15+ Mindfulness Tattoos (A detailed list)

In this brief guide, we will look at a detailed list of Mindfulness tattoos, the mindfulness symbol and its meaning, as well as the meaning of mindfulness.

Mindfulness Tattoos

Mindfulness tattoos are meant to convey the feeling that is encompassed within mindfulness, which is the practice of being present in the moment and being completely accepting of who you are without judgment and without overthinking things.

Mindfulness meditation is becoming just as common as Yoga, as more and more people are turning towards methods of achieving peace in the current climate of upheaval.

Mindfulness tattoos might be meant to signify that the person wants to live the good life and be the best they can be, and that they want to be non-judgmental and peaceful with their inner life.

Given below are some of the best Mindfulness tattoos along with brief descriptions.

Mindfulness Tattoo 1

This mindfulness tattoo is very minimal and therefore can be done for people who don’t want to be too elaborate or out of the ordinary about it, and it just features a simple red flower with a word, which can be anything pertaining to what you believe in.

Instead of what this person has written, you could choose to breathe, or mindfulness, or just calm, whatever you think you want to remind yourself of with the tattoo.

Getting a tattoo is an incredibly personal thing, even though other people will be seeing it too, and you need to always get something that you will be happy with, so you can pick the flower and the word and everything else about it according to what you want and how you practice mindfulness.

Mindfulness Tattoo 2

This mindfulness tattoo says just breathe along with a dandelion blowing in the wind, which is often related to the feeling of freely floating in the wind and existing in the moment that is so often associated with mindfulness.

The words “Just breathe” also signify the simplicity of the act and how much that simple act can help people, how much taking a deep breath can help when you are feeling stressed out or feeling like things just keep going wrong.

Taking a deep breath is often the biggest part of Yoga or meditation as well, and it is often used as a part of breathing exercises for relaxation as well.

Mindfulness Tattoo 3

This is a very elaborate and extensive mindfulness tattoo, and it features a lotus, which is often associated with the practises of yoga, mindfulness and meditation in general, and variations of the lotus are likely to be quite popular among yogis and other people who want to remind themselves of the positivity that these practices bring to their life.

In Hindu practice the Lotus is considered to be a very sacred flower, and the idea behind that is that this beautiful flower often blooms in the dirtiest of circumstances, and sometimes the biggest lotus flowers are actually found in swamps and mud, which is meant to teach us that humble beginnings and struggle only make us stronger and better.

Just like the lotus, it doesn’t matter that there is negativity in our lives, so long as wel float above it and let it nourish us instead of bringing us down.

Mindfulness Tattoo 4

This is another mindfulness tattoo featuring a lotus, but it involves another symbol often associated with meditation and mindfulness, which is the circle.

The circle is often associated with mindfulness and meditation because it is meant to signify how everything is connected, and how we are all part of a bigger whole, which is a very inclusive philosophy.

The Hindu and Busshist cultures have a saying in sanskrit that says “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam”, which literally means “The world is one family”, and mindfulness often seeks to encompass those feelings at a higher level, because one cannot exist at peace with oneself and with the environment, unless they think of themselves as one with the environment.

Mindfulness Tattoo 5

Here is another lotus symbol that is done for mindfulness tattoos because as discussed above, the lotus makes for a great symbol for peace and growth.

This mindfulness tattoo also features an additional symbol, which is the three dots that are found in the Unalome symbol, which is an integral part of the Buddhist culture, and these dots represent death.

The Unalome contains three dots at the bottom, and in the Buddhist culture death is not feared, it is not meant to be something to avoid or fight, it is just meant to be something that happens and must be met with the reverence it deserves, because everything and everyone dies, but the life well lived is what truly matters at the end.

According to the Buddhist philosophies, it does not matter how short a life span is, or when death comes, as long as there is a sense of peace in that life.

Mindfulness Tattoo 6

This mindfulness tattoo is very artistic, and it almost looks like someone sitting upright and joining their hands above their head, and at the same time it also looks like there are flower petals at the bottom.

This symbol is meant to express the feeling of zen and this pose is often done by Yogis and people who practice meditation.

Mindfulness Tattoo 7

This mindfulness tattoo is a very clever combination of the Unalome and the mindfulness symbol, which is a water drop suspended in the center of the design, and it is meant to signify the feeling of being present in the moment, non-judgmentally and completely at ease.

One needs to accept oneself for who they are and their thoughts must be at one with their self-identity, and that is what this mindfulness tattoo seeks to teach the person.

Mindfulness Tattoo 8

This mindfulness tattoo is more Eastern in nature, which can be seen in the similarity between the symbol and many Kanji characters.

In this symbol, the top part is meant to signify the present, because that is a big part of mindfulness, being present in the here and now. 

In fact, the proponent of the mindfulness theory in psychology, Jon Kabat Zinn, defined mindfulness as the following:

Mindfulness meditation is “the awareness that arises from paying attention, on purpose, in the present moment and non-judgmentally”.

