Michael Jackson’s Personality Traits (A 3 point guide)

This article will explore what personality traits the ‘King Of Pop’ Michael Jackson had. It will also explore his life events, the personality type he had and what his strengths and weaknesses were as a person.

What Are Michael Jackson’s Personality Traits?

Michael Jackson had a unique personality that was not only inspiring but also an example of what it takes to embark on the road of fame and still be true to oneself. The following list shows what his major personality traits were:

  • Shy
  • Honest
  • Charming
  • Sensitive
  • Insecure
  • Hard Working

Before we take a look at the personality traits of Michael Jackson in detail, let us take a brief look at his background.

Who Is The King Of Pop?

Considered one of the most significant cultural figures of the 20th century, Michael was born in 1958 and was an American singer and dancer. He is famously known for his ‘Moonwalk’ dance and many songs like ‘Thriller’ and ‘Beat It’. Only 5 years old, Michael began his career in music and dancing from a very young age. As a child, Jackson became the lead singer of his family’s popular Motown group, the Jackson 5; eventually he went on to a solo career of astonishing worldwide success

The singer’s parents were Joe and Katherine Jackson who raised him in Gary, Indiana. Michael was married twice; once to Lisa Marie and then to Debbie Rowe in the 1990s. He has 3 children who are named Paris Jackson, Prince Michael Jackson and Michael Joseph Jackson. 

His most famous songs include Earth sing, Billie Jean, Smooth Criminal, Rock With you, Man in the Mirror, Black or White and Heal the World. He also rocked the world of dancing and his most famous dance moves include the anti gravity lean, slide slide, toe stand, the robot, MJ spin and the kick.

The Personality Traits Of Michael Jackson.


Despite the fact that he achieved much stardom and roamed the world meeting many famous personalities, Michale was undoubtedly described as a shy man. He was an introvert by nature and even though he was just about fine opening up about himself he found it difficult to be very comfortable meeting new people or being the heart of the party. 

How he captured attention was with his skills of dancing and singing; he mesmerized the world with his style of dancing and singing to the extent that he is considered to be one of the most influential figures of this century.

In the first glance, these people are very quiet and seem to have nothing to say or show. Also, they are hesitant when it comes to talking about themself or saying how they feel. Even though Michale was much used to the attention from a very young age, interviews were always something new to him. If you see his interviews especially from the early stages of his career his shyness is very obvious.


He believed in the truth and that was what defined his values from a very early age. He was an interesting person who expressed himself not through speaking but through singing and dancing. In his interviews he can be seen talking about how people feel and that they can affiliate themselves with songs that stick for a lifetime. He is successful in part because he was truthful in who he was and never acted or tried to be fake. If he was confused he was open about it. 

In one of his early interviews, despite being very shy and scared he admitted his father was strict although his body language showed he was not at all comfortable saying it. This shows he would give value to the truth even if it was difficult to utter it. Nonetheless he was relieved when the interviewer told him that his father himself admitted he was strict and that was when Michael took a sigh of relief.


Being shy never prevents you from being charming. A charming person is someone who is described as likeable, pleasant and agreeable. Michael was someone everyone was drawn to because of his kindness, down to earth personality and pleasant nature. 

Many people who met Michael claimed he left an impact on them and that he indeed was unique and special and that he had a lot of talent in him. Furthermore they described him as charming because he was relaxed around others and followed the ‘live and let live’ philosophy of life. People with this trait are considered charming because they are warm and kind hearted and people feel comfortable around them.


From his childhood, Michael can be described as a sensitive person and this is because of how he behaved despite his fame and popularity. He understood the pain of others and wanted to make this world a better place.

He is well known for many charity initiatives that he took which include AIDS Project Los Angeles, American Cancer Society, Atlanta Children’s Foundation and The Atlanta Project. However, his activities in the field of charity were so extensive that they cannot be truly judged. He was very fond of children and cared for them greatly and he even had a charity that involved a Zoo with many different types of animals for children to see.

Michael was sensitive because of how he remembers his past. He was very much fixed on the idea of his father whom he described as strict. He also remembers that he would get in trouble and hide around in the house. These memories give preference to show that he was very sensitive as a child and felt things immensely.


Everyone has problems in their life and they express them differently. Michael was also seen as a controversial figure due to his wealth, temperament and skin color

In his later years Michael’s skin color changed drastically so that it became a very white shade instead of his naturally brown skin color. Many claim he had this done on purpose due to his concern for darker skin. It will never be known if this transformation was the result of his insecurity as a black man, the side effects of some treatment or disease or a natural occurrence.

It is known that Michael was in the habit of using a lot of swear words when he became anxious or stressed or needed to be alone and people would still swarm around him. If this is true it shows he did have issues and resorted to swearing when he experienced them.


You don’t become the King Of Pop just like that! Michael was not only talented but hard working. He worked to be a better person, a successful artist and a better father. His children describe him as a man who was an involved father. He went on to become well known for all the charities he created and how helped so many people around the world who struggled with diseases, poverty or injustice. Furthemore, he worked hard to transform his talent into something that eventually made him the King Of Pop.

What Is The Personality Type Of Michael Jackson?

Now that we have looked at the personality traits of Michael Jackson, let us look at what personality type best describes him according to the Myer Briggs test.

ISFP – Michael Jackson.

The ISFP or ‘Adventurer’ personality type best describes Michael Jackson because he has the psychological functions of being introverted, a sensor, feeler and perceiver.

He is quiet and shy and likes to focus on the ideas that are going through his mind and wants to express them not through talking but his skills which involve dancing and singing. He was also known as a great songwriter; he had amazing lyrics that popped up in his head.

Furthermore, he can be better categorized as a sensor. Although he was indeed creative and had much value given to his dreams and visions, his senses won here. He expressed himself through his body movements and singing. He understood himself and the world through his five senses that involved touch and hearing. Such people rely on what they can take from the world and process it to make something useful.

Michael is someone who is a feeler because they could connect to people and produce art on the bases of what they felt and believed in. Furthermore he was a perceiving personality as he was laid back and relaxed, did not prefer to be very routine in his world and just went with the flow.


The article highlighted the dominant personality traits of Michael Jackson while shining light on his major life events and personality type as well. The article attempted to explain his dominant traits in terms of his behavior, cognitive and emotional functioning.

Frequently Asked Questions: Michael Jackson’s Personality Traits.

How old would Michael Jackson be today if he were alive?

If Michael Jackson were alive today he would be 62 years of age and would celebrate his birthday on the 29th of August.

Could Michael Jackson read?

Michael Jackson could not read or write; he only knew how to play a few instruments.

When did Michael Jackson die?

Micheal Jackson died on the 25th of June in 2009.




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