The Rarest MBTI Personality (A complete guide)

This article will explore what personality type of the Myer Briggs Type Indicator is the rarest, what are the dominant traits of this personality type and some famous personalities who fall into this category! The article will also look into the question of why this type is so rare?

What Is The Rarest MBTI Personality Type?

The rarest MBTI personality type is the INFJ which is also known as the ‘Advocate’. Individuals with this personality type are extremely rare and they exhibit traits of creativity, altruism, sensitivity and perfectionism along with a deep desire to work for the greater good.

Advocates have very unique personalities in that they may adopt one approach where they tend to maintain peace and go with the flow whereas in other situations they may voice out their concerns and belief in order to establish truth and justice. They are indeed wise judging each situation before they act.

Individuals with this personality type are dreamers and idealists. However, what makes them stand apart from others is the fact that they realize they must take practical steps to create the world they want for themself and others!

 The Traits of Advocates – What Are They Like?

What is it that makes this personality type so rare? Is it some distinct trait they hold or a unique combination of behaviors and values they possess? Let’s look at some dominant traits INFJs exhibit!

Supporting Truth In All Situations.

It is not easy to do the right thing! Advocates or INFJs are people who firmly believe in propagating the truth, realizing the effects of concealing it and telling lies. They believe a just world should exist where everyone is given rights and opportunities and this is only possible if we focus on spreading the truth rather than hiding it. 

Connecting With Others.

Yes, these are unique people who, although shut inside their realm of thoughts, love to connect with others as it allows Advocates to develop an understanding of those around them and what they want. 

Individuals with this desire have a warm way of interacting with others; they are approachable, kind and warm hearted that draws in other people who are willing to open up with INFJs and discuss their lives.


They are so determined to work for others that they might forget about themselves and their needs! They will work relentlessly on a task especially if it is concerned with the welfare of others to the extent they forget about their health, meals, daily tasks or even friends and family. However, when they realize not only have they overlooked themselves but may also face criticism, these individuals may become irritable and somewhat harsh!

The Strengths of INFJs.


Advocates need to be creative. Why? It compliments their personality and is necessary for them to achieve their goals which usually involve providing the best solutions to complex problems others face.

They use their vivid imagination and passion of discovering numerous possibilities to provide great advice and direction to others. As a result, such people can become great counselors, teachers and even leaders.

Focus On The Inner Side.

Yes they are insightful. They don’t just focus on what is in front of them but what may be in front of them. These individuals look beyond the physical; they try to understand what is going on inside of people and complex systems or phenomena and develop insight.

Such a power is extremely useful in understanding the true nature of things and addressing problems appropriately while providing better solutions.


Yes they want to help you. Advocates want the best for you and will do everything in their power to help you get out of your problems or achieve what is dear to you. They are generally nice, kind and approachable and hence it is easy for people to ask for help from them.


They will always set high standards which are difficult to achieve but give great satisfaction; hence they do not settle for anything less. They believe in aiming high and doing what is right or desired. Advocates are driven by passion that allows them to achieve much in life and push themselves beyond the ordinary!


Although rare, these personalities do come with their drawbacks!

Prone to Burnout.

Working so hard can sometimes allow one to get carried away. Taking up task after task, missing your meals, forgetting commitments with friends and daily errands piling up can cause a great amount of stress of these individuals who eventually experience a burnout. A burnout occurs when you have been working too hard for too long and this results in you having zero energy to do even small or easy tasks that you considered nothing!

If you’re facing this, it may be a good idea to seek the help of a therapist or other mental health professional. You can find a therapist at BetterHelp who can help you learn how to cope and address it.

Doing Things The Hard Way.

These people think big! Really big! So they do not like it when they have to break their dreams or goals into smaller and more realistic parts to obtain. They want to do things differently so they stand out and people realize the benefits of their achievements. However, once they refuse to do things ordinarily, they may experience much difficulty and frustration when things don’t work out.

Don’t Open Up.

They are very approachable to others and love it when people open up but they themselves do not open up easily. One reason behind this is maybe they are quite sensitive to criticism and thus they do not want to be pointed out.

Furthermore, Advocates are perfectionists hence they want to do everything in the best manner possible and maybe opening up will inevitably allow people to point out their flaws. This trait sometimes frustrates people close to these personalities.

Why Are INFJs So Rare?

Well, there are a number of reasons why this personality type is so rare! This section of the article will explore why.

Test Results.

How do we find out if certain personalities exist? Well obviously through the Myer Briggs Type Indicator test! The world isn’t just told that this many people who were born today have the personality type of an Advocate! We need to conduct the test on these people or have them take it to find out what their personality type is.

It is possible that for some reason, INFJs do not take the test as frequently as other personality types do so even though it is possible they exist in the same or almost same numbers, they just don’t take the test and so we don’t know about them!

They Don’t Want To Be Known.

Advocates are unique and quiet at the same time. Uniqueness likes to scream out loud and catch attention but in this case, it hides itself because they don’t want the world to focus on them but others. So it’s possible, as personalities they are not much interested in finding out about themselves as much as they are interested in finding out about others! Hence they just don’t feel like taking such personality tests. It simply does not entertain them.

They Are Truly Rare.

What if INFJs are truly rare? It wouldn’t be surprising. Have you noticed something? INFJs are introverts but at the same time they are very much interested in other people and like to interact with them. Usually this trait is found in extroverts who love talking to others and learning about other people. In this case it’s the introvert.

Having such a quality does not mean you can’t be an introvert. You do need to remain in solitude at times and focus on your thoughts, but the unique fondness of interacting and learning about others is an interesting yet surprising trait for an introvert to have!

So maybe after all, INFJs are indeed rare and special. Wouldn’t you agree?

Famous Personalities Who Are INFJs!

Here is a list of well known people from around the world who fall into the category of INFJ or Advocate!

  • Mother Teresa
  • Nelson Mandela
  • Albus Dumbledore (Harry Potter series)
  • Nicole Kidman
  • Rose Bukater (Titanic)


This article looked at what personality type of the MBTI is the rarest of them all, explored its dominant traits, strengths and weaknesses while at the same time exploring why this personality type is so rare. The article also highlighted some famous personalities that fall into this category.

Frequently Asked Questions: What Is The Rarest MBTI Personality?

What is the rarest personality type for a woman?

An INTJ woman is considered to be extremely rare.

Which MBTI personality is the weirdest?

INFJs are considered the weirdest maybe because they are rarest ones so people are not much used to them and may classify them as strange or weird.

Which MBTI type makes the most money?

ENTJs. It is possibly because they are extroverted, have great people skills and are natural leaders