Resignation letter due to low salary problem (5 samples)

In this brief guide, we will look at some resignation letters due to low salary problems.

Resignation letters due to low salary problem Sample 1

In this resignation letter due to a low salary problem, the employee doesn’t beat around the bush or say too many things, they mention in a crisp and to the point what the issue is and the decision they have made regarding the problem.

They also include the Human resources department as a Cc, and this kind of letter may be sent via email as well.


[Employer name]

]Company Name]

[Company Address]

Dear [Employer name]

This notice is to let you know that I must respectfully resign my position here at (company,) effective (date.) 

It has been my pleasure to work for (company) over the last (amount of time). However, due to unforeseen financial circumstances coupled with my current salary, I am unable to meet my basic living expenses. Therefore, I must seek employment elsewhere.

I appreciate all that this company has offered me and I wish you the best of luck in the future.



[Your Name]

cc: name of H/R supervisor”

Resignation letter due to low salary problem sample 2

In this resignation letter for a low salary problem, the person expresses candidly why they are leaving, and reassure the employer that it is strictly about the compensation and they do that in a concise manner.

Employers are aware of the fact that the current economic conditions can be brutal in the workforce, and usually when someone wants to quit for better pay or better benefits the employers understand well. 

“[Your Name]

[Your Telephone Contacts]

[Your e-mail address]


[Human Resource Manager]

[Company Address]

[Company Telephone Contacts]

[Company e-mail address]

Dear [employer]

I draft this letter intending to notify you of my intention to quit your organization as I have found better pay and compensation elsewhere. My last day to work for you shall be on [date]

Since I have enjoyed every bit of my time here, I could not turn this opportunity down. The paid vacations and sick times, vision, and dental insurances were too juicy for me to let go of.

I hope that you shall understand and bear with the situation. Kindly accept my sincere gratitude for all the time and resources you have accorded me in your organization.

It will be my pleasure to assist with the transition as well as handling any questions that my departure might trigger.

Many thanks in advance for understanding,

Best regards,



Resignation letter due to low salary problem sample 3

In this resignation letter sample, the person uses slightly more vague language to indicate that they are receiving better benefits or compensation elsewhere and have therefore decided to leave. 

One need not always mention the various things they will be receiving at another job and for this reason they need to leave, in some cases using phrasing like the following letter may also do the job just fine.

“To: e-mail address

Subject: Resignation due to better salary and benefits

Dear [employer]

I would wish to let you know that I shall step down from the current position with your organization with effect from [Date]. That is because I have got greener pastures elsewhere, which I could not forfeit since I have enjoyed my time here.

It is with great pleasure that I thank you for the personal and professional development you have accorded me over the four years. Indeed, the bonds and relations I have nurtured here, I shall live to cherish for time to come.

Kindly let me know in what ways I may be of assistance and support to you in the transition period. I am more than willing and ready to be of further assistance for a limited duration after my departure.

Please use my email address and telephone contacts for any future correspondence.



Resignation letter due to low salary problem sample 4

In this next sample of a resignation letter due to low salary, the person is not addressing the low salary issue per se, instead, talking about what alternate employment they are moving towards. 

This is an option a lot of people choose to take instead of going out and saying that they are quitting for better compensation as they feel more comfortable not discussing the possibility that they might be coaxed into staying.

“{your name} 

{your position} 


{home address} 

{Email address} 

{Telephone number} 

{Mobile number} 


{Name of the recipient} 


{name of the company} 


Subject: Resignation Letter 

Dear [employer name],

I,[your name] do hereby send you this letter as notification that I would like to file for resignation effective on [date]. This is because I need to go back to my home country and start a new small business as [reason]. I am sending you this letter as part of the company policy that we give our notice at least two weeks before the effective date. Thank you for the help you have offered me and I appreciate everything I learned from this job and from the people around me. I will make sure I finish all my tasks before I leave and I am also willing to assist you to find my replacement, and you can contact me on the information I provided for this or any other help you need during the transition period. 

Thank you very much for your kind consideration. 

Respectfully yours, 


{Typed name}.”

