Mirtazapine Success Stories (A list)

In this brief guide, we will look at some Mirtazapine success stories.

Mirtazapine Success Stories 

Here are some of the most motivating Mirtazapine success stories:

“Mirtazapine has seriously benefited my life in so many ways. For the first time in my life, I slept well. I became way more in control of my emotions. Much for confidence in myself, and the ability to be touched (emotionally.) Life doesn’t have to be so hard! The only downside is the added appetite. I’ve tried every stupid anti depressant, and I’ll never touch an ssri again. Give it time, I can’t promise it’ll work for you like it did me. It doesn’t work overnight, I noticed a difference within a week, but a friend of mine took it, and it took two weeks for him to notice a difference. I feel moments of joy that most people have (that don’t come naturally) on mirtazapine. And that’s truly amazing. Hope this helps.”

“Mirtazipine cured my depression.”

“I was really depressed and having passive suicidal thoughts. I had to quit my job and go into Partial Hospitalization.

During that time I started mirtazapine. It helped me feel regular emotions.

I have persistent depressive disorder, formerly dysthymia, which can last many years. I never understood how most people feel emotions.

Now I don’t chase things that deliver “happiness” like meaningful careers, food, sex, status, etc.

My great grandmother was bipolar so I have a high genetic predisposition.

This is the first time in my life that I’ve felt “normal””

“I’ve said this before. If a dr recommends it just try it. Don’t read the forums. Don’t read the label about what might happen. Don’t obsess. Just take it and go from there.”

“The biggest difference I noticed when I started mirtazapine (15 mg, once daily at bedtime) was that it stabilized my sleep schedule. My sleep hygiene was terrible, due to a combination of young children, marital problems and prescribed Adderall taken for ADD during the day. I committed to taking my mirtazapine at the same time every evening, then my sleep schedule became regular, and I became a much happier person. I’m a little groggy in the mornings, but we have a routine that I can get through without much thought in order to get the kids out the door.”

“Been on mirtazapine for over a year now and after the initial side effects subsided, I felt great. After several months the depression and anxiety started to rear it’s ugly head again, so I started the gym and a healthy lifestyle routine (still whilst taking mirtazapine) and had never felt better in my life. Things haven’t been great recently, I’ve skipped the gym and am eating bad things again, coupled with a terminal diagnosis of a family member, but will get back on it soon. Mirtazapine (or any antidepressant/SSRI) shouldnt be used as a cure-all, but rather a tool to get you in a better place to make positive changes and when used properly, they will help you feel better.”

“I’ve been taking Mirtazapine since October and the only side effects I experienced were in the beginning, it made me super hungry, very drowsy and occasionally restless legs at bedtime. It hasn’t effected my ability to have sex (I’m a 22 year old guy). It has also: Made my lows last shorter and less frequent, overall I am very happy with how it has affected me.

It is important to remember to take it because it will cause withdrawal if you miss a dose. Also remember medications affect everyone differently so if you are unhappy with it talk to your doctor and they should work with you to find something that does work for you.”

“Hey, I was on Remeron for 6 years before I got diagnosed. The weight gain is mainly due to the fact that you crave food, specifically sugary foods. If you’ve ever smoked weed, it’s a little like the munchies, except not as powerful. I initially gained 30 pounds on it, but I managed to lose all that and then an extra 25 pounds by the time I finally got taken off it in December.

But if you have trouble sleeping, this will do the trick. My tolerance for its hypnotic effects never went up. I would not suggest taking any antidepressant if you are bipolar, but this one is relatively harmless in my experience. Definitely a better choice than Zoloft.

Edit: And please remember the weight gain may not happen with you. Everyone reacts to drugs differently.”

“Assuming that you can’t get sleep without medication I strongly urge you to give Mirtazapine a try. Google it for the details but it has been a miracle drug for me. Now to conquer that problem of oversleeping!”

