Sample Resignation Letter of Security Guard (5 Samples)

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In this brief guide, we will look at some sample resignation letters for a security guard.

Sample Resignation Letter of Security Guard

A resignation letter for a security guard may be used by any security personnel at institutions and offices to resign from their job in a professional and formal manner.

A letter of resignation for any job is a functional document that highlights your date of leaving and specifies what you enjoyed about the job and what you learned or are going to miss.

In addition, a resignation letter may also work very well to specify where you may be reached when you are gone if there should be a need for you and the reason why you are resigning.

A resignation letter for a security guard may include the following elements to sound formal and proper:

  • Statement of resignation with an effective date
  • Notice period/Last date
  • A brief explanation of the reason for resignation
  • A brief description of something positive about your experiences during a job
  • A thank you for a statement with an offer to help with replacement

Sample Resignation Letter of Security Guard 1

This sample resignation letter for a security guard cites no reason for resignation and does not mention much else apart from the fact that the person had a good time and that they will be leaving after the stipulated notice period according to their contract and their last date will be so and so.

“[Your Name]


[Today’s Date]

[Name of Recipient]

[Address of Recipient]

Dear [Name of Recipient],

I am writing to formally inform you of my resignation from my position as Security Officer at [Company Name]. In accordance with the period of notice agreed within my contract, my last day will be [date].

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all of the opportunities presented to me within the period of my employment. I have enjoyed my time working at [Company Name], however, in the best interests of my career, I feel that the time is right to move on.

Finally, if there is anything I can do to ensure a smooth and efficient handover process, please do not hesitate to let me know.

I wish you all the very best for the future.

Thank you.

Yours sincerely,

______________ (signature)

[Your Name]”

Sample Resignation Letter of Security Guard 2

This next sample resignation letter of security guard combines two problems as their reason for wanting to leave, the first is the fact that they have some personal reasons for leaving, and they don’t describe them further, and the second reason they give is not being promoted despite their experience and expertise.

In such circumstances, one may also decide to leave with immediate effect, that is, foregoing the notice period entirely, but that may not be something many people do, though it is not forbidden by law and most employers understand if the reason for it is valid and justifiable.

“Dear Management Team;

I am writing to let you know that I am resigning from my position as Security Officer and wish to commence my notice period with my last date of employment being [date]. However, I have already booked a holiday for the weekends of [date] and [date] so I calculate my last working day will be Sunday [insert date].

The reason I have decided to leave is due to a change in personal circumstances coupled with my feelings of frustration that despite my significant experience in the role I am not considered for more responsibility such as Mentor or Team Leader and I don’t see my career progressing within MAG.

Please contact me if you have any other questions.

Yours sincerely,

[Name Surname]”

Sample Resignation Letter of Security Guard 3

The sample resignation letter for a security guard that is given below cites the reason as being the fact that they have taken another job, and they will be leaving after such and such date.

Most experts agree that if you have taken a job with another company you should tell the employer in your resignation letter or even in person when you tell them that you will be leaving, as it is not nice to keep things secretive in a community where there will be some communication anyway, and in that case, you may not come off looking so good.

If you have taken another job somewhere, you may briefly include it in your resignation letter but you do not need to go into any details about it.

“April 28, 2020

Randell Jennings


ABC Security Agency

7400 Security Ave

Rockville MD, 20007

Dear Mr. Jennings,

Please accept this letter of resignation from the position of a security guard, effective two weeks from today. My last day at ABC Security Agency s will be May 15, 2020.

I have accepted a position with another company that will further my growth and development in my career. I have enjoyed working at ABC Security Agency and will miss my colleagues. However, this new position will challenge my growth and further my career.

During the next two weeks, I am willing to help you in any way to make the transition as smooth as possible. This includes assisting in recruiting and training my replacement. Please let me know if there is anything specific that you would like me to do.

Again, it has been a pleasure working as a part of your company.

Best regards,


Sam Sheffield”

Sample Resignation Letter of Security Guard 4

This is a sample resignation letter of a security guard at the mall, and this one also does not cite any reasons, just the fact that the person is leaving, their notice period, last date and the fact that they had a nice experience.

