Pablo Escobar’s Personality (A 5 point guide)

This article will explore in length the personality of Pablo Escobar by analyzing his life events in an attempt to attribute a personality type to him while at the same time highlighting dominant personality traits he possessed. 

What type of Personality did Pablo Escobar have?

Pablo Escobar is highly known for the following personality traits he possessed:

  • Bold
  • Generous
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Conscientiousness
  • Ambitiousness
  • Sensitive
  • Extrovert

Although considered to be a very controversial figure, Pablo Escobar was well known for the personality he exhibited through most of his life events that involved becoming the most powerful drug lord in the world at one point. The article will attempt to explore what type of personality the once so famous man was and what traits characterized his major life events.

Pablo Escobar ‘The Infamous Drug Lord’?

Although many would view him as a villain, Pablo is considered to be a Robin Hood amongst many columbian people who recognize his efforts to redistribute wealth amongst the lower class that was quite disadvantaged due to many years of political turmoil and violence.

At one time Pablo was the leader of the Medellin Cartel which is said to have owned 80% of the international cocaine trade. At the same time he was known to invest huge amounts of money into social initiatives like schools, sports fields and housing plans for the poor. He had so much money that it is rumoured he once burnt it to keep his daughter warm. 

He went against the US and columbian governments and was known to have caused the assassination of many journalists, government officials and police officers – which gave him the image of a villain in the minds of many.

With such contradicting actions, many are interested in what type of man Pablo Escobar was and what exactly was it that defined his personality! This is what the article aims to do – help the reader understand the personality type of Mr. Pablo Escobar.

Pablo Escobar’s Myer Briggs Type – ESFP

Pablo Escobar is an ESFP according to the Myer Briggs Type Indicator test which reveals he was an extrovert, a sensing individual, a feeler and perceiver. Individuals with this type are titled ‘The Entertainer’ and Pablo was indeed the story! 

The ‘Entertainer’ personality is one that loves to engage in thrilling experiences and take life as it is with a smile; they are quite social and eager to engage in the activities of life often convincing others to do the same.

These personality types have an eye for style and appreciate aesthetics greatly; they are not shy to let their surroundings reflect their taste and they like trying new things – yes Pablo was famous for his stylish and brilliantly designed mansions.

Entertainers do realize it’s not always about them. Although they like being at the center of attention and calling the shots, they are sensitive to the needs of others as was Pablo. Pablo realized the dire situation of the people of his country and it was this realization that led him to invest in so many schemes for the deserving. He was also famously known to care for his loved ones immensely.

What Are The Dominant Personality Traits of Pablo Escobar?

There is no better way to understand someone than observe how they react to their life events; it is when they are vulnerable and caught in the midst of action do they truly reveal who they are.

This section of the article will attempt to draw light on Pablo Escobar’s major life events and how he handled them and what personality traits he exhibited! The following aspects of his life will be covered:

  • Early Life
  • Services to the Nation
  • Dealing with his Enemies
  • The Lavish Life
  • His Death

Early Life: How He Grew Up

Pablo was smart and witty; being the son of a farmer and schoolteacher he began illegal activities while he was still in his teenage years. It is rumoured he began selling fake diplomas, making falsified report cards, stealing and reselling tombstones and smuggling stereo parts. 

At a young age he was able to understand the complexity of how things worked and what loopholes could he exploit to make use of them. It shows he was observant and clever while at the same time possessing good people skills to engage in selling behaviour. Pablo went on to make even bigger stories – he began stealing cars but it was in the 1970s when he was first caught and arrested. Soon after, he became a part of the drug cartel which he helped found that would later on go on to become the most powerful one in the world.

Services to the Nation – Robin Hood in Disguise!

Pablo had another side to him. He was observant and sensitive; he understood the difficulties of the people of his nation who had been through much violence and political instability that led to economic problems. Although he robbed money from the rich, he returned it to his people by investing in many good initiatives. 

It is said that he had entire neighborhoods constructed and he would walk through the slums of Columbia where he would hand out cash to the people. He invested in sport’s fields construction and schools for the youth of the country and many close friends and family report that he, as a man, was polite and very generous.

It is necessary to mention that in order to engage in such behaviours, Pablo possessed the traits of empathy and kindness and generosity. 

Dealing with Enemies!

Apart from Pablo’s good side, he did have a bad side. It is said that he killed almost 4000 people and whenever his usual way of bribery would not work he would literally call the shots on anyone who was becoming a problem for him. The cartel he led was also bland for planting and detonating a bomb that went off on an airplane which resulted in the death of about 100 people.

Such behaviour is characterized by some dominant traits. People who engage in murder usually lack empathy, remorse or guilt. They have anger issues and are easily excitable and impulsive. This may explain why Pablo is defined as an ‘Entertainer’ in the MBTI but it does go against his previously stated trait of empathy. 

The Lavish Life

Pablo had a lot of money. He had his own private zoo that was home to about 200 animals that had been smuggled into the country through his planes. He had extremely lavish mansions that had the best interior reflecting his taste in architecture and design. His most famous estate covered an area of 7000 acres that had a soccer field, dinosaur statues, lakes and a bullfighting arena which was called Hacienda Nápoles.

People who usually spend a lot of money are considered to have less self control which may explain the numerous killings Pablo had carried out. Furthermore such a lavish lifestyle may signify his extravagance or love for material things. However, he had so much money it would go to waste as rats would end up eating it. So one can’t blame him – maybe he was bored or just had a knack for staying in style. Or possibly he loved his family so much he wanted to give them the best – the possibilities are many.

His Death – The End for the Drug Lord.

Pablo died in an honorable way – he was not caught by the US or Columbian officials nor was he taken to a foreign country where he would be jailed in a US cell and tortured by his enemies. He was supposedly shot in a raid at his hideout in Medellin. It is even said he may have even taken his own life as he preferred a grave in Columbia rather than a jail cell in the USA. 

Unlike others, the drug lord did not give in or accept defeat. It highlights that he had a bold and courageous personality that allowed him to tackle most of the life events he had gone through.


The article closely examined Pablo Escobar’s personality by highlighting different life events he faced and what traits he may have exhibited in them. Also, his personality was studied from the perspective of the MBTI test.

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Frequently Asked Questions: Pablo Escobar’s Personality

Who had more money Pablo Escobar or El Chapo?

Pablo Emilio Escobar was more rich than El Chapo and had a whooping fortune of $122 billion.

How bad was Pablo Escobar?

He owned a drug cartel with an estimated known net worth of US $30 billion by the early 1990s (equivalent to about $55 billion as of 2016). He was known for killing thousands of people ruthlessly.

Has anyone found Pablos buried money?

Pablo was one of the richest men in the world and he had so much money that he buried it in different parts of the country much of which is still yet to be found.


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