP 

Claudia Henderson : ENFP 

Doris Driscoll : ESFP

Dottie : ESFP

Dr.Sam Owens : INTP

Erica Sinclair : ENTJ

Florence : ESTJ

Funshine : INFP 

Grigori : ISTJ

Heather Holloway : ESFJ

Kali Prasad : ISFP

Karen Wheeler : ESFJ

Ted Wheeler : ISTJ 

Troy Walsh : ESTP 

Larry Kline : ESTJ

Lonnie Byers : ESTP

Martin Brenner : ENTP

Murray Bauman : ESTP 

Eleven/Jane Hopper – ISFP (The Adventurer):

Like most people with the ISFP personality type, Eleven is keen to explore the world around her. She doesn’t like to live by rules and structure and does what she thinks is right, even when others oppose it. Thus, she is prone to risky and unpredictable behaviour which can get her in trouble. She is not good at taking criticism from others and has a tendency to fly into fits of rage. Her selflessness and desire to protect those she loves is also characteristic of ISFPs. Connecting with others is important to her. 

Mike Wheeler : INFJ (The Advocate):

Mike’s compassion and empathy are what led him to find and protect Eleven. While the rest of his friends find Eleven ‘strange’, Mike truly desires to help her. He is constantly trying to improve her life and keep her safe. He is the same with his friends, even going to the point of risking his life for them. Although he is an introvert who follows his feelings, he has a strong set of ideals and values that he follows. He sticks by his belief that Will is still alive, despite opposition from others in the town.

Lucas Sinclair : ESTJ (The Executive):

Half of the Stranger Things characters are extroverts, and Lucas is definitely one of them. Lucas thinks through everything logically. He is a good leader and tries to maintain order in the group, which is seen in his initial suspicion of Eleven. Because of his judging function he is sensible and responsible. He doesn’t do things impulsively, but prefers to plan things in advance. Although this is good for the group, this tendency can make Lucas rigid and intolerant.

Dustin Henderson : ENTP (The Debater):

The other extrovert in the Hawkins AV club is the precocious Dustin Henderson. His Intuitive function is evident in the choices he makes, such as his decision to adopt the demodog ‘Dart’. His quick thinking and eagerness to provide his opinion are all characteristic of ENTPs. One of the most crucial ENTP traits that Dustin embodies is a desire to learn and acquire new knowledge. 

Joyce Byers : ISFJ (The Defender):

One of the primary traits of the Defender is a desire to protect their loved ones at all costs. This is seen in Joyce’s tireless efforts to find her son. Being an introvert, she only has a few people in her life whom she is close to, which makes her all the more protective about them. Her Sensing function makes her sharp and aware of her surroundings, often leading her to notice things others would miss. She is also kind and sensitive, making her a good parent to Will and Jonathan. Like most ISFJs, Joyce has a tendency to take everything personally. She is open to new ideas, although she is traditional in some ways. 

Barbara Holland : ISFJ (The Defender):

Barbara ‘Barb’ Holland has become a cult favourite among the fans of Stranger Things, despite her death in the initial episodes of the first season. Barb’s conservative and reserved demeanour and introversion are evident. She is willing to do anything to protect her loved ones. This is evident in Barb sacrificing her life for Nancy at Steve’s pool party. 

Nancy Wheeler : ESFJ (The Consul):

Nancy is an ESFJ, which is what makes her so compatible with Barb. However, both girls are very different in where they derive their energy. Compared to Barb, Nancy is extraverted and enjoys parties and socialising. She focuses on practical rather than abstract things. She places a lot of emphasis on traditions and ethics and tries very hard to preserve her ‘good girl’ image, especially in front of authority figures. 

Jonathan Byers : INFP (The Mediator):

Since Jonathan and Nancy’s MBTI types are such opposites of each other, it seems strange that their relationship works. While Jonathan is creative and constantly searching for new and original ideas, Nancy prefers to stick to the mainstream. But Jonathan’s unconventionality and his air of mystery may be exactly what draws Nancy to him.

Will Byers : INFP (The Mediator):

Will is introverted, just like his brother. He comes across as shy and is often misunderstood because of his strange interests and sensitivity. This is a common issue among INFPs. Having a few close friends who share his interests is something Will desires more than anything. The open-mindedness and imagination of INFPs is what helps Will survive and ultimately escape the Upside Down. 

Jim Hopper : ISTP (The Virtuoso):

ISTPs take time to process information and they do so internally. This is seen in Hopper’s preference to work alone. Like most ISTPs, he is good at physical activities and is confident and practical in his approach to work. However, like most ISTPs he has some spontaneity and learns as he goes. His forays into the Upside Down and his decision to adopt Eleven are all examples of this. 

Steve Harrington : INTP (The Logician):

Like a lot of INTPs, Steve approaches situations with logic and rationality. He is usually the only person who keeps his head in a crisis and is good at taking care of those around him. Like a lot of INTPs, Steve does not like structure and rules and prefers to do what he feels is right. 

Max Mayfield : ESTP (The Entrepreneur):  

Like most ESTPs Max is an energetic and action-oriented person. She is not the type to sit and wait for an adventure to happen, but instead goes out and gets what she wants. ESTPs tend to leap before they look and are blunt and straightforward people. Like most ESTPs, Max is open to taking risks and has a tendency to follow her own moral compass. 

Bob Newby : ENFJ (The Protagonist):

Bob is an ENFJ. This personality type is warm and straightforward. They love to help those around them. Passionate and charismatic, they strive to make friends wherever they go. They are altruistic and unafraid to stand up for what they believe in, which is seen in Bob’s brave stand against the Demogorgon. 

Billy Hargrove : ISTP (The Virtuoso):

Billy is an ISTP. This personality type is highly individualistic. They learn by doing and trial and error. Although they seem simple because of their mechanistic tendencies, ISTPs can actually be very mysterious and unpredictable people. They tend to struggle with boundaries and guidelines, which can lead to inappropriate behaviour at times. 

Mr Clark : ENTJ (The Commander):

ENTJs are efficient, organised and strategic people. They are charming and inspiring people and are good at motivating others, which is what makes Mr Clark such a good teacher. People frequently approach ENTJs for advice and for good reason since ENTJs usually know everything. 

Dr. Martin Brenner : ENTP (The Debater):

At first glance, Dr. Brenner comes across as an INTJ, because of his ‘mad scientist’ persona. But his ability to gauge Eleven’s emotional state and manipulate her into trusting him are owing to his Intuitive function. His outgoing nature and leadership skills are also in line with the ENTP personality type. The fact that he can get a whole lab of scientists to follow him in his crazy schemes is evidence that he is not an INTJ, but an ENTP. 


In this guide we looked at the Myers Briggs personality types of the different and diverse characters from the popular television show Stranger Things. We drew parallels between the behaviour of these characters and their personality type. 

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FAQ on ‘Stranger Things Personality Types (A Complete Guide)’:

What is the scariest personality type?

INTJ, ESTJ and ENTJ are usually considered the scariest personality types.

What personality is Richie Tozier?

Richie Tozier is an ENTP.

Which personality type has the highest IQ?

The personality types that usually have the highest IQ include INTP, INFJ, INFP and INTJ.

What is the most liked personality type?

The most liked personality type is ENFP. 

Which personality type has the most psychopaths?

The personality type that most psychopaths typify as is ESTP. They are logical and spontaneous analyzers. 

Which is the rarest personality type?

The rarest personality type is INFJ. 


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