Signs He Wants to Get You Pregnant (7 Signs)

In this brief guide, we will discuss signs he wants to get you pregnant, as well as some other ways you can tell if he wants to have a baby or is ready to have a baby.

Signs He Wants to Get You Pregnant

Some major signs he wants to get you pregnant are:

  • You feel like he may be trying to get you pregnant
  • You feel like you can’t trust him implicitly.
  • He tries to avoid birth control,
  • He seems nervous when you talk about birth control
  • He often initiates sex when you are sleepy or otherwise preoccupied
  • He talks about children or pregnancy frequently
  • He keeps trying to coax you to have unprotected sex in the heat of the moment
  • He insists on getting the birth control himself all the time
  • He’s very curious about your birth control pills and wants to know everything about them
  • He keeps trying to get his own way all the time
  • He talks about never letting you go in in an uncomfortable way

Of course, some of these signs may not necessarily mean that he is trying to get you pregnant, and some of them might just be harmless or a sign of something else, but when they all seem to occur together and you also have a nasty feeling you can’t shake off, then they may in fact be signs he is trying to get you pregnant.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the first two points in the above signs he is trying to get you pregnant are quite possibly the most important ones, and if you feel both of them you shouldn’t be with the person anyway, because you should not be in a relationship with someone you don’t trust implicitly.

Apart from the signs he is trying to get you pregnant, you also need to know why he is trying to get you pregnant at all, because someone who really wants to have children with you is likely to tell you straight up that they want this, and they will likely have a conversation with you rather than just try to get you pregnant without your explicit consent, or worse, against your wishes.

Why is he trying to get me pregnant?

Once you know the signs he is trying to get you pregnant, you also need to know why he is trying to get you pregnant, because it is not a normal thing to want to have a baby with your partner without telling them or asking them.

When two people want to have a child, they sit down and talk about it, and about how it will affect their life, and it always needs to be a two party decision so that they are better prepared for the arrival of a baby.

But in some cases, people may treat a pregnancy as a trap, and they may use it for more sinister purposes like to exert control over their partner with the help of a child.

In some cases men may try to get their partner pregnant because they are abusive and narcissistic, and they feel the need to ensure that the woman won’t leave the relationship, and the best way they can think of might be pregnancy.

In fact, many facts and figures point to this, and it may often be a big sign of an abusive relationship if a person wants to trap their partner with a pregnancy.

Here are some big signs that the pregnancy is a trap:

  • The pregnancy came along at a time when a breakup was imminent.   
  • They give a bad excuse for going off birth control.
  • They convinced you to have sex even though you did not particularly want to go through with it.
  • You have been very clear about not wanting kids now or at any point.
  • They have something to gain by the pregnancy, like you possibly staying with them or they just really want kids
  • They kept trying to go off birth control for a long time even before the pregnancy.
  • They kept saying they didn’t want a child either but they are suddenly very glad and keep trying to convince you that it’s great.
  • They are ignoring your feelings about getting pregnant completely and won’t even listen to your worries or concerns.

Any one of these signs on their own may not suggest that he was trying to get you pregnant on purpose, but in most cases when a few of them occur together, it can mean that he may have actually gotten what he wanted.

Signs He Wants to Get Serious With You

On a more positive note, he might also want to have a baby with you because he wants to take the relationship to the next stage, which may be great if you want the same thing and if you are on the same page as him, you might be looking for some sign he wants to get serious with you, some of which are:

  • He is honest and forthcoming with you
  • He loves to talk to you, and discuss things and asks you questions 
  • He tries to do whatever you need and does so without asking too, and is able to anticipate your needs.
  • He’s told you he wants to be exclusive with you, and does not want to see other people
  • He always makes you feel like a priority in his life and is not shy about it.
  • He’s well settled in his life and expresses that your relationship is a part of being settled.
  • He openly shares his feelings with you and often uses the We pronoun when he discusses the future
  • He shows up when you need help and tries to help out however you need it.
  • He wants to be a part of your life and is very open about this 
  • You always have all of his attention.
  • He doesn’t try to play mind games and try to manipulate you in any way.
  • He’s not afraid to be himself with you.
  • You make him feel essential in his life.

