Sirius Black’s Personality Type (9 surprises)

This article will examine what personality type the beloved ‘Harry Potter’ character Sirius Black is and what his dominant traits are. The article will also look at the strengths and weaknesses of this personality type and highlight how they behave with others in different settings.

What Is Sirius Black’s Personality Type? 

Sirius Black is an ENTP category in the Myer Briggs 16 personality types which is also known as ‘The Debater’! Possessing great mental ability, bold and energetic, these individuals are extroverted, intuitive, thinkers and perceivers. 

What are the dominant traits of this personality? Let’s take a deep dive into the article and find out!

Sirius and the Big Five.

How does Sirius score when it comes to the big five personality traits? This section of the article will discuss how Sirius is as a person and whether he scores high or low on each scale of the big five inventory.


Sirius is high on this trait because he is open to new experiences; he was quite delighted when he learnt he could take Buckbeak and it didn’t scare him one bit – riding a creature like that would be a bit intimidating but he seemed to love it. Also, he was very open to the idea of experiencing change when he invited Harry to come live with him.

These people are creative and like to tackle abstract concepts – this may spring from his secret that he can turn into a dog at will and this further fuels his imagination in regards to the countless new things he can do.


Sirius scores moderately high on this scale for a number of reasons. He has an eye for details and this is apparent when he appreciates Hermione’s intelligence and wisdom. Furthermore he seems structured in the sense that he is composed, knows what he is talking about and seems to be in control of himself. It is possible his stay at Azkaban greatly helped him polish these traits. Nevertheless, he is a gentleman that knows how to carry himself.


You guessed right! He is an extrovert in that he likes to engage in discussion and enjoys being around others. His invitation to Harry to come live with him also shows that he is willing to share his space and have someone near him to whom he can talk. He does not hesitate but talks to Harry immediately after getting along about his father and mother.

He is open, expressive and says whatever is in his mind. Sirius isn’t as serious as his name implies, instead he is fun loving and loves to be in the midst of a conversation.


Sirius also scores moderately high here although there is a limiting factor. When it comes to his loved ones, Sirius is quite the serious man – he will do everything in his will to protect and love them. How upset he was when James and Lily lost their life because of Peter Pettigrew’s actions shows his commitment to the parents of Harry.

However, looking into the past of Sirius, it can be observed that he was a bit insensitive when it came to matters of Snape. He was besides James when it came to bullying Snape for how he looked or behaved and this shows another side of Sirius which may be fun loving but a bit insensitive. 


After he got out of Azkaban, Sirius was in a neurotic state but this does not define him generally – the experience at Azkaban was exceptional. It actually shows he was able to keep himself sane in such an insane place and this is possible because he scores low on the scale of neuroticism. 

People with such traits are composed, can control their emotions and do not stress or worry too much.

Sirius The Animagus – An ENTP.

These personality types are in the constant search for knowledge and love to critically analyze various ideas or theories. They are quick and smart thinkers and very creative. 

These people are not necessarily competitive or blunt although they may seem to be – it’s just that they love a challenge and the debate that entails it. These individuals do not like doing much of the work and sometimes find it hard to gather the support they need maybe because they usually draw away people from their arguments.

The Strengths Of Debaters.


These people possess much knowledge and they like disseminating it to others – they are extroverts after all. The scene in which Sirius shows Harry his family tree points out his appreciation of knowledge, although he did not get along much with his family, he still made the effort of learning about them and explaining it to Harry. People like Sirius do not let go of an opportunity to learn more.

Quick Thinkers.

Individuals with this personality trait are quite the thinkers. They are good at coming back with excellent counter arguments and they do not find it hard to switch from one idea to the other. The scene in which the trio meet Sirius, Peter and Lupin under the whopping Willow shows how quick Sirius’s mind operates where he at one point is ready to challenge Harry but at the other instance is furious that Peter mentions James infront of him. It may seem confusing but they have it sorted out in their heads.


People who are ENTPs are very charismatic. They have this aura that portrays them as ‘gentlemen’ who are composed, kind and well mannered. This energy is able to attract others to them. How Sirius addresses Hermione after they escape Azkaban shows that he is good with people and can make them like him easily.

Great Brainstormers.

These personalities have a lot of knowledge and thinking power so they make great brainstormers; they love to analyze ideas from every angle offering a clear picture of the problem in front of them and great solutions too! Sirius’s role at the order is a good example of how he enjoys contributing to these sessions; he gave his home as the meeting place for the Order.


Dislike Practical Matters.

People who are ENTPs find it difficult to actually carry things out. They are more of the thinkers who imagine the could be’s and ponder on that. How Sirius thinks about James and Lily shows he delves deep into imagination. However, such people are not very good when it comes to practical matters and may lag behind.


Although well composed and mannered, these people can become insensitive. It may arise due to their commitment to a certain idea or theory they are just desperate to prove or their stubbornness when it comes to accepting a weak but possible situation. Nevertheless, they can let their imagination or thoughts get in the way and become a bit insensitive.

In Sirius’s case, he was extremely fun loving and as emotions are a second thing for them, it happened that he was part of the group that bullied the poor Snape back when they were young boys.


Yes, these people can be a bit aggressive when it comes to proving their point or engaging in a discussion that means a lot to them. They won’t back down easily!

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This article explored the personality type of one of the mysterious characters of the ‘Harry Potter’ series Sirius Black who is the Godfather of Harry. It also identified what strengths and weaknesses are affiliated with this personality type that Sirius has and how he scores on the Big Five Inventory of Personality.

Frequently Asked Questions: The Personality Type of Sirius Black.

What personality type is Cedric Diggory?

He is a great representation of all the traits of the hufflepuff school.

What personality type has the highest IQ?

Usually ENFPs have very high IQs and may fall into the category of a genius!

How Would You Describe Sirius Black As A Teenager?

He was arrogant and quite reckless however he was good at thinking skills and smart as well as clever. In terms of looks, he was a handsome man with a casual attitude.

Who Was Sirius Black In Love With?

Sirius’s character is not described in detail with regards to girls. He does not seem to be interested in them and no love story is mentioned of him. In Snape’s pensieve, a girl can be seen eyeing him but he shows no interest in her.


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