Sirius Black’s Enneagram Type (+3 facts)

Exploring the Harry Potter character Sirius Black, the article will discuss his enneagram type while outlining his basic fears and desires, the strengths and weaknesses he possesses and what type of person he is all while quoting various instances from the ‘Harry Potter’ series.

What Is Sirius Black’s Enneagram Type?

Sirius Black’s enneagram type is a Type 7 Wing 8 that can mostly be described as outgoing, enjoying social experiences and being in control of themselves. These individuals do not want to miss out on the fun life has to give nor do they want to stay shut up in a room for all of their life! They are adventurous, energetic and jolly; attempting to have fun while spreading the joy. 

This article will explore in depth the enneagram type of Sirius Black but before that, we will look at his background as a significant character of the Harry Potter series.

Who Is Sirius Black?

Yes. This is the question Harry asked when he rode the Knight Bus and we expect to give you the same response he got! How could you not know who Sirius black is? We are sure you do! But let’s look at who he is from a different angle for the sake of discussion.

Sirius is not serious as his name may trick you – he is the opposite of it however, as life threw the worst at him and forced him into a room or confined area, he no longer could express his true inner self.

Sirius belonged to a family of Wizards all who attended Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry including Regulus Archer Black. They were taught by many of the well known professors including Professor Slughorn himself. Sirius was the epitome of mischief and play in his time; he never stopped having fun even if it included bullying Snape, hanging him upside down or threatening him!

As a young boy, he had a tough time with his family, not very close to them and hence he turned to his group of friends that included Harry’s parents. He felt very much involved in their death and faced it with much remorse and regret all while being furious at those who were blamed for it. He seems to live in a past where he constantly mentions James to Harry and how they used to play around. In the moments before his death, Sirius refers to Harry as ‘James’ which shows he has much longing for his past and those that remained in it.

Sirius is an animagus which means he can turn into a black dog at will and this gave him much benefit as he did not register this power and hence he could easily disguise himself.

The Enneagram Type of Sirius Black.

As a type 7, Sirius has the following dominant traits:

Before we look at these, let us take a look at the fears and desires of this ‘Harry Potter’ character!

The Fear Of Sirius Black.

We are pretty sure Sirius Black is what many wizards feared but what is the fear of the most feared man in the ‘Harry Potter’ series?

People with a type 7 enneagram have the fear of being deprived and in pain. This makes sense when you look at Sirius’s situation. He is someone who does not want to miss out on life and have the most enjoyable times that he can have and this is obvious while observing his rowdy behavior during his teen years at Hogwarts. He had fun even at the cost of other’s pains; Severus Snape.

Looking at his life history, Sirius was never close to his family and hence he depended on his friends for the fun he looked forward to. However, after the death of James and Lily, Sirius realized a large part of his life had been taken away forever which refueled his fear. This is why you can see the regret and fury he expressed when James was mentioned in front of Harry; Sirius had strong emotions and expectations associated with James.

Furthermore, Sirius was imprisoned in Azkaban. This is what type 7 enneagrams despise; to be confined and kept away from what life has to offer, to be deprived of life’s opportunities.

The Basic Desire Of Mr. Black.

They want to have their needs fulfilled. Yes, people with this enneagram want a sense of security in that they want to fulfill their basic needs and desires. In the case of Sirius, his basic need is to live life fully and enjoy it to the maximum.

As soon as he meets Harry, he identifies his ability to fulfill his needs that seemed only possible in a life that had long ago passed and possibly closed forever with the death of his two friends. However, when he makes the offer to Harry to come live with him, it shows he desires to once again live – spending time with the ones he loves and enjoying life with them.

The Dominant Traits Of The Black Dog – Sirius Black.


Individuals with this personality type are versatile – they are quick to adapt to the surroundings and accept any changes required of them. Sirius is open to new experiences and looks forward to them in a positive manner. When he first escapes Azkaban, he has no problem taking Buckbeak along with him and caring for the mythical creature. He understands the dire situations the order faces and offers his house as a meeting spot. 

These individuals have the ability to understand the changing environments needs and adapt according to it making them very resilient.


Type 7 enneagrams are extremely loyal. How Sirius erupted in anger when he saw Peter Pettigrew mention James in front of Harry shows how much contempt he had for the man – or rat in that case. Why did so much enmity exist in Sirius’s heart for Peter? It is because Peter gave away the two to Voldemort and resulted in their death. Hence, Sirius is one who values commitment and loyalty to the ones he loves. He is known for this and for this very reason he was made the Godfather of Harry because Harry’s parents trusted Sirius and did not doubt where his loyalties lay.

Ability To Learn.

People with this enneagram type are very good learners because they have agile, quick minds that can take in much information and also have the ability to manually learn skills. They are also curious individuals who like to find out about new things and are hence high on the scale of openness.


Type 7 enneagrams are oftentimes charismatic. They have control over their emotions and are very composed while at the same time being very open to meeting new people and experiencing life in the best possible manner that they can. These people are endowed with good manners and treat others well although there might be some exceptions.


Sirius loves to socialize and have people over. The excitement on his face when he would be having people coming over or when meeting people would be obvious and something he would always look forward to. Giving away his home as a meeting place for the order may also be explained by this very reason; he wanted people around him and he just couldn’t stand being alone.


As type 7 enneagrams, Sirius possesses some well known traits. These people have much control over their emotions and hence they seem composed. This can also be explained by the fact that Sirius spent much time in Azkaban and the only reason he survived was not just because he could turn into a dog but because he knew how to control himself.

People in this category have the ability to assert themselves and voice out their opinions unlike shy or reserved people. This can be seen in Sirius throughout his life whether he used it in a constructive manner or to bully Snape.

Apart from being calm, these types have a lot of self confidence and possess much energy in them hence they are very energetic and full of life.


Due to their traits, these people may be perceived as too blunt or unable to carry out on the commitments they make. Sometimes they are seen as individuals who are very much focused on a certain aspect of their life hence not giving enough attention to the other aspects.


The article explored the enneagram type of Sirius Black while highlighting his dominant traits, strengths and weaknesses and quoting various scenes from the Harry Potter movie series.

Frequently Asked Questions: What Is Sirius Black’s Enneagram Type?

What personality type is Sirius Black?

He is probably an ENTP.

What Blood Type is Sirius Black?

He was a wizard of english pureblood origin also known as Padfoot or Snuffles and was also an animagus.

How Is Sirius Related to Harry?

Sirius Black was designated as the Godfather of Harry James Potter by Lily and James Potter.


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