Signs he is trying to get you pregnant: Experiences from real people

Here are some people talking about the signs they experienced when the guy in their life was trying to get them pregnant:

“I had a partner try to force me to become pregnant. He would starve me for affection for weeks, then when we’d ‘spontaneously’ get it on, there was apparently no birth control left on earth. He’d coerce me to go along with it, (we were super unhealthy) and get mad when I didn’t get knocked up.

Big ups to my completely infertile body for saving me from him.”

“I’ve had a man purposely try and get me pregnant. Taking off the birth control, hiding birth control. He “wanted a pretty baby mama and to be tied to me forever. (I.e. be able to come back when he wants just to play house)

Dodged a bullet…. no pun intended!

EDIT: You should NEVER, EVER rely on ANYONE except for yourself when it comes to birth control. Hoping your girlfriend takes her pill is not reliable. Keep birth control on you and possibly some plan B. But relying on your partner in that way is only setting yourself up for failure. People conceive on birth control, it is VERY possible! Please don’t leave your future up to someone else!”

“Had a very long term boyfriend who wanted kids so much… He really pressured me to have sex without birth control. When I resisted… he got angry and turned it into me not loving him.

He’d already cheated on me by this point. Sure he’ll make a great father. I’m pretty sure he would have gone down the removing the birth control during sex route had we stayed together. Eugh.

Parenthood needs to have both people on board 100%.”

“Two women I know did this to their husbands knowing that their marriage was falling apart and both women wanted a second child. One is my step sister, the other a family friend. I think it is a terribly selfish thing to do.”


In this brief guide, we discussed signs he wants to get you pregnant, as well as some other ways you can tell if he wants to have a baby or is ready to have a baby.

Communication is the most important part of a relationship, which means that if you are in a relationship with someone you need to be able to talk to them about when you are ready to have a baby and start your own family. 

However, there are many instances where this communication breaks down, or is not present to start with, and in these conditions, the relationship needs to be looked at all over again because it may mean that one of the people is heading into a heartbreak territory.

If you have any questions or comments about signs he’s trying to get you pregnant, please feel free to reach out to us at any time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Signs he wants to get you pregnant

When should you tell him you are pregnant?

You need to tell him you are pregnant right away, because while you can wait to tell your friends and family after the first trimester because the risk of miscarriage goes down after that, your partner still needs to know right away because it affects their life just as much.

What should I do to get pregnant faster?

Here are some things you can do to get pregnant faster:

Monitor ovulation.
Eat healthy foods. 
Cut back on strenuous workouts.
Record your menstrual cycle frequency
Have sex every other day during the fertile window.
Maintain a healthy body weight. 
Take prenatal vitamins after talking to your doctor. 

How do you tell him you’re pregnant when he doesn’t want a baby?

To tell him you are pregnant when he doesn’t want to have a baby can be hard, but you still need to tell him because he is the father and whatever decision you make affects him as well, and you need do it as directly and honestly as you can, with no potential for misunderstanding.

When you tell him you are pregnant when he doesn’t want a baby, you also need to make sure that you choose the right setting because you should not be having this conversation in public, and the place you tell him should be in private, and you need to also make sure that you tell him in person.

You need to aso give him space for a reaction because it will likely come as a shock to him, so make sure you don’t rush him to respond to the news.

How do I convince him to have a baby?

To convince him to have a baby you need to make sure you know that he is at least open to the discussion, because otherwise the process is moot and you shouldn’t be trying at all.

Some other ways to convince him to have a baby are as follow:

Ask him why he doesn’t want a baby and try to solve those issues.
If you already have children talk about them and how great it was to have them.
Don’t be afraid to wait some more if he is not ready
Explain why you want another child.
Work on making your relationship stronger


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