Ragdoll Vs Siamese Cat Personalities (A complete guide)

In this article we will discuss and compare ragdoll and siamese cats and their personalities. This article will also help you pick the right cat breed for yourself.

What’s the difference between Ragdoll and Siamese Cats?

Most of the time, people tend to mix up Ragdoll and Siamese cats and this is because they have almost the same fur coats and shades. In any case, the two couldn’t be any more unlike each other. 

Now as you might have presumably construed from their name, Ragdolls are a more free-spirited breed contrasted with the Siamese who are in constant need of attention and affection at the same time. 

The principal distinction among the Ragdoll and Siamese breeds is that Ragdolls are more free-spirited than Siamese, who need an awful lot of petting and attention. Siamese are inclined to get gloomy and depressed if not shown sufficient love. Ragdolls are perfectly balanced between being cuddly and assuming their independence.

In the event that you are confused between getting a Ragdoll and a Siamese, here is a rundown of the distinctions and likenesses of Ragdoll and Siamese felines to help you choose:

What are the main differences between Ragdoll and Siamese cats?

What are the appearances of Ragdoll and Siamese cats like?

In spite of the fact that they share similar shades, Ragdolls and Siamese have their own distinct appearances. Ragdolls are longhaired and have a fluffy coat, which requires a lot of maintenance. Siamese also tend to be smaller in size than Ragdolls. The average weight of a Ragdoll cat would be 12 pounds, and that of a Siamese would range somewhere between 8 to 12 pounds.

The hair of Siamese is short but sleek and smooth, which means that they require lesser maintenance as compared to Ragdolls. Ragdolls on the other hand not only have more grooming needs but also tend to be problematic for individuals with allergies.

How do they differ in terms of personality?

It’s difficult to think that people actually confuse Ragdolls with Siamese, even though they have extremely different personality traits, and may even be considered polar opposites. Ragdolls are poised and quiet felines. Siameses, on the other hand, are extremely extraverted balls of energy.

Siamese cats make sure that they are getting all the attention because they love being in the spotlight. The extroverted Siamese cats rarely go by unnoticed. When they need you to notice them, they will demand it and being talkative, they will keep meowing at you until they have your undivided attention.

Even though Ragdolls are docile and calm by nature, they do not take the presence of dogs very well. They have an issue co-existing with dogs. Siamese cats tend to get along well with dogs because of their extroverted nature and tend to be quite playful and full of energy just like dogs.

Ragdolls, on the other hand prefer being solitary pets so they can get the attention they need without having to share it.

With their playful nature Siamese cats love to be in action. They’re known to be naughty little attention seekers. They are also incredibly curious animals, so they’re inclined to getting into cupboards and spots that you don’t need them in.

Siameses are also known to be very touchy creatures. In the event that they are not shown  sufficient affection, they can get extremely gloomy or get into mischief.When in need of attention Siamese cats get temperamental but interestingly, Ragdolls do not share the attention seeking tendencies of the Siamese. They’re autonomous, in spite of the fact that they need attention too.

What kind of care do Siamese and Ragdolls need?

 Siameses aren’t acceptable pets for somebody who isn’t home regularly and doesn’t have the opportunity to play.Siamese require essentially more consideration than Ragdolls. Indeed, Siamese can get distressed in the event that they don’t get enough of it. They are more suitable for families with kids or different pets for them to engage with.

Siamese require a ton of excitement and play, so you should have a bunch of toys for them to play with. Yet, that doesn’t make up for the quality time that they crave to spend with you; they actually need to be loved and stroked to satisfy their social requirements.

Ragdoll cats are somewhat more individualistic contrasted with Siamese. An interesting thing about Ragdolls would be that they like to sit with you just for the sake of being in your company. They are more likely to sit in your lap and purr, contrasted to a Siamese who might rather chase after you consistently and play.

In spite of the fact that you ought to never let any of your pets be on their own for a really long time, Ragdolls are a superior decision for individuals who work the entire day and stay away from home.Siameses aren’t acceptable pets to have in case you will let them stay alone at home regularly. Ragdolls, then again, put up better with being alone. 

Ragdolls shed a ton of hair and you will be faced with the problem of cleaning up their hair from just about every surface at home. They need very frequent brushings in order to tame their mane unlike Siamese cats which are a short haired breed and shed lesser hair. As for Siamese you only have to brush them every once in a while.

How do Siamese and Ragdolls train?

Even though the two cats are extraordinary varieties, training a Siamese requires lesser effort because they are naturally energetic and ready to pounce into action. Siamese can be rebellious little things, and make training troublesome. However, this is also a plus point because it means that they have higher levels of energy and are enthusiastic to learn.

Ragdolls are significantly harder to train as compared to Siamese. They’re a touchy kind and don’t enjoy being disciplined. They become restless and dismal, so they need more encouraging feedback during training.

Since they have such boundless energy, Siamese learn how to perform stunts and cute little tricks. Ragdolls, then again, really like to relax close by instead of being in action.

Which Breed is Right for You?

Regardless of the way that each breed can coexist with basically anybody, there are explicit sorts of homes that would be best for each breed. Here are a couple of qualities that would best assist you with choosing which breed is more suitable for you:


Where do Ragdolls get their name from?

These cats are called Ragdolls because when you hold them, they tend to flop around in a funny way almost like a ragdoll. Their docile nature is perfectly reflected in their behaviour. Ragdolls are laid-back creatures who are fond of your company and they want to spend their quality time with you snuggled by your side.

  • Since they have long hair, Ragdolls shed a ton. They are not ideal for individuals who are sensitive to cat hair. Individuals who don’t have allergies and can stay vigilant about their grooming are ideal.
  • Even though they love to snuggle, Ragdolls would flourish best in a family where they can be autonomous. They don’t have to play or cuddle constantly; they need their alone time sometimes.
  • Although they’re entirely loveable and social, a Ragdoll would like to be the lone pet in the house so they can get the entirety of attention. Ragdolls can sometimes get resentful of other pets in the home if they don’t get attention, so it’s imperative that they feel loved and cared for.
  • Ragdolls aren’t always eager to engage in play.They prefer to lay around and cuddle most of the time. Ragdolls need a companion who is as relaxed and laid-back as they are.


  • Siamese cats can become distressed if they don’t get enough attention, so they need a family that can provide them with all of their needs.Children can keep up with the enthusiasm and playfulness of a Siamese, so they’ll always have a companion.
  • Keeping up with a Siamese cat is difficult.Siamese cats want a companion who is willing to play as much as they want. This breed is always on the move.
  • Siamese have an excessive amount of energy to be living in a small home; these cats can’t contain their energy. They are constantly running and on the move so they need ample space.
  • Siamese are incredible cats because of their short hair, especially for those with hypersensitivities to long-haired felines. They shed very little hair, making tidying up after them simpler.
  • They are compatible with dogs and other pets and get along with them quite well.


In this article we discussed and compared ragdoll and siamese cats and their personalities. This article should also have helped you pick the right cat breed for yourself. If you have any questions or opinions please feel free to reach out to us!

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Frequently Asked Questions: Ragdoll vs Siamese Cat Personalities

Do ragdoll cats have Siamese in them?

Although they might have an uncanny resemblance and often get confused for each other, there are no records for whether they have shared ancestors or not.

Do Siamese cats like to cuddle?

Siamese cats are very affectionate and are extremely fond of cuddling. They are some of the best cuddle buddies.

Are Ragdoll cats aggressive?

Ragdolls are known to be loving, however, if your Ragdoll shows signs of aggression it might mean that it has mixed genes and is showing traits of another breed.


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