The Personality Of Pisces (A Comprehensive Guide)

This article will not only provide an introduction to the zodiac sign of Pisces but also take a detailed look at it’s major personality traits and give the audience a heads up on what to expect when dealing with this particular star!

What Are The Personality Traits Of Pisces?

The personality traits that define the zodiac sign Pisces are listed below:

  • Creative
  • Empathetic
  • Friendly
  • Adaptable
  • Overwhelmed by Emotions
  • Intuitive
  • Too Naive
  • Fearful
  • No Boundaries

Before examining each trait in detail we will introduce the star of Pisces as on of the signs of the zodiac.

What Is Pisces?

Pisces is the twelfth zodiac sign that is represented by the symbol of the fish and extends from the period of February 19 to March 20. People born under this star are usually described as friendly people who are kind and compassionate and have a knack for wild imagination and creativity. However, they sometimes get overwhelmed by their emotions and have fears. They are also likely to become victims due to their naive nature.

The birthstone of Pisces is Aquamarine and is also associated with others such as Bloodstone, Jet and Rock Crystal.

Pisces like Scorpio possesses the element of water in its nature. They are people who allow their emotions to flow and are in touch with a deeper level of themselves as compared to others. Their emotions range from negative ones to ones that accept the world and the creatures in it. For them security is very important and they are known to have intense dreams. Words like ultra sensitive and strong intuition are used to describe stars that possess the element of water.

Neptune represents universality and the concept that we are all one hence it inculcates a sense of compassion, kindness, idealism and even imagination into the star it rules; Pisces. This influence that Neptune has on Pisces is well defined by its traits because Pisces see the good in others and rarely say no because they want to be compassionate and help those around them. Furthermore they are very naive beings and they have a wild sense of imagination.

The Personality Traits Of The Fish – Pisces.


The Pisces is known for its creativity – they are able to approach problems from different perspectives, pose new solutions to them and offer unique ideas for brainstorming. People born under this star do not want to be ordinary and their personality does not allow it. They are constantly striving for a better way of doing things and their creativity greatly helps them in this. If combined with expertise and the right environment and support, they can do wonders with their creative mindset and imagination.

Pisces like to use their mental processes; they are not only creative but their imagination is vivid and frequent. This is brilliant because they use their imagination to further refine their creative ideas before sharing them with others; this means that their ideas are likely to be more practical and work perfectly fine. 

Empathetic – A Heart For All.

The star of Pisces is emotionally intelligent. Possessing the element of water, they allow their emotions to flow for others and hence are able to identify how others feel. This ability allows them to structure their behavior and conversations in a manner that is suited to the other’s mental state. This is why they seem kind and compassionate because they are able to sense others emotions.

People who are Pisces easily recognize if someone is upset and they will make an attempt to understand what is wrong and help the other person. They are emotional themselves so they will often talk to the other person by putting themself in their shoes to develop an even deeper understanding.

If you need someone to cheer you up or just listen to your thoughts call a Pisces. They are great listeners and understand people and what they go through rather than judge your experiences or you!


Pisces are extremely friendly. They are open to new people and situations and are very warm and kind hearted. They are not reserved but very cheerful and easy to approach. They like to interact with people, learn about them and help them solve their problems. They will be the ones who make sure that others around them feel comfortable and at place in a meeting, party or any social gathering.


Just like water, Pisces are great at adapting themselves to the demands of their environment. They are open to change and accept it rather than resist it and this makes it even more easy for them to change themselves in order to accommodate the ‘new’. They are also receptive in that they will know what is going on in their environment especially if it is related to people and they will mould their own behavior or thoughts in order to settle in to what is going on.

Why are they so adaptable? Firstly their element of water encourages it. It comes to them naturally. Furthermore they have very good imagination and are creative hence their mind allows them to imagine new situations and accept them rather than repel them. Mentally, they are more suited to deal with change and this will also have an effect on their body. Pisces looks for the good in things and that will drive them to accept what is going on.


Their mind is their power. Pisces are in touch with another level of their being or existence possibly because of their element of water. Combined with their ability to create and imagine in their mind; their intuition is a powerful tool that guides their feelings; they seem to know what is right or wrong for them and possibly others. This gives them the ability to foresee good or bad events and they can prepare themselves mentally for such a situation and hence at least imagine what they would do!

Overwhelmed by Emotions.

Unfortunately life has its rules and what empowers you may also be the reason for your downfall! Pisces may easily get overwhelmed by their emotions. Yes they are in touch with themselves and they are extremely intelligent when it comes to the realm of emotions but they may drown on their own and this may lead to depression and anxiety.

They are sensitive beings and can get stuck in their thoughts and feelings especially if someone wrongs them which does happen! They give much weightage to what they feel and it can take up most of their thoughts and experiences and hence they become overwhelmed; they are saddened and upset. 

However, the opposite can happen! They can become so happy that they miss the important things they should have seen. In any way, Pisces can become overwhelmed by their emotions but they should use their mental ability of seeing things through; they need to identify the truth in every situation!

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Too Naive.

Pisces literally take in things as they are. They are simple beings who just want to love and be loved and do good to others. They will not expect any dirty tricks or politics in matters they are involved in and due to this they often get wronged or fooled which hurts them immensely.


Sometimes people born under this bright star use their imagination and creativity for the wrong things. Yes Pisces has fears and this is because they may get into the habit of overthinking. Also, they have strong emotions that further reinforce these fears that they have. Being a Pisces, one must be careful where they exert their strengths as it can harm them and kill their productivity and creativity!

No Boundaries.

Pisces find it hard to say no. They believe in helping everyone come across and understand others using their emotions. Yes they may want to help others because they feel the urge to do so but it may not always be right or appropriate and that is where they must control themself!


This article explored the major personality traits of the zodiac sign of Pisces which is symbolized by the fish. Not only did the article take an in-depth look at the traits of the personality of Pisces but it also gave the audience a brief introduction to this star.

Frequently Asked Questions: The Personality Of Pisces.

What are the weaknesses of Pisces?

The weaknesses of Pisces include mood swings, fears, not being able to say no and a desire to escape reality sometimes.

What signs is Pisces attracted to?

A Pisces is attracted to Scorpio, Taurus and Cancer due to their compatibility.

Are Pisces Controlling?

Pisces are not controlling at all.


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