Pewdiepie’s Personality Type (A Complete Guide)

This article will take a look at the personality type of the famous Swedish Youtuber and comedian Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg also known as Pewdiepie. It will describe the personality type’s major traits and strengths and weaknesses in the light of the Myer Briggs personality test. Furthermore, the article will also shine light on the fame of this Youtuber while also looking at his major psychological functions.

What Is The Personality Type Of Pewdiepie?

The personality type of Pewdiepie is an ISTJ that is given the title of ‘Logistician’. These individuals are introverts and prefer to sense, think and judge when trying to understand their external environment. 

ISTJs are very careful in their approach to life staying willful with a positive and rational outlook. They are somewhat reserved and ensure that their actions are planned and well thought out rather than spontaneous.

These individuals are strongly committed to the duties they have hence they make up a vital unit of the family system, organizations and in upholding values and beliefs. When on a mission, these personality types invest a lot of their time and effort and take much pride in what they do and own it in front of others!

Before we take a look at Pewdiepie’s personality type in detail, discussing its traits, strengths and weaknesses, we will provide an introduction to this very well known and interesting Swedish Youtuber!

Who Is Pewdiepie?

Born on 24 October 1989, this Swedish Youtuber famously goes by the name of ‘Pewdiepie’ and is primarily known for his videos revolving around video games that won him much fame; he currently has around 108 million subscribers and a total of 26.9 billion views.

He is known for beginning the trend where people began streaming about their experiences playing various types of video games such as horror where the main source of entertainment is their commentary; before him, practically everyone just created videos showing themselves only. He is thus known for creating an entire new genre of video content.

His most famous videos are compilations of his ‘let’s play’ series where he shows the highlights of him playing different games while commenting on his experience and the contents of the game. The Youtuber is currently 31 years old and is married to Marzia Bisognin.

The Personality Type Of Pewdiepie – Strengths & Weaknesses

The following traits are most popular in ISTJ personality types:

  • Responsible
  • Realistic
  • Dependable
  • Trustworthy
  • Focused
  • Dutiful
  • Stubborn
  • Insensitive

Each trait is discussed in detail below!


People who are an ISTJ are usually found to be very responsible. They will prefer getting their chores and tasks done timely and not at the last moment as they prefer being organized. Even in one of his videos Pewdiepie mentions that he was working at 8.30 am in the morning; it shows people like him are in the habit of getting work done early just like other responsible people!


Yes people who are Logisticians want to think in practical terms. They have the habit of setting realistic goals and objectives rather than aiming too high to reach. They do this by judging their situation and resources available at hand in a logical and practical manner. These people won’t be seen stressing too much over their work or the burdens they have on their shoulders. They know how much work to take on and when to say no!


Keeping their overall personality in mind, ISTJs are pretty dependable. If you have asked them to be somewhere, get your tasks done or meet you for lunch they will manage that all in time. So next time you ask them to do something for you, don’t worry! Being an ISTJ, they will have done it before you ask them about it!


These people realize the value of others and how one wrong action can lead to consequences for others and themselves too! This is possible because they are able to join all the dots and see further than others; they don’t want to hurt you or get anyone in trouble so don’t hesitate when trusting them.


Logisticians are very focused and are not easily distracted. They are organized and have things in place because they want to be working in a chaotic environment! They will put all their energy and focus into getting their tasks done because they realize that not only will they get done soon but the work will be of better quality!


These types of people value their duties and complete them not only in time but also in the best manner possible and this may explain why they are famous in life – at least for Pewdiepie! They like to get work done in the early hours and make sure they have covered each and every aspect.


It is difficult to convince these people of anything unless you present hard facts. They won’t accept any strange ideas you have and will wave them off as conspiracies. Why? Logisticians need hard facts and data to accept anything and not just theories. They will give value only to that which can be measured or directly observed. Even in his videos when Pewdiepie is trying to determine his personality type, he reveals that he prefers logic everytime to theory or someone’s statements.


Logisticians are more of the type where they think in terms of objective facts and data and not in terms of feelings hence they might overlook this area and seem insensitive when commenting on certain aspects of something. In the case of Pewdiepie, he has been criticized for some of his comments that may have been seen as offensive even though they were purely jokes. After all, when you have such a wide audience, you need to be careful especially when joking about certain matters!

The Psychological Functions Of ISTJs.


Pewdiepie is definitely an introvert and there is no question about that. It’s obvious why he prefers talking to people through a camera and not in person. In one of his videos while talking about himself, the famous Youtuber clearly states that being around people is too much work! Also he prefers to work alone and stay inside. This is what defines introverts; they need alone time and usually they are more productive at these instances.


Pewdiepie does not seem to focus much on his intuition or any processes of the mind; he is more focused on what is going on in front of him and wishes to talk about that. His entire Youtube channel is about the games he has played and not what goes on his mind or what thoughts he has. His sole concentration is one the things he can experience and may be this is why he prefers hard facts over theories. You just can’t experience them!


Pewdiepie is logical. He doesn’t like dramatic people and he can be sometimes critical; this shows he is more influenced by what seems to make sense rather than just emotions. He is the type who would give more weightage to a small fact compared to a number of people insisting something happened and that he should believe them because they would not lie. Hold it right there! You can’t emotionally blackmail Pewdiepie! He is a thinker and not a feeler!


This is pretty obvious. Pewdiepie’s routine of working (early in the morning), preferring organization and putting things back in their place point out that he is one who appreciates the structure we have in life. It helps him make more sense out of things and be productive. He is not a perceiver who goes with the flow and does not mind surprises or unstructured routines. Pewdiepie is hence one who uses their sense of judgement rather than perception!


This article looked at the personality type of Pewdiepie the famous Youtuber, outlined his personality traits including his strengths and weaknesses and shone light on his psychological functions. The article also gave a brief introduction to this Swedish Youtuber!

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Frequently Asked Questions: Pewdiepie’s Personality Type.

What personality type is Felix Kjellberg?

Felix Kjellberg who is also known as Pewdiepie on his Youtube channel has the personality type of ISTJ.

What personality type is Marzia?

Marzia’s personality type is that of an INFP.

What is the INFP personality type?

The INFP personality type describes people who are less outgoing, creative, idealistic and driven by their values!


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