Ron Weasley’s Personality Type (The Complete Guide)

This article will explore what personality type the famous character ‘Ron Weasley’ from the Harry Potter series has and what dominant traits follow! The article will also look at numerous instances from the series to demonstrate in practicality the personality the character plays.

What Is Ron Weasley’s Personality Type?

Ron Weasley’s personality type matches that of the ESFP type of the Myer Briggs Type Indicator. He also seems to be high on extraversion and neuroticism. The most dominant traits of Ron Weasley are as follows:

  • Loyal
  • Talkative
  • Empathetic
  • Anxious
  • Socializing

How Does Ron Weasley’s Personality Show On The Big Five?

The big five personality inventory is a famous psychological tool that attributes a certain category to individuals who take the test; they can either be extraverted or introverted, low or high on neuroticism, openness and conscientious or they can be agreeable or disagreeable. It depends on the type of personality they have.

This section of the article will explore how Ron’s personality fits into this scale!


Ron scores very high on this sca;e regardless of the anxiety or tension he faces. He is quite talkative to the extent that he has to be stopped by Hermione. Furthermore he likes being the centre of attention, having a good discussion or laugh with others and feels energized after a social gathering. He isn’t much of the thinker; instead he likes to watch people or engage in activities. 

A good example is when he was lauded for his performance in the quidditch matches where he was very welcoming of the attention he got including the kiss from his temporary but overly attached girlfriend. 


Ron is moderate when it comes to this scale. There are a number of reasons for this. If you observe closely throughout the series Ron gets extremely uncomfortable when something unexpected happens or must be done without so much as a few hours prior notice; he usually asks the question ‘Do we have to?’ or ‘Can’t it wait?’ instead of just jumping into action.

However, at the same time you wouldn’t really recognize him for his neatness or organization skills. So on this scale Ron would be placed in between, not too low or too high!


You guessed it! Yes Ron scores very high on this scale and it is not just because of spiders. Although being around spiders which is his worst fear is a great example of his neuroticism; Ron is one who gets anxious and tense and has no issue with showing it.

These individuals worry a lot and easily get upset over some event, not to mention they have dramatic mood swings where they can be perfectly fine but become extremely upset the other instant. Ron can very well blame Harry for these turn of events and swift mood changes! 


Ron scores moderately high in this. We need to dig a bit deeper to understand why he doesn;t score exceptionally high here despite his journey with the Boy Who Lived!

In reality, Ron is in need of attention however his own identity is overshadowed by Harry who has limitless popularity and Hermione the wisest witch of her time. He is happy when the spotlight finally splashes on him and takes great pride in any moment he can. However these moments are less and rare not only due to his lack of skills or ability to have such fame but because of his friends.

Although he is very high in terms of loyalty, empathy and not to mention taking huge risks to save others, there is a sense of lacking in Ron in that he wills to be known more and loved and recognized for who he truly is hence shifting the focus from others to himself!


Rons scores high on this scale not just because of the famous Weasley brothers he is related to but the way various things interest him. He is open to trying new things although, unfortunately, those new things often involve great risks and his fears like spiders, Ron does not shy away from new experiences and this trait is what allows him to take on a journey of a thousand suns with Harry his best friend.

The Myer Briggs Type Indicator.

Ron Weasley is an ESFP hence also known as ‘The Entertainer’. These people are full of energy, love to socialize and yes be the center of attention when it comes to making others laugh and have fun.

These people are vibrant, love to explore new things and enjoy what life has to offer them. These individuals want to be under the spotlight but they often wished they would get this with luck or chance – Ron is always looking for shortcuts!


These individuals are bold especially when you least expect it and they are practical as well as original. Their ideas are unique and a product of their thinking only and they aim for realistic goals.

People with this personality type are observant. They like to see what is going on in their surroundings – while others are busy in planning, Entertainers are quick to notice what could possibly go wrong. Yes. it is usually Ron that points out to Harry and Hermione when something bad is about to happen!

Entertainers have good people skills overall and they love aesthetics and believe in showing off the good they have or possess.


ESFPs are extremely sensitive. Remember when the trio set off to destroy the remaining horcruxes and the fight Ron and Harry had in the forest? This scene reflected how sensitive Ron was and what things had hurt him over the past years – possibly no one could even imagine what was stored up inside of him.

Ron, like other ESFPs, likes to stay away from trouble. They will do their best to get out of a bad situation in the easiest manner possible. This is why you will often see Ron trying to talk Harry and Hermione out of things but yes in the next scene you will see he often fails and why he was trying to talk them out of things!

These people are poor when it comes to long term plans and focus. They can’t hold their interest for long in something that is dry and boring to them hence explaining why Ron wasn’t exactly the bright one of his class unlike his true love Hermione. 

Friendships – A Central Theme.

The Harry Potter series is all about friendship. It showcases the story of 3 friends who, despite whatever odds they face, do not let go of their bond. A personality type like that of Ron’s may be mistaken for one that is not so caring about the friends they have but this is not true at all.

Although these individuals are very sensitive and they tend to move on very quickly in terms of ending friendships and making new friends, Ron and other ESFPs greatly value the people they are close with and hence you can see why Ron never gave up on his friends.

So, when it comes to Ron’s personality, he is one of a kind. Fun loving, open to new experiences and loyal to his friends and family, Ron is truly an ESFP that can’t seem to get over his fear of spiders and whatever creepy things that lurk in the forest next to Hagrid’s cottage!


The article stated the personality type of Ron Weasley in accordance with the MBTI test and the Big Five Personality Inventory. Furthermore, the article attempted to highlight the strengths and weaknesses of this type keeping in mind numerous examples from the Harry Potter series that demonstrated Ron’s personality type.

Frequently Asked Questions: Ron Weasley’s Personality Type

How would you describe Ron Weasley?

He is tall and thin with many freckles. He has big hands, feet and a long nose and is well known because of his red hair.

What is Ron Weasley’s type?

He is a pureblood wizard of English origin which explains his british accent in the movie.

Did Bellatrix kill Hermione?

No she did not kill her but she tortured her immensely as Malfoy Manor where she cut into her arm the words ‘mudblood’ to show she was not of pureblood.

Why did Hermione slap Draco?

She slapped him out of anger because he was the real reason Buckbeak was executed; Draco had been injured because of Buckbeak.


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