Self Improvement In Enneagram Type 6(A Complete Guide)

This article will explain how an enneagram type 6 can work on their self improvement in order to reach a better version of themselves! The article will also provide a brief introduction to this type and explain why it is necessary for them to continuously work on self improvement by explaining how dangerous their dark side can become!

How Can An Enneagram Type 6 Work On Self Improvement?

The enneagram type 6 can work on their self improvement by focusing on the following 5 areas that they can inculcate into their daily routines:

Let us take a look at who a type 6 enneagram is and what it is about their bad personality traits that makes it so important for them to work on their self improvement.

Who Is A Type 6 Enneagram?

A type 6 enneagram is also known as the loyalist because of their traits that include commitment and engaging with others and willing to fulfill their promises. These individuals are very hard working as well as reliable and people that can be counter on. They believe in being there for others, especially their loved ones.

The type 6 enneagram is also an excellent problem solver and they are able to see where the loopholes are, why exactly there is a problem and what possible solutions there are! They are great at bringing people together for a common cause that requires cooperation and joint resources in order to solve an issue or problem!

However, this enneagram type can become evasive and run away from their problems. If confronted, they are also very defensive and may snap at you! They are prone to experiencing stress and will oftentimes work while complaining about it – it is not easy to get them to stop working.

These individuals also have issues with their decisions in the sense that it is difficult for them to take a certain stance on something – hence they are indecisive and sometimes doubt their own selves.

Basic Fear of Loyalists

The enneagram type under discussion here is fearful of losing what support, stability or guidance they have in life. They are very much dependent on others whom they not only consider close but also depend on. The reason why they are so loyal to their close ones is because they do not want to lose them. Why? These people are the ones they derive their support and guidance from. They have this belief that they do not have all the resources that they think they need to take the world on!

Basic Desire of Loyalists

The type 6 enneagram has the desire to have stable and strong relationships from where they can derive support, guidance and the strength they need to tackle their own problems in life. They want to be able to trust others and depend upon them and feel like they have someone to rely on. 

This is what drives these individuals to form loyal bonds with others so they are not left alone when they are in need.

The Deteriorating Enneagram Type 6!

Do you know what happens if the enneagram type 6 begins to deteriorate mentally or emotionally? If they don’t take care of themselves especially in times of stress a very dark side of this enneagram can rise to the surface.

At first, these individuals will try and get as much security as they can from the resources or options they have. They will spend time in those things that give them some sort of stability in their life. They will spend excessive time around those whom they think are there to guide them. Hence they will focus all their efforts and time on these things or people. They will get into the habit of avoiding risky situations that are imperative for growth.

People who are this enneagram type may also try to compensate for their own securities by blaming others! They will explain the issues they face in terms of other people; they will blame other people or their actions for their own misfortune. This will provide them with a temporary safe haven but will also reduce their sense of taking responsibility.

At times when things seem dark and gloomy, they may feel people have left them or they do not have any sense of security (lost resources) which will cause them to panic and become extremely reactive!  

They may develop irrational fears that now that they are without any barriers, they are vulnerable and people are not out to get them. They will be emotionally drained. At their worst, they will engage in substance abuse and become suicidal!

Recommendations For Self Improvement: Enneagram Type 6

  • Learn New Things
  • Regulate Emotions
  • Remain Aware of Thoughts
  • Positive Attitude
  • Trust Others

Learn New Things

One of the reasons why these individuals are so worried and anxious about losing others is because they think they do not have the resources to battle what life throws at them; they do not have the skills or traits to take on difficult situations, defend themselves or figure out solutions to problems hence they need others. 

One of the ways to reduce such thinking is to learn new skills and tools. This will not only actually result in a more self sufficient individual who has more resources to take on problems but also will increase the self confidence of these enneagram types. They will be assured that they have the ability to increase their power and do not require as much as they used to. They will have higher self efficacy and feel less stressed out.

Regulate Emotions.

Loyalists face the issue of anxiety. They become quite anxious which not only puts emotional toll on them but also prevents them from actually focusing on work or progressing in life; the anxiety makes them become stagnant as they are so stressed out and worried that they cannot be productive.

They need to make themselves realize that when they face this anxiety, they need to calm themselves down. They must first learn to relax and breathe properly. Once they have some control on their body, they must focus on the thoughts on their mind. They must tell their own self that if they have done everything to control a situation they must just pray for the best! They can take part in small exercises where they ensure they have taken the right steps to control the situation and then engage in meditation and relaxation exercises after which they can focus on other work.

This is not easy and will take a number of tries!

Remain Aware of Thoughts.

A bad habit of these enneagrams is that when they get angry or upset they may turn on someone; they will blame them for their own mistakes instead of accepting responsibility and improving their own self! However, a better thing they can do is filter out their thoughts. 

As soon as they realize they are getting angry or upset they have to stop themself! Why? Because whatever they are about to say will lead to more conflict! So they must stop and think; they can think of the consequences of the actions they are about to engage in to discourage themselves. As soon as they have the chance, they can actually challenge their thoughts and see who is at fault.

Positive Attitude

The best thing to do is have a positive attitude when you can’t do anything else. If the enneagram type 6 adopts a positive outlook in life they can at least not experience the anxiety they have when they are uncertain. They must sometimes let go and have a carefree attitude where they can just relax and focus on work they can control.

People who are close to the person can remind them to think positively and why it is not useful to take so much stress. They can also remind themselves to remain positive. Just having this outlook in life makes a huge difference.

Trust Others.

Half of the anxiety these individuals experience is because of the trust issues they have! They need to understand that society functions on the fact that people trust each other. However, the enneagram type 6 can become very distrustful which results in much friction in their work and life.

They need to remind themselves that once they have made the necessary effort, they have to rely on others too where necessary! So, for example, the enneagram has decided to hand over a task to his friend, if he has made sure the friend has the skills to execute the task and his friend is reliable, he must trust him.


This article took a look at how the type 6 enneagram can improve their own self by working on five major areas. Also, the article provided an introduction to this personality type and apprised the audience as to why it is necessary to focus on self improvement.

Frequently Asked Questions: Self Improvement In Enneagram Type 6

How can I improve my enneagram level 6?

You can improve your enneagram type 6 by taking part in meditation, learning new skills, regulating one’s emotions and thoughts and trusting others.

Why do enneagram type 6s go into stress?

Enneagram type 6s go into stress if they feel left alone and unable to tackle a situation.

Are enneagram type 6s mean?

An enneagram type 6 may seem mean if they are projecting their negative feelings on others.


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