Personality and Eye Shape (A 5 Point Guide)

In this article we will explore what your eye shape can reveal about your personality. This article will also discuss the different types of eye shapes and what personality traits are associated with them. 

What does your eye shape tell about your personality?

Your eyes may convey more about your personality than anything else!

The study of human character based on facial features is a very ancient practice. It is especially significant in the Chinese culture and was also taught as a subject at universities known as ‘Physiognomy’ in the 16th century. Later on it came to be known as ‘Morphopsychology’.

Now if you observe the human face carefully, you may notice that the eyes are the most telling feature of all, which means that they are most likely to betray you. Whatever you try to conceal, will inevitably become visible in your eyes, whether it be love or malice. So I would advise you to watch out my friend, for those pesky eyes of yours, may reveal a little way too much about you.

Eye Shape Features and Associated Personality Traits:

  • Large or Small
  • Round or Almond Shaped
  • Wide-set or Close-set
  • Deep-set or Prominent
  • Upward or Downward Slanted

These are the main eye shape features. Now let’s explore what each of these features signify. If you also want to assess your own eye shape then you might want to grab a mirror!

Large Eyes

If eyes are considered the windows of the soul, then does having large eyes simply mean you have larger windows? Larger windows to look in or more precisely peek into your inner world? 

It might as well be true. 

These people have emotions that run deep and they are most likely to trust people too easily. Their overly trusting nature may even land them into trouble.

It is common knowledge that people with larger eyes tend to be more open and expressive. They are passionate and creative individuals who are also known to be empathetic. They lead emotion centered lives and choose to act from the heart rather than from the mind.

Small Eyes

People with small eyes are all about pragmatism and making calculated decisions. They tend to employ logic and disregard emotion when making decisions. When these people set a goal they pursue it with tunnel vision. Their analytical lens gives them unparalleled intelligence and the ability to solve even the most complicated of problems with ease. A common misconception about these people is that they are cold fish, which is definitely not the case; it’s just that they choose to not be led by emotions. They may also come off as unapproachable because they may seem a bit skeptical. People with small eyes also have an eye for detail and are relatively more detail oriented than other people.

Round eyes

Since round eyes are similar to large eyes, it is safe to say that people with round eyes are also creative and fueled by passion. They also have enhanced imaginative faculties and along with that wild emotions which need to be kept in check. A round-eyed person would be highly likely to be the kind that wears their heart on their sleeve. They may also have a flair for the dramatic. They are charming but sometimes they can be blunt or even careless.

Almond Shaped Eyes

People who have almond shaped eyes are positive and compassionate but also grounded at the same time. They tend to lead relatively balanced lives because they know how to maintain their composure and don’t lose their heads in chaotic situations. In heated arguments, they tend to respond calmly and help put out the fire with their calm nature and level-headedness. They are exotic and people find themselves being drawn to them.

Wide-set Eyes

Wide set eyed people tend to be more adventurous and they are also flexible in their views. They are prone to acting on their impulses and enjoy exploring new places. They are the kind to try new stuff like exotic dishes and have weird kinks. They tend to look at the bigger picture instead of focusing on details.

Close-set Eyes

People who have close-set eyes are known to be traditionalists and rigid in their approach. They are not fond of change and might even resist it because change is one thing that stresses them out the most. They are focused and disciplined individuals. They are also known to be extremely energetic.

Deep-set Eyes

For those who have deep-set eyes, well isn’t it obvious? They are deep in every regard.

They are also fond of having deep conversations and they are incredibly insightful. 

They are considered to be romantics at heart. They are fond of intimacy and are very passionate individuals. They have a mysterious aura which makes them extremely desirable. They are also known to hide their feelings because they tend to be a bit guarded.

Prominent Eyes

These people are very friendly and sociable. They are also extroverts but prefer to hang out with smaller groups of people. They are sensitive by nature and care for other people’s emotions. They are very approachable and love to meet new people. They may also be overthinkers and chronic worrywarts. 

Upward Slanted Eyes

They are also known as cat eyes. Extroverts tend to have upward slanted eyes. These people are also very ambitious and driven by their motivations. They are so fixated on their ambitions that they might even become conceited in the process of achieving them. They are charming and confident and almost always know how to get what they want.

Downward Slanted Eyes

Although they are thought to be pessimistic, it may not always be the case. People who have downward slanted eyes are more often shy and timid to the point that may lead to dependency. However, they are known to be devoted life partners. They are extremely caring individuals and sometimes people take advantage of you.

Some Uncommon Eye Shapes

Monolid Eyes

Monolid eyes are eyes that do not have a visible crease.

People with this kind of eyes are optimistic and pleasant to be around and they get along well with others. They are caring and friendly.

Hooded Eyes

If your eye crease folds over the outer corner giving a down turned and droopy look it means you have hooded eyes. People with hooded eyes have a calm and composed disposition. They are helpful by nature and are also known to be brave.

Bulging Eyes

Interestingly, people with bulging eyes find it effortless to maintain eye contact unlike most people who get uncomfortable with it. People who have bulging eyes ten to be open and sociable. Friends are very important to them and they tend to cherish and value their relationships.

Now that you know of all the eye shapes, you can evaluate your own eyes and the eyes of people around you. How much do these characteristics associated with different eye shapes resonate with those of the people you know? You may use your own observation and confirm for yourself!


In this article we discussed different eye shapes and the personality traits associated with them. If you have any thoughts or queries feel free to reach out to us!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s): Personality and Eye Shape

Can you tell personality from eyes?

The eyes are known as windows of the soul and according to a recent study eyes may provide a way of probing into an individual’s personality, which makes the eyes a great resource for personality reading.

What do big eyes say about a person?

Big eyes indicate openness and receptivity to emotions. People with big eyes tend to be passionate and warm and trust easily.

Can you tell if someone loves you by their eyes?

Eye contact is extremely intimate and makes you vulnerable; it may even convey or uncover feelings of love.

Can you see sadness in someone’s eyes?

If you are an empath, you may be able to pick up signs that give away the sadness hidden in people’s eyes.

What does it mean when you stare into someone’s eyes?

Gazing into someone’s eyes may mean that you seek to develop trust with them or it may mean that you already trust them and feel comfortable enough with them to hold eye contact. Similarly, if a person is avoidant of eye contact it may indicate a few things, either the person is shy or a liar.

How can you tell if someone is lying by their eyes?

You may look out for a few signs:
Rapid blinking
Eyes moving back and forth
Closing eyes for more than one second
Looking to the right

Can eye contact lead to attraction?

Oxytocin release is triggered by eye contact. A person who is attracted to you will subconsciously initiate and engage eye contact with you just because it makes them feel closer to you and shows you that they are interested in you and in what you have to say. This makes eye contact one of the biggest indicators of attraction.


What Does Your Eye Shape Say About Your Personality?

Here’s What the Shape of Your Eyes Can Say About Your Personality

What Do The Shape of Your Eyes Reveal About Your Personality?

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