“Been on mirtazapine for 4 and a half years. Was initially put on for GAD and then my dosage was upped to help with depression. It allowed me to cope with the negative effects of anxiety while treating my major depressive episode (2nd one in two years). The sleep inducing effect is the biggest plus to this medication. I got my appetite back, maybe a little too much, I gained 27ish lbs.

I appreciated the ‘downer’ effect this had on my brain chemistry. I was on Venlafaxine previously, that had an ‘upper’ effect and ramped up my undiagnosed GAD quite a bit. The Venlafaxine was a poor choice to put me on.

Mirtazapine got me through a tough time in my life. I have no regrets. I am now transitioning off of it. I’m in a good place now. I’ve built up my support system, changed careers (for the best), put effort into self care after getting out of the hole of depression and built up good habits. I am ready to take the training wheels off and see how I do without the help of this drug. I’m not going cold turkey though, I’m continuing on with Trintellix.

Wish you the best on your journey with this drug.”

An important note to make is that most of the Mirtazapine reviews above are from prescriptions rather than Mirtazapine for recreational use.

Mirtazapine: Description and Side Effects

Mirtazapine is an antidepressant and it may also be used in cases of anxiety, bipolar disorder, panic disorder and many other disorders where there are somatic symptoms and negative emotional states.

If you’re facing this, it may be a good idea to seek the help of a therapist or other mental health professional. You can find a therapist at BetterHelp who can help you learn how to cope and address it.

Mirtazapine is meant to alleviate distressing emotions and help you get to a place of calmness and remove some of the somatic symptoms associated with the mental health condition you are suffering from.

The side effects of Mirtazapine are as follows:

  • Severe sedation
  • Constipation
  • Drowsiness
  • Increased serum cholesterol
  • Weight gain
  • Fatigue
  • Insomnia
  • Increased appetite
  • Xerostomia
  • Decreased appetite
  • Dizziness or Vertigo

Some of the rarer side effects of Mirtazapine involve:

  • Change in menstrual cycle (periods)
  • convulsions (seizures)
  • decreased sexual ability
  • menstrual pain
  • mood or mental changes, including anger, feelings of being outside the body
  • hallucinations (seeing, hearing, or feeling things that are not there)
  • mood wings 
  • unusual excitement
  • mouth sores 
  • sore throat
  • Chills
  • fever

Mirtazapine Success Stories for Depression

Given below are some of the most inspiring Mirtazapine success stories for Depression:

“Remeron (mirtazapine): “I have suffered from major depression for the past 20 years which caused severe insomnia. Remeron has been a lifesaver . I have been able to sleep , but it causes weight gain . My doctor decreased it from 45 mg to 30 mg . There is no major difference between the dosage. I will be following a diet suggested by my dietician to lose 7 pounds gained from the meds”

“I’ve been on mirtazapine for just over a year now, and it has done wonders for my mental health. I have struggled with anxiety and depression since my early teens and this has worked wonders. I definitely noticed an increase in my appetite so have gained a bit of weight but it’s worth the mental stability. I’m on 30mg a day, I started on 15mg but this wasn’t a high enough dose. The only thing I’d note is that going off this cold turkey is a terrible idea. I missed a week because of a mistake on my doctor’s behalf, and the withdrawals were terrible. I had the sweats, couldn’t sleep, barely ate & my depressed & anxious thoughts came back really strongly. Luckily after three days of being back on it I’m starting to feel better. Overall so happy this medication has worked for me and brought back a quality of life I’d been missing for years.”

“I have tried many antidepressants. I love Remeron. I feel happy. Side effect is always hunger. But it has done amazing things for me. My family and friends noticed. Have been on 30mg for 6 weeks.”

Mirtazapine Reviews for Sleep

Mirtazapine reviews for sleep are quite extensive as this medication is used off label for sleep issues fairly often, and it has good sedative properties that seem to help very much with insomnia.

