Resignation Letter Due to Transfer (5 Samples)

In this brief guide, we will look at how one might write a resignation letter due to transfer.

Resignation Letter Due to Transfer

To write a resignation letter due to transfer, you need to write down all the details that you need to tell your employer, like when you are leaving, if you can serve your notice period, where you might be reached after you are gone, and so on.

One need not go into full details of why they are transferring or be overly sentimental about the need to leave, but they may mention that they will miss working in their current office and talk about the fact that they learned a lot.

A resignation letter due to transfer may be written because someone is getting married and moving away, or because their family is shifting to another city.

A resignation letter due to transfer may also be written when the person has found better employment in another city, in which case it is their prerogative whether they want to mention the new job or not.

As with most other resignation letters, the resignation letter due to transfer will also contain some basic elements like:

  • Date
  • Subject
  • Names and addresses of sender and receiver
  • Reason for leaving (In some detail)
  • Experience at the current job
  • Positive words about the period of employment
  • Offer for help during the transition
  • Contact details and notice period information

A resignation letter due to transfer may be sent directly to the supervisor or employer, but in some companies, a copy may also be sent to the human resources department.

One may also be moving to another branch or another part of the company, but that letter usually will not be sent to HR, and will certainly not include much information about what the person enjoyed and what they might miss and so on.

Resignation Letter Due to Transfer: Sample 1

This resignation letter due to transfer focuses a great deal on the positive aspects of the employer and makes sure they make their appreciation known.

There is not much focus on the fact that the person is leaving, but more on how much they enjoyed their job, which is always a good note to leave on.




Address of the office

Dear (name)

I am writing to officially resign my position as (Position at a company with the last date). As you know, I have accepted a position as the (Position) at (Company)

Your guidance, knowledge, and professionalism have been greatly appreciated these past four years. I am grateful for your generosity and support, and I am looking forward to continuing to work with you in another capacity. Your team here is top-notch, and I know you all will achieve great things in the coming years.

I will schedule a meeting with you this week to discuss pending projects, although I anticipate completing most projects before my departure. Please feel free to contact me at any time if any questions arise after my transfer. My new office phone number will be (Number)

Sincerest regards,


Resignation Letter Due to Transfer: Sample 2

This resignation letter due to transfer is for when someone is transferring within the company to a different branch.

If someone is in this preposition it is always best to talk to your supervisor before you send in the resignation letter or before the details of your move become widespread, else it may sour your relationship and jeopardize your future at the company.

“Dear (Salutation),

I am sending this letter to confirm my resignation as a department manager at ABC Company, Columbus, as I have recently accepted a transfer to the Pennsylvania branch. My last day at work will be (date), so please consider this letter as my official two weeks’ notice of resignation from the Columbus branch of ABC Company. I appreciate your understanding in this matter.

I plan to work as hard as always during my last two weeks in an effort to minimize any inconvenience caused by my resignation. I am also willing to assist in training a replacement to take over my duties if need be. If you wish to discuss this matter with me further, please do not hesitate to contact me by phone at (number) or by email at [email] and I will return messages as soon as possible. I look forward to hearing from you.

I will miss the great staff and work environment at the Columbus branch but look forward to getting settled in my new Pennsylvania position. I know that all of the great experiences I have earned will serve me well there. I wish the company continued success and thank you for your patience and cooperation with me at this time.

Yours sincerely,


Resignation Letter Due to Transfer: Sample 3

This is another simple resignation letter due to transfer that mentions the fact that the person is moving away but does not go into unnecessary details.

They mention that they enjoyed their time and make sure that the company knows that they are available through the transition and they mention all the important things that need to be said in a clear manner.

“Your Name

Your Address

Your City, State Zip Code

Your Phone Number

Your Email






City, State Zip Code

Dear Mr./Ms. Last Name:

The purpose of this resignation letter is to inform you that I will be leaving my position with ABC Company, effective two weeks from now on (date). I will be relocating to the New York City metropolitan area in the near future.

