Sabbatical leave letter for health reasons (5 Samples)

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Sample 1: Sabbatical leave letter for health reasons


Your full name, job title 

Home Address City, State, Zip Code 


Mr./Mrs. Last Name,  

I am writing to you to formally request a medical leave of absence due to a serious health condition that I have been diagnosed with. Due to my illness, my physician has advised me to seek an immediate medical leave from work and expects that I will be unable to return to work for (insert number) weeks or longer, depending on my response to treatment and recovery progress. 

I will be happy to have my doctor submit a medical certification form to verify the need for leave.

Please let me know what additional information is needed in order to process this request. I greatly appreciate your assistance with this important matter. 


Your signature   

Your typed name           “

Sample 2: Sabbatical leave letter for health reasons


Dear [Recipient Name],

My name is [John Smith] and I have been working in the finance department for the last nine years. I have recently found myself stuck in a loop, doing the same things over and over again. My learning process stopped and I haven’t improved for a while now.

Feeling the need for self-development, I would like to request for an extended leave, a sabbatical, in order to continue my studies and earn an MBA degree. I am committed to [company name] and I am happy to work here. I am planning to resume my work at [company name] once I earn my degree, by then, I will be more knowledgeable, motivated, experienced, and more committed.

I do believe that this move is beneficial for both me and the organization. I am planning to enroll in late September. The whole program takes no longer than nine months, so I should be back by May. I have already spoken to the head of the department and he assured me that coverage is available and that workflow will not be affected much.

I kindly ask you consider my request and I am hopeful that will approve it. Attached with this letter are the program acceptance letter and other related documents for your reference.

Thank you very much.

Best Regards       “

Sample 3 :  Sabbatical leave letter for health reasons 

Respected/Dear {Recipient},

My name is {your name}, and I’m writing to you to request a sabbatical for (duration) months.

I have been a part of this company for the last {number} years as a {your designation}.

There is a lot I have learned during my tenure, but I feel that my learning process is now gradual, and self- development is much needed.

I plan on pursuing a degree in {subject}, which would benefit both myself and the organization, and for that I need time.

I plan to enroll myself with {name of college} in {start date/month}. The program is {number of months} long, so I will be back by {end date/month} positively.

In my absence {name of the person substituting you} will take charge of all my projects and ensure everything goes smoothly without any hiccups.

I request you to consider my request and approve at the earliest. I’m attaching herewith the joining letter from {name of college} for your reference along with other documents.


Your name


Sample 4:  Sabbatical leave letter for health reasons 


Respected Sir,

Due to an unfortunate accident, my family needs my attention and I regret to inform you that I will not be able to pay attention to work in this hour of crisis.

The surgery is on {date}, so I would like to take leave starting {start date/month}. I will positively be back by {end date/month} and resume work best to my capacity.

I’m attaching all the medical reports with this letter for your reference.

In my absence {substitute’s name} has offered to help with all my projects, and I believe he/she will ensure that the work doesn’t suffer due to my absence.

You can always find me on my cell phone or email whenever needed. Request you to consider and approve my application at the earliest.

Awaiting a positive reply.


{your name}


Sample 5 Sabbatical leave letter for health reasons     


Respected/Dear {Recipient},

My name is {your name} and I write to you to request a sabbatical for (duration) months.

I have been a part of this company for the last {number} years as a {your designation} and while I have grown a lot in my time here, I feel the need to take a short-term career break and pay attention to myself.

I believe taking some time off will make me a more relaxed and efficient person and would benefit the company too.

I plan on pursuing my love for pottery and wish to take up a full-time course on the same to make this sabbatical leave worthwhile.

If approved, {Name of the person substituting you} will take charge of all my projects in my absence to ensure everything goes well.

I request you to consider my request and approve it at your convenience.


Your name


In this article, we curated a list of “Sabbatical leave letter for health reasons  “.

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Remember, your health comes first and if you are feeling exhausted or work is simply stressing you out then taking a break doesn’t make you weak but strong.

If you’re facing this, it may be a good idea to seek the help of a therapist or other mental health professional. You can find a therapist at BetterHelp who can help you learn how to cope and address it.

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