Here are some of the most honest Mirtazapine reviews for sleep:

“I had used mirtazapine as a drug for anxiety and depression, but found it didn’t help much for me. I take wellbutrin, Zoloft, ambien as needed and clonazepam as needed. I wanted to try reducing my ambien use (I just take 5mg so I don’t get completely reliant on it) and thought I’d just try to switch it up sometimes and use my leftover Mirtazapine. I usually do 30 mg as needed, but last night I fell asleep on the couch and don’t remember even being sleepy! That never happens to me. Woke up feeling fine. Only recall one nighttime awakening. Not a wonder drug, but it definitely helps as much as any other sleep med. I’ll probably use 15mg the next time or even try 7.5 mg.”

“Hey guys , I’ve been taking Remeron for around 3 years. Best thing I’ve ever done . From day one I was peacefully falling asleep without anxiety! I love it. It helps me feel happy, calm and ready for bed. In the beginning I felt kinda fatigued the next day. I certainly slept a lot at first but I needed it , I would sleep 10 hours! but with any drug it takes time to adjust to it! It’s been amazing ! I have not put on weight , at the start I was on a dose of 15 milligrams , I was getting the munchies very bad cut down to 7.5mg and the munchies stopped, but after a while and some stress in my life I started not sleeping again. Been on 30mg now for around two years and it’s my perfect dose, yes I get the munchies , but I workout most days and just try hard not to go overboard with food but enjoy feeling good and a few treats. I have energy to burn now I get good sleep every night. It’s a dream come true . Thank you for it .”

“Very powerful drug and I’m a pretty big guy. Would not take more than 15 mg and only 7.5 mg if it’s sufficient.”

“I was only on mirtazapine for a week. The second day all I could think about was food! All day! It did not help at all for my insomnia. I was thinking about what I was going to eat next while I was . I gained 5# in a week. I had to get off.”

“My psychiatrist said the lower the dose is… the stronger it affects sleep. I’m on 15mg and it knocks me out. No bad dreams… actually they were nice dreams. ”

“Yeah, I take mirtazapine for depression, it knocks me out every night (my dose is 45mg) but all night my brain is racing with weird dreams, I wake, it feels like I haven’t slept at all. I can sleep for 12 hours + easily and feel like rubbish when I get out of bed. I don’t know if it’s done anything for my depression/anxiety because I’ve been on them for a while. I take them with 30mg of diazepam a day. Yeah, I’m a total zombie. I always used to be slim, now, I’m really bloated, I think they make you crave sugar. I regret starting taking them, definitely. Stay away if you can.”


In this brief guide, we looked at some Mirtazapine success stories.

Mirtazapine is a great antidepressant that is able to help people come out of their difficult mental health condition and start leading better lives.

Like many other medicines, mirtazapine also has side effects and other problems associated with it, but it is still quite a popular antidepressant.

If you have any more questions or comments about Mirtazapine success stories, please feel free to reach out to us at any time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Mirtazapine Success Stories

Does mirtazapine work immediately?

No, mirtazapine may not work immediately, but it does work fairly quickly, especially on any somatic symptoms you may be experiencing, and you may also see an improvement in your symptoms after a week.

In most cases, however, it takes mirtazapine about 4 and 6 weeks to build up in your body, and then a few weeks longer for your body to adapt and get used to it and for the symptoms to start going away completely.

How long does the sedative effect of mirtazapine last?

The sedative effect of mirtazapine may last about 16 hours or so, because that is the half life of the drug, meaning that is how long it takes for half the drug to leave your system.

Mirtazapine at 45 mg daily may also lead to insomnia when given at bedtime and the medication is at the maximum level in the plasma part of the blood after 90 minutes of taking a dose through the mouth.

How long does mirtazapine 30 mg take to work?

Mirtazapine 30 mg might start working after 1-2 weeks of treatment and the noticeable positive response from mirtazapine 30 mg may be seen within 2-4 weeks.




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