Mindfulness Tattoo 9

This is another great mindfulness meditation tattoo that features the lotus.

When getting a lotus for a mindfulness tattoo, you can go either with a watercolor lotus like the ones seen above, or you can go with something minimal like this one.

Mindfulness Tattoo 10 

This is an incredibly different and artistic mindfulness tattoo, and it is a beautiful stick figure of a yogi in a meditation pose.

The entire tattoo is done in one single line, which is meant to give the feeling of continuity and the feeling of going on with life no matter what, and of being at one with oneself through mindfulness.

Mindfulness Tattoo 11

This is a different mindfulness tattoo, it features half a face with flowers on one side to signify how the person is always growing, always blooming through mindfulness and a journey to self-discovery.

The word blossoming at the bottom of the tattoo also signifies the same thing, and this is a great tattoo for anyone that is trying to be a better person.

Mindfulness Tattoo 12

The common saying Mind over Matter also makes for a great tattoo,and this mindfulness tattoo also shows that.

This is a nice and unique rendition of the popular saying, putting mind quite literally over matter.

Mindfulness Tattoo 13

This mindfulness tattoo is another play on the traditional Unalome, and it is more elaborate and done in the style of henna, almost.

Unalome makes for a great tattoo but getting the original symbol may be considered by disrespectful by some people, so this is a great way to get it.

Mindfulness Tattoo 14

This is another great minimalistic mindfulness tattoo, and it shows a caricature that looks like a person in the middle of geometric figures, which is meant to signify the feeling of oneness with the environment and maintaining balance in one’s life through mindfulness.

Mindfulness Tattoo 15

This is another great mindfulness tattoo that features a lotus and some parts of the Unalome.

If you are getting a mindfulness tattoo like this one, the best place to get it is definitely somewhere where the length will be perfect, like this person has done.

These tattoos definitely tend to look better on the arm, and you can get it on whichever side you want.

Mindfulness Tattoo 16 

This is a purely mindfulness symbol based mindfulness tattoo, and it features ripples in the water and a suspended water drop, both of which signify being present in the moment.

Mindfulness is all about being aware of the surroundings but being present in them without judgment anyway, and this tattoo signifies that exactly.

Mindfulness Tattoo 17

This last mindfulness tattoo features a circle and a wave, signifying this Buddisht quote about life:

“In the ocean. You can see it, measure it, its height, the way the sunlight refracts when it passes through. The wave returns to the ocean, where it came from and where it’s supposed to be. …”


In this brief guide, we looked at a detailed list of Mindfulness tattoos, the mindfulness symbol and its meaning, as well as the meaning of mindfulness.

Mindfulness is a growing practice that is equally useful for people suffering from mental health conditions and people who merely want to get healthier both in mind and body.

Mindfulness helps an individual to focus on the given moment, and it helps the person become more aware of their thoughts and emotions, which in turn helps them be present with themselves.

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If you have any more questions or comments about mindfulness tattoos or the concept of mindfulness in general, please feel free to reach out to us.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Mindfulness Tattoos

What does the mindfulness symbol mean?

The mindfulness symbol means a combination of time and space, past, present and future, and it signifies the feeling and awareness of being present in the moment and being at peace with your thoughts.

The mindfulness symbol is meant to look like a water drop suspended in air, and it signifies the present moment or the centre , and the fact that the drop exists in two planes and at the center of everything, means that it is present in the current moment without judgment, which i swhat mindfulness teaches us to do as well.

What is the tattoo symbol for depression?

The tattoo symbol for depression can be a Heart with Semicolon, or just a semicolon, which comes from the Project Semicolon, a charity for depression and specifically for suicide.

The tattoo symbol for depression was chosen to be the Semicolon because the ideology was that a semicolon is used when the writer could have ended the sentence but didn’t, which is meant to signify the bravery of someone struggling with depression to keep going even when they are not in the best state of mind.

The tattoo symbol for depression being a semicolon is meant to remind people who get them that they can keep going and that they have the strength to do so.

What is the meaning of a Unalome tattoo?

The unalome symbol refers to the path to enlightenment in the Buddhist culture, and in an Unalome, the spirals are meant to symbolize the twists and turns in life, while the straight lines are meant to be the moment one reaches enlightenment or peace and harmony. 

There are dots at the end of the Unalome symbol as well, and they represent death, or the moment we fade to nothing, which represents the moment 

Is it bad to get a Unalome tattoo?

While it’s not bad to get an Unalome tattoo per se, it can sometimes be a little insensitive to get tattoos or traditional or obviously cultural tattoos like an Unalome or Om because in some cases getting tattoos of things one does not fully understand and belonging to a culture of which one is not a part, can seem somewhat frivolous.

Wearing a cultural symbol like the Unalome or Om can be disrespectful because one never knows how the people in that culture look at it and when it starts to become offensive.




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