Most to Least Emotional Zodiac Signs (Complete Guide)

In this article, we will explore how emotional each zodiac sign is, and also rank zodiac signs from most to least emotional.

Most to Least Emotional Zodiac Signs

Here is a list of zodiac signs from most to least emotional (check your moon sign):

  • Pisces (Most emotional)
  • Cancer (Second in line)
  • Aries (Aggressively emotional)
  • Scorpio (Secretly emotional)
  • Virgo (Very emotional on the inside)
  • Libra (Dramatically emotional)
  • Capricorn (More emotional than people know)
  • Leo (Drama queen emotional)
  • Sagittarius (Not very emotional)
  • Gemini (Fragile but out of tune with emotions)
  • Taurus (Hardly have emotions)
  • Aquarius (What are emotions?)

Yes, it’s true some zodiac signs are more emotional than others. To get an exact picture for yourself and your emotionality, check your moon sign because your moon sign tends to represent your emotional side.

Humans are emotional animals and possess sensitivity. We are all emotional and responsive to some degree. Our intimate relations may be shattered if sensitivity becomes hard to maintain.

Few zodiac signs are more sensitive than others. This may indicate that they must be emotionally sensitive and become overwhelmed when confronted with difficult situations.


Pisces is perhaps the most sensitive of all of the zodiac signs. They are physically unstable and frequently cry if a situation spirals out of control. Pisces are also emotional outcasts. It’s undoubtedly one of the zodiac signs that cries the most.

Pisces undoubtedly the zodiac sign with the most emotionally sensitive personality. They are emotionally insightful, and nobody is quite emotionally perceptive as they are. People with this sign have the ability to process emotions on a more in-depth and extreme basis. Pisces are compassionate, empathetic, and considerate to others’ feelings.


Aries are very carefree and unconcerned people. They are unperturbed by the majority of life’s occurrences. It’s also difficult to emotionally influence them.

In terms of emotional wisdom, Aries is lacking. They are constantly running into problems and are much too preoccupied to remember how someone might be doing. Their lack of awareness frequently causes suffering for others. Worse still, they don’t really stop at attacking somebody for their own amusement.


Taurus are not very emotional people and are less overwhelmed by problems. They prefer to work hard and live a dedicated life. Taureans specialize at problem-solving. 

Since they don’t want to show their feelings to others, their caring nature is kept concealed. Taurus will lay back and leave others alone if they refuse to listen to what they have to say.


Geminis are talented and innovative individuals. They are also emotionally fragile. It is difficult for Gemini to return to normal after being hurt. They take their time, which may be a lifetime, and Geminis have a hard time controlling their emotions. 

Everyone will know when they are upset about anything. They can’t mask their feelings no matter how hard they try, they fail at it and that too miserably.


Cancers have a tendency to feel intensely and to psycho-analyze everything. On the outside, they seem to be much stronger than they actually are. However, they are very emotional and sensitive people who are quickly saddened and distressed.

Cancers are gentle souls who spend most of their time in their own dream world. When anyone tries to force them out of their comfort zone, it has a detrimental effect on them.

Cancer is the most emotional star sign of all, and those born under this sign are easily upset and weep anywhere at any time. These people are incredibly fragile, and they don’t tell anyone about it. They weep for a long time in secrecy and take ages to recover.

Cancer is by far the most sensitive of all, because when they have been targeted, they sulk like big babies, even if they eventually feel awful.


Leos are strong and brave. Their ability to conquer challenges is supported by their powerful and less sensitive nature.

Leos are more egocentric and self-centered than other zodiac signs. They are responsive and sentimental only when it comes to circumstances involving their loved ones.

Emotional maturity necessitates awareness of self and recognition of one’s own shortcomings and abilities, which Leos lack.


Virgos are generous, courageous, and desire to live lives to the fullest. Their issue is that they are influenced by what others say about them. 

Their emotional intelligence is stronger than it might seem, considering their blunt self-criticism. If Virgos fail at a mission or make a bad judgment, they are quick to blame themselves.


Libras are emotionally well-balanced people. Their perfect emotional range makes them both powerful and sensitive.

Because of their failure to make a decision, their emotional maturity is evident. Libras will analyze the issue and evaluate every possible outcome before coming to a well-thought-out decision. They take every improvisational action with extreme caution.