Resignation letter due to low salary problem sample 5

In this resignation letter due to a low salary, the person makes sure it is short and yet includes all the necessary details one needs as an employer to be aware of why the employee is leaving.

Usually, informing them of the possibility or availability of a better contract is good enough, along with gratitude for everything one may have learned at the job and a wish of good luck to the employer as well as the co-workers.

“[Employer name]

[Employer address]


Dear [Employer name], 

I am writing to tender my resignation as a [Position held] in [company name]. I want to bring your attention to the poor salary in the [department] which I have informed not only the Department Head but your kind self also. However, no positive action was taken to rectify the situation after 6 months. Therefore, I have decided to submit this letter of resignation, as the conditions are not conducive for my productivity. I trust that the company will clear any outstanding dues to me quickly before my last day at work here, which is [date]

Yours Sincerely, 

[Your name]”

Resignation letter due to low salary problem sample 6

In this resignation letter due to a low salary problem, the person expresses their disappointment over having to leave, while simultaneously also informing the employer of the situation due to which they have decided to leave. 

This letter goes into some detail of how the person may have felt during their time working there and one may decide to change it up as needed.

“[employer name]

[employer address and designation]


Subject: Resignation letter

Dear [employer name]

I am sorry to inform you that I have decided to resign from my position as a computer programmer in order to seek a more rewarding position elsewhere. This resignation must become effective no later than two weeks from today’s date.

I have concluded that my contributions here are unrewarded and my ideas ignored. I have much to offer and feel frustrated that I am consistently passed over for special projects. It is important for me to work for a company that encourages creativity rather than restricts it. Although your compensation has been fair, you have been unable to provide other types of incentives that I need.

Nevertheless, my time here has not been wasted. I have gained experience and have honed my skills. I have worked with a dedicated group that has earned my respect and admiration. I sincerely wish co-workers well in their future endeavors.

Because you have indicated that my work is excellent, I would appreciate a positive recommendation from you should any prospective employers inquire about my qualifications. If you feel you are unable to satisfy this request, I would sincerely value an opportunity to discuss with you any reservations you may have.



[Your name]”


In this brief guide, we looked at some resignation letters due to low salary problems.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Resignation letter due to low salary problem

How do I write a letter of resignation due to a low salary?

To write a letter of resignation due to low salary one might follow some simple steps like briefly describing why they may be quitting, or going into details of the poor pay structure or reward system they may have experienced.

Some people suggest that one should leave out the details of quitting due to the salary structure as that goes into your file and the recommendation letter is based on this letter.

However, in some cases, if you feel that the salary structure at this company is particularly bad, you might include that so as to put it in writing.

How do you write a resignation letter if you are not happy?

You can write a resignation letter this way if you are not happy:

The date of the letter
Employer’s name
Some brief details of your time at the company, positive aspects like co-workers and projects you may have undertaken and enjoyed
Your reason for leaving 
A brief description of the problems which have compelled you to leave
Your last day of work/notice period
Regards/warm wishes
Your name

How do I resign because of a bad manager?

To resign because of a bad manager, you may write a letter and tell your supervisor that you are leaving.

You need to remember that no matter what happens or why you leave, these people you are addressing or talking about in a letter will eventually get called to provide references for you, not to mention they will write your recommendations.

In addition, it is also better to maintain some business contacts because you never know when you might need a former colleague or boss, so don’t burn all your bridges at once.
Make sure your letter is professional and try to create a transition timeline.

How do I write a letter of resignation due to family issues?

To write a resignation letter due to family issues, you can write a brief letter about some basics of the situation without delving too deeply into it.

You can also go ahead and thank the boss for their understanding and apologizing for the inconvenience. 

You need to also be mindful of the notice period and tell them accordingly, and at the same time also recount the aspects of the job you have enjoyed in particular.

How do you write a short resignation letter?

To write a short resignation letter, make sure you are clear on what your reasons are and how much of them you want to share with the employer. 

You may also follow some of these tips:

Tell your manager first.
Use the business letter format.
The position you were in and notice period/last day of work.
Reason for leaving, with a couple of details
Express gratitude and say a few things you liked
Close with your signature and regards/best wishes

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