I have appreciated both being part of the ABC team and the opportunities that have been provided to me during the last several years. It has been a pleasure to work within the supportive, stimulating environment of our department, and I will truly miss the friends that I have made here.

Please let me know if I can be of assistance during the transition. You can reach me at the above address if you have any questions or need any further information.


Your Signature (hard copy letter)

Your Typed Name”

Resignation Letter Due to Transfer: Sample 4

This is another resignation letter that keeps it very simple and merely states the facts.

It is different in one respect, that is, the person mentions that they would like the opportunity to work with this company again and that is a good note to resign on, as it shows that one really enjoyed their experience and is not just saying positive things for the sake of them

“Name and address of employer

Dear Sir/Madam,

Thank you so much for offering me this job. I have enjoyed every bit of my time in this company. I have learned many lessons, and I believe I am a better employee than I joined this firm. However, unfortunately, I have to leave this firm. I am relocating with my family to Chicago and so being part of this firm is not an option.

I am planning to report on (Date) as the last day. During the two weeks that I shall be here, I promise to train my team members, update my files, and do any other responsibility you will request me to do. I desire that the company gets a smooth transition as I leave.

Feel free to engage me in any way for the two weeks and even after I have left. I have updated my details in my files. If there is an opportunity in Chicago, do not hesitate to offer me the chance. I appreciate you for the privileges that you have accorded me during my stay here.

Thank you



Resignation Letter Due to Transfer: Sample 5 

This is a sample resignation letter due to transfer. 

It plainly states that the person is moving away and is therefore looking to resign, and they do so without too much-added flourish, which is something most employers appreciate.

“Dear sir/Madam

I feel I owe you a lot of gratitude for the season that I have worked with you. I have had a good time working with people who respect and understand me. I have gotten a pleasant experience. However, I feel I should be allowed to quit this firm following my Relocation to Chicago.

Allow me to work on (Date) as my last day. Before then, I am willing to work with you in giving the company a smooth transition. I am working on updating my files and also training my team members.

Feel free to contact me anytime regarding my department. If there happens to be an opening in Chicago, feel free to engage me. I also request that we keep a working relationship. I hope that you will get a better replacement for me.

Thank you



Resignation Letter Due to Transfer: Sample 6

This resignation letter due to transfer is short and to the point, and mentions in some detail how the person has enjoyed working at this job, and offers to help as much as they can, which is something that must be a part of every positive resignation letter.

“Your Name

Your Street Address

City, State, Zip Code


Recipient Name

Job Title

Company Name

Company Street Address

Company City, State, Zip Code

Dear Mr/Mrs/Ms. Last Name

This letter is to notify you that I am resigning from my position as Job Title with Company Name effective Full Date. In accordance with my contract of employment, my last day of employment will be on Full Date.

I have enjoyed my time here very much and I want to thank you and the department for the encouragement and support I have received. It is largely due to the excellent experience I gained working for this company that I am now able to pursue a new career opportunity.

Please know that I am available to help in any way that will make my departure as smooth as possible for the company. I want to wish everyone the best of luck and success for the future.


Your Signature

Your Full Name

Your email address”


In this brief guide, we looked at how one might write a resignation letter due to transfer. Please feel free to reach out with any questions or comments you may have.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Resignation letter due to transfer

Can I resign after receiving the offer letter?

Yes, you can resign after receiving an offer letter, but make sure that you don’t delay in letting your current employer know. 

Once you receive your offer letter, you should resign as soon as possible and make sure that you talk to your employer before giving in your resignation letter.

How do you write a resignation letter because you are moving?

To write a resignation letter because you are moving, you may write something like, “Dear Mr./Ms. Last Name: The purpose of this resignation letter is to inform you that I will be leaving my position with ABC Company, effective two weeks from now on this and this date as I will be relocating to the such and such area in the near future.”

How do I write an internal letter of resignation?

To write an internal letter of resignation you may say something like this: “This letter is to inform you of my intention to shift to such and such branch/department in this company, which means that I have to resign from this department. I have tremendously enjoyed working with you all and have learned so much, I hope that I can translate all that I have learned into my new position as well.”

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