Resignation Letter due to Salary Delay (5 Samples)

In this brief guide, we provide a list of samples of resignation letters due to salary delay.

Resignation Letter due to Salary Delay 

Writing a resignation letter for any reason is hard enough, but writing a resignation letter due to salary delay can often feel uncomfortable and annoying, given that you might feel bad asking for something that you are so entitled to.

When one needs to write a resignation letter due to salary delay, it is important to keep in mind that it is going to another human being at the end, and it needs to be adequately polite and professional, given that it is a professional setting and it will reflect on you too.

Handling a bad situation is something more employers will look for in an employee, so if you write a resignation letter that is just teeming with bad words and anger, it might look bad for you in the future, and potential employers might think that you have issues with impulse control.

On the other hand, before you jump the que and write down a resignation letter due to salary delay that you are just tired of, you might want to check out if you have some legal grounds and if you can ask your employer to do the needful according to your state’s laws.

You need to also be aware of the laws that pertain to payment and wages in general, as an active member of the workforce, so that you know things about low salary increments, salary delays, and other salary-related issues.

Tips for writing a resignation letter due to salary delay

If you don’t know where to start, here are some tips to write a resignation letter for salary delay:

  • A resignation letter is a formal document so even when you want to sound somewhat friendly make sure you are still being formal.
  • Also bear in mind that you might need your boss’s reference later.
  • Be clear, make sure everything of consequence is stated in a precise way so as to avoid any confusion about what the letter is for.
  • Check what your notice period is and make sure you follow it, unless you have an emergency of some kind, in which case talk to your employer before you write a resignation letter.

Resignation Letter due to Salary Delay: Sample 1

In the resignation letter due to salary delay that is provided below, the person highlights all the key points like why they are leaving, when, and what the nature of the issues has been, all the while not sounding like they are complaining. The facts should be stated as such and nothing should have emotion attached as far as possible.


Concern Authority

Job Designation

Department Name

Company/Institution Name

Sub: Resignation letter due to Delay in Salary

Dear (Sir),

I had previously written you an email regarding the delay in my salary. It has been five months (more/less) now since I have been paid with so many delays. I was very upset because of this and wanted to take this up with you before. (Describe in your own words). But it seems like you never took any notice of this.

We all work for money and we depend on this income. By the start of every month, common people have bills to pay and meet all their needs. (Explain the actual cause and situation). I am working only one job at a time, which means I am completely dependent on this money. (Explain all about the situation). Not getting my salary on time creates a lot of financial constraints on me. I had requested you before as well to pay me my salary on time. (Briefly describe your requirements).

Your Name…

Job Designation

Department Name”

Resignation Letter due to Salary Delay: Sample 2

This resignation letter due to salary delay does the exact opposite of the previous one, it talks in a more aggressive and emotional tone and uses strong language to indicate the person’s displeasure. 

One needs to only use this letter when they are absolutely positive that they won’t need this boss’s help ever again.

“Subject: Resignation Letter

Dear employer,

I am writing because I would like to submit my official letter of resignation. I have been working with this company for three years and I have been at different branches all over the world. However, I can say that I have not been to a more disorganized branch than this one. My job requires that I travel from branch to branch and hand in my report but over the last six months, my salary being delayed has become a big headache for me and my family.

Salary is something that is fixed each month and in the last six months, my salary has been getting more and more delayed, and to add to that even my daily wages that I get for my labor supply have been reduced. I have sent various letters of complaint and have even talked to my head in this company in person for discussions but unfortunately, nothing has been done.

Now I have decided that I am finally resigning, as I have tried various other methods to rectify the situation. This has caused me a lot of stress as I also have bills to pay and a family that relies on me to provide for them. I hope that you sort this out for your future employees and I wish you all the best in the future.

Kind regards,

Mr. __”

Resignation Letter due to Salary Delay: Sample 3

This sample resignation letter due to salary delay makes reference to the previous complaint which is a good idea if someone wants to bring up the details of the problem that has caused them to resign.