This resignation letter is also a good example of how to keep a resignation letter brief.


100 Broadway Lane, New Parkland, CA, 91010

Cell: (555) 987-1234

Dear Ms. Carlton,

This letter is to inform you that I am officially resigning from my security officer position with the New Parkland Mall. I have accepted a position with another company, and my last day of employment here will be April 28, 2015.

I have been satisfied with my employment experience here and have gained a great deal of knowledge. Thank you for that. The mall staff has always been supportive and helpful.

You can count on me to continue to attend work faithfully and give it my all. Please don’t hesitate to let me know how I can help make my departure easier for you. My number is (555) 987-1234 if you need to discuss anything further.


Marjorie Spencer”

Sample Resignation Letter of Security Guard 5 

The next sample resignation letter of a security guard is another great professional sounding one, and it talks about the fact that they are leaving for a career change and that they had a good experience.


100 Broadway Lane, New Parkland, CA, 91010

Cell: (555) 987-1234

Dear Mr. Comer,

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time of employment at Internal Structures, Inc as a professional security officer, but must provide notice of my resignation to be effective on January 20. I am leaving to make a career change and to pursue dreams I had shelved out of fear of the unknown. Through consistent and reliable employment, Internal Structures has afforded me the chance to take that step.

As my supervisor, I thank you for all you did for me within this company and as part of my employment. Please ensure my coworkers are aware that I valued the teamwork, professionalism, and kindness of the entire department. I will miss each of you as I move on.

I know the department is well cross-trained regarding each role and job duties. But, I want to make myself fully available in case of any questions or problems. You can reach me at or 555-225-6543. I welcome hearing from you anytime!


Thomas D. Sturk”

Sample Resignation Letter of Security Guard 6

The last sample resignation letter of a security guard that we will look at talks about their poor health that is reducing their productivity, especially in terms of a job that is concerned with security.

Unfortunately, this may be a common reason for security guards to resign for as their jobs are physically challenging and with the natural process of aging sometimes they may find it hard to keep going with the strenuous challenges that this job poses.

“Carl Rural

6522 Hemisphere Street

Nantucket, MA 02398

(000) 000-9865

carl @ email . com

November 3, 2019

Mr. Julian Treble

Human Resource Manager

Curtain Fall Security Services

2938 Orange Ave

Nantucket, MA 02582

Dear Mr. Treble:

I am writing this letter to inform you of my decision to resign from my position as a security guard for Curtain Fall Security Services. In keeping with the terms of my contract, please consider this as a two weeks’ notice of my intention to leave. November 16 will be my last working day.

I cannot write the words that will explain how grateful I am for the experience that you have provided to me over the 15 years. However, due to my dwindling health, I can no longer meet the demands of this very challenging job. A security guard has to be alert and on his feet at all times, both of which I am finding quite difficult to do.

I find myself hoping that I have returned the favor somewhat. I will be in touch with you regarding my resignation documents and financial settlements soon and to discuss if there is anything that you would like me to do in order to help you train my replacement.


Carl Rural”


In this brief guide, we looked at some sample resignation letters for a security guard. Please feel free to reach us with any questions or comments that you have.

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Remember, your health comes first and if you are feeling exhausted or work is simply stressing you out then taking a break doesn’t make you weak but strong.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Sample resignation letter of security guard

How do I write a short letter of resignation?

To write a short letter of resignation you may follow the following tips:

Talk to your manager first.
Employe the business format.
Mentions what position you are resigning from and the effective date or your notice period.
Explain very briefly, in one line or two, why you are resigning.
Express gratitude for the experience.
Close with your signature and contact information.

How do you resign in a good way?

To resign in aa good way, you may try the following things:

Make sure you have made a well thought out decision
Schedule a time to talk to your supervisor in person or at least over the phone
Try to give in a printed letter of resignation rather than an email, if possible
Have a normal conversation after you have handed in your resignation and make sure you are doing your job well to the last date

How do I write a letter of resignation for a job?

To write a letter of resignation for a job you may do the following things: 

Mention the date
Mention your employer’s name and address.
Statement of resignation in short
Notice period or last day of work
Express gratitude
Include your important information. …
Close with your signature and contact information 


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