It’s not a big issue for Scorpio’s to expose their weakness, but they’re always scared people will manipulate their vulnerability. When anyone takes advantage of the Scorpion, they will not be willing to overlook them. Not until they’ve exacted their vengeance. They make use of their emotionality to deal with people who have harmed them or deal with death.

Scorpions are extremely sensitive and silent people. Their concern is that they are not really forthcoming regarding their worries and fears. Rather than expressing what they desire or how it affects them, they become spiteful and vicious, which can be risky for them as well.


Sagittarius are loners who can’t control feelings, these individuals aren’t very emotionally sensitive. 

Sagittarians are often incapable of cultivating empathy towards others, and they are unable to comprehend others so they are unable to acknowledge peoples’ emotions and move at their own pace and live life on their own terms.


Despite having a secret sensitive side, Capricorns feel like they don’t have time for feelings. They aren’t unconcerned; they simply prefer the rational and realistic truth. 

They will give you directions and tell you just what to do, so if you do not pay heed to them straight away, they will feel frustrated and end up leaving.


The sign of Aquarius comes last and at the very bottom of this list when it comes to emotionality and sensitivity. They are hesitant of trusting anyone and have a tough time socially connecting to others. 

They live in their very own worlds, where they can be at one with themselves. They are happier if they’re not expected to socially interact or have in-depth conversations with people.


In this article, we explored how emotional each zodiac sign is, and also ranked zodiac signs from most to least emotional.

Frequently Asked Questions: Zodiac Signs Most to Least Emotional

What zodiac sign is emotional?

Pisces is the zodiac sign with the most sensitive personality. They are emotionally insightful, and no one is quite as emotionally perceptive than they are. People born under this sign have the ability to process emotions on a more in-depth and extreme basis. Pisceans are compassionate, generous, and considerate to others’ feelings.

Which zodiac sign is a crybaby?

Pisces being a water sign is one of the star signs with the highest sensitivity. People born under this sign are thoughtful people who prefer to over-analyze circumstances. They are quickly hurt and begin to weep. They have a reserved demeanour and are not excessively open about their thoughts or viewpoints.

What zodiac sign is not sensitive?

The lesser sensitive zodiac signs are Sagittarius, Capricorn, Leos, Aquarius, and Aries, which means they are less impacted by stressful circumstances. It’s unfair to equate being “easygoing” to being “neglectful.” These zodiacs aren’t reckless or cold-hearted in the least.

Which zodiac sign gets angry easily?

When Aries is mad, they have a tendency to explode. They are unable to conceal their thoughts and, as a result, become clearly angry and agitated when someone or something irritates them. Taureans are obstinate and impulsive. They are quickly irritated and can become obnoxious and offensive when frustrated.

Which zodiac sign is always single?

Aquarius is regarded as the ghost of the zodiac signs, so it’s no joke that they’re at the top of the hierarchy. They are also among the most self-assured zodiac signs, and as a result, they are by far the most inclined to be single.

What are Aries afraid of?

Since Aries is an optimistic, enthusiastic, and a daredevil sign, it’s no wonder that their greatest fear is going unseen or overlooked. They want to leave an unforgettable impact in the world, and they love getting a long list of achievements.

Why are Scorpios so emotionally sensitive?

This is due to a fear of upsetting people. As a result, a scorpio can take themselves too intensely and be too emotional. Communicating with others and trying to appreciate the complexity of people’s mindsets is a blessing from God and will help you transcend this.

Can 2 Fire signs get along?

If two Fire signs meet, life becomes a true thrill ride. More specifically, they empower and motivate each other. When they both show their temperaments and compete for dominance, conflicts can result among them. This is where the drama begins, and the couple’s friendship begins to deteriorate.

Did the zodiac signs change 2020?

NASA tweeted Thursday night, “No, we did not change the zodiac.” “The Babylonians decided to drop out a 13th sign when they founded the constellations 3,000 years ago. Your thoughts about a zodiac tale that resurfaces every few years have caught our attention. No, the zodiac has not been altered.

Is Ophiuchus a real zodiac sign?

No, it is most definitely not because Ophiuchus is only a constellation and not a zodiac sign.

What Are Big Three signs?

Finding out the major three: the sun, moon, and rising sign, is the perfect way to start learning the fundamentals of astrology. Your Zodiac Sign: So, quite certainly, you do know what your sun sign is. All you have to do is check your birth date to find out which sign you belong to.


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