“Subject: Resignation Letter

Dear employer, 

I am writing to tender my resignation as a (Position) in (Company), as I have not been paid in time for the longest time and despite my complaints about the issue I have not seen any change in the situation.

 I want to bring your attention to the poor salary in the Sales Department, which I have informed not only the Department Head but your kind self also. However, no positive action was taken to rectify the situation after 6 months. Therefore, I have decided to submit this letter of resignation, as the conditions are not conducive to my productivity. I trust that the company will clear any outstanding dues to me quickly before my last day at work here, which is the end of this month. 

Yours Sincerely, 

Your name”

Resignation Letter due to Salary Delay: Sample 4

This resignation letter due to salary delay talks about the person accepting another job due to the problem, but does not go into too many details, and still mentions some positive things.

“Your name


Employer name

Department Manager

XYZ Corporation


Dear employer

I am writing to inform you that I am resigning from the company to accept an offer from another company which offered better salary and benefits, as I have been consistently hassled with salary delays in my current position, which, despite my repeated complaints, have not gotten any better.

While I have cherished the experience, my financial situation dictates that I cannot afford to pass up a great opportunity to improve my income and realize better benefits including health care for me and my family. I do hope you understand my decision and I wish to assure you that I bear no ill-will or grudge toward the company. I fully respect the company’s decision to stay within its operating budget.

The provision of resignation requires a two-week notice. Therefore, my resignation shall take effect on (Date). I shall stay on board to complete all pending work and to assist you in whatever way I can during the turnover process.

Thank you for your time and experience.

Yours sincerely,


Resignation Letter due to Salary Delay: Sample 5

This resignation letter due to salary delay mentions other problems as well, and like the previous letter, it too mentions that the person has sought and received another job opportunity.

This is a smart thing to do when thinking of resigning, as it is better to have job security and then make the decision to resign rather than impulsively resign first and then start looking.






Employer Name


Subject: Resignation Letter

Dear (Salutation)

I would like to convey this to you that I have been offered a better opportunity from an organization to work in the sector I was aspiring for. I am working in the (Name of project/plan) for two years and unfortunately, I found I was provided very little chance to work in the technology of my interest, and the salary delays that happened often also added to my discomfort.

Although it was a great team and domain-wise I got to learn a lot here, I believe this new project will be more feasible for me. Please take note that my last date in this organization will be (Date). Please initiate my release according to this date.

I have learned a lot from the project and had a great time in this organization. Hope this company and you prosper well.




Resignation Letter due to Salary Delay: Sample 6

This resignation letter due to salary delay is very short and to the point, and does not go into any details or show any emotion as such, and maintains a formal tone throughout the letter.


Your name and address



Employer name and address

Subject: Resignation Letter

Dear (name),

This is to state that I have been receiving my salary irregularly from the last two months and for that, I am facing difficulties in my personal life. I have decided to join for a better opportunity so that I can support my family with the benefits I will get from the next venture. I appreciate your guidance in my duration here, unfortunately,  I cannot continue to work here for the salary issue.

I hope you will understand my situation and initiate my exit process. My last date in this organization will be (Date)

Wish you all the very best.

Thank you.





In this brief guide, we provided a list of samples of resignation letters due to salary delay. Please feel free to send us any of your questions, comments, or suggestions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Resignation Letter due to Salary Delay 

Can you sue if you don’t get paid on time?

Yes, you can sue if you don’t get paid on time, as not paying on time can constitute an unauthorised deduction from wages. 

If you don’t get paid on time and the matter cannot be resolved, you are entitled to make a claim to an employment tribunal. 

If you don’t get paid on time or in full as decided, it constitutes a violation of the employment contract.

What happens if my boss pays me late?

If your boss pays you late on purpose, it may make him liable to pay liquidated damages to the employee, which will be the same amount that they did not pay or paid late.

This penalty exists so that your boss does not pay you late.

Is the 13th month pay mandatory in the USA?

If the 13th-month pay is mentioned in the statute, then the employer needs to pay it.

Usually, this applies equally to foreign companies that are hiring overseas, regardless of the nationality of the employees.

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