Scorpio Personality Traits (A 5 point guide)

This article will explore the popular personality traits of the zodiac sign ‘Scorpio’. It will also provide a brief overview of the astrological sign and what to keep an eye out for if you know a ‘Scorpion’.

What Are The Personality Traits Of A Scorpio?

The astrological sign of Scorpio has the following personality traits:

  • Committed
  • Honest
  • Loyal
  • Secretive
  • Jealous
  • Stubborn
  • Controlling
  • Brave
  • Resentful

Now that we have an idea of the traits people have who are born under this astrological sign, we will look into the brief introduction of this zodiac sign. The article will also comment on how these signs behave in different relationships.

What Is The 8th Astrological Sign?

The Scorpio is the 8th astrological sign which emerges from the constellation of scorpius that resembles a scorpio in the attacking position with it’s sting bared. It has the element of water and it’s ruling planets are Pluto and Mars. People who are born from the 23rd of October to the 21st of November fall under this zodiac sign and possess it’s characteristics.

Generally, people who are born under this sign are considered very mysterious. Also, they are natural leaders who are mature and quite determined hence they may look a bit older than their age. This is considered to be one of the most sensual signs and they look very forward to physical intimacy with their partner in an attempt to not only gain the love they have been craving for but express themselves emotionally to someone they trust. They look for honest and intelligent partners who value long term commitment. 

Scorpios like Cancer and Pisces are water signs hence they are very intuitive and emotional. However, they can be easily hurt and are highly suspicious. They feel passionately and intensely both good and bad experiences and they are guaranteed to keep your secrets no matter where they are.

The Personality Traits Of The Scorpio.


As people, Scorpios are extremely committed;they will not back out of commitments to you and make sure they fulfill their promises they make to anyone. People born under this sign make very good leaders because they have an innate desire to follow through with their words which makes people trust and believe in them more! 

Not only is this a driving force and source of motivation for Scorpios to complete their work but also it can serve as a source of stress as they need to meet the expectations of others. Oftentimes they will do anything to ensure they do not fall short of their words or break their promises and this shows how committed they are to not only people but different causes that they believe in.


Another great personality trait of these zodiac signs is that Scorpios are extremely honest and they will never lie to you. It will absolutely eat them up inside if they tell a lie or hide the truth hence in all their matters they will strive to not only tell the truth but make sure that everything including work, personal matters and the foundations of things operate on the principle of honesty.

Even in difficult situations where the truth is hard to speak they will speak. It’s possible due to certain reasons the Scorpion will prefer to stay quiet if they feel the time is not right to tell the truth but they will not tell a lie. These individuals will not disappoint those whom they are close to work with hence they are often perceived as people whom advice should be taken and they are also considered for positions that require honest or truthful persons.


Yes the Scorpio is very loyal and makes a great partner when it comes to relationships. These individuals are extremely loyal for a number of reasons.

Firstly, they hold the concept of love and intimacy very high avd sacred and despise anything that would harm it including infidelity. Secondly, entering into a relationship takes a lot of effort for a Scorpio because they want to be sure that they are choosing the right person as it is not easy for them to trust someone and open up nor do they want to be intimate until they know that person is the ‘special one’. Finally, Scorpios have the element of water hence they understand the importance of emotions. They are easily hurt due to their feelings and they do not want their loved one to experience such pain so they would never think of something as audacious as cheating. 

So when you are with a scorpio, don’t worry too much! The last thing they want to do is hurt you. They will be extremely loyal with you not because they treasure your feelings but because they love you so much that they can’t take their eyes off of you!


Scorpios are very secretive; they don’t let others know much about themselves until they are sure they want to be close with that specific person. It’s possible that the Scorpio you know leads two kinds of lives because of their ability to keep themselves composed on the outside or adopt a certain appearance when on the inside a storm is brewing or they are possibly on the verge of breaking down. These individuals are the masterminds of camouflage. They don’t let anyone close to their inner real self.

It’s not to say they don’t trust others but it is just their habit to not be very open but this does not mean you cannot share your secrets with them. They are known to keep secrets and no matter who they are with they won’t give you away. Maybe if you are lucky a scorpio will open up with you one day!


Not just jealous but extremely jealous. Yes scorpios can be extremely jealous people when it comes to not getting what they want. They are also very possessive about the people they care for deeply and want to be the only ones around them so they have a hard time adjusting to the concept of letting others free roamly. 

It is not to say they don’t want others to be happy but it’s just that when it comes to things they have been working so hard to achieve it pinches them when they don’t get it and someone else does. Also, they are very fond of their loved ones and crave their attention so much that if they give it to someone else they greatly feel it.

If you are close to a scorpio keep in mind that you need to give them a great deal of attention and reassurance that they mean a lot to you but at the same time don’t let them control you; that is a trait we will look at shortly!


It’s not easy to change a scorpion’s mind so quickly because they are very stubborn. If they love someone they won’t give up so easily even if they know it’s not going to work out; they are the type that will go to hundreds of counseling sessions to make things work with their loved one. Also, if they have a goal or dream they are running after just encouraging them or let them work their way through even if things seem difficult. They need to realize it themselves that they need to change something before they actually do. If they are forced, the consequences can be devastating.


Scorpios are control freaks. Why? Well maybe they are just really scared of things going wrong or they have a habit of giving too many instructions! Nevertheless if they are you manager or supervisor you will get a lot of help but they might interfere too much or not give you an open hand. Don’t worry just talk to them and try to show them you understand things and hopefully they will give you the space you need!

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If there is one thing you can count on Scorpios it is that they are brave. In a difficult situation they will be the first one to speak up and support you. If you guys are stuck somewhere and it’s dark they will be the one to make the first move. Scorpios are not cowards; they know if others won’t do the right thing they will have to because in the end the good side must win!


Never be on the bad side of a scorpio. They are known for the grudges they keep no matter how small or old the matter was they won’t forget who wronged them or left them when they were in need. And if you hurt their loved ones you have done another level of wrong which is worse than hurting the Scorpio themself.


This article studied the most well known personality traits of the astrological sign the ‘Scorpio’ which is known for its mysterious yet alluring appearance. It also provided a brief introduction to the zodiac sign and advised audiences on what to look out for!

Frequently Asked Questions: Scorpio Personality Traits.

What are the bad traits of scorpios?

They are jealous, destructive and resentful and can be manipulative.

Who should a Scorpio marry?

A Scorpio should either marry another Scorpio or Pisces however even the sign of Leo and Aries seem fine.

Why are Scorpios scary?

Scorpios may seem like your friends but they are really not. They are just there either because of their situation or their needs. In reality very few people count as their friends. They are just nice to the others.


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