MBTI Of Cedric Diggory (+3 Facts)

The article discusses the personality type of Cedric Diggory who makes a limited appearance in the Harry Potter series as one of the contestants for the tournaments between the Wizardry schools. The article will discuss what personality type he has, it’s strengths and weaknesses and the dominant traits of this type.

What Is The Personality Type Of Cedric Diggory?

Cedirc Diggory’s Myer Briggs personality type is the INFJ which is also known as the ‘Defender’. These people are described as warm, careful to little details and quite efficient as well as skillful.

People with this personality type are very unique in that their traits oftentimes seem to contradict with the skills they have developed. Although they are quiet, they have good observational and people skills. Similarly, these people are reserved but know how to deal in social situations and with people that too effectively. In short, they are more than the sum of their parts.

Cedric Diggory is an INFJ in that he is introverted, intuitive, a feeler and judge. This means that his main power is his ability to think not to mention that he is good when it comes to knowing things rather than just believing and seeing. These people focus more on how they feel and observe people on the basis of their actions.

Who Is Cedric Diggory?

Other than his dashing looks, Cedric Diggory is from the hufflepuff house of Hogwarts who was also a prefect and had captained the quidditch team playing as a seeker. In his 6th year, he decided to try out for the triwizard tournament and hence put his name; he was selected as one of the contestants of the tournament to represent the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Unfortunately, Cedric loses his life when Voldemort appears towards the end of the tournament; this incident becomes a center for much controversy.

Generally, Cedric is kind hearted and well mannered. He is nice to people and down to earth despite his popularity and good looks as well as achievements over the years.

The Dominant Traits Of The INFJ – Cedric Diggory.


Despite their skills and achievements, these personality types seem indifferent to the glory that surrounds them. This may be because of their humble and down to earth nature where they do not like to celebrate their own selves or show off. During the triwizard tournaments, it is quite obvious Cedric does not appreciate it when his achievements are exaggerated too much. For example, he pulls his hand down when his father raises it out of proudness for his son when his name is mentioned during the ongoing tournament.

Ability To Connect.

Yes. This is rare for most introverts but INFJs are unique in this matter. They are able to connect with people at a deeper level by understanding their needs and what type of nature the other person has. Furthermore, they consider this connection as an experience they not only can enjoy but benefit from.


These people believe in fairness and doing the right thing. How Cedric eyes Harry suspiciously when he gives away the first task of the tournament which must remain a secret for all contestants or when he allows Harry to take the winning cup because he rightfully deserved it shows that INFJs believe in a fair game. Rather than winning, they are more concerned with whether or not the game was conducted justly.

What Are The Strengths of INFJs?


If you want to have a fun time even during work then look for INFJs. Cedric although an introvert, is usually surrounded by a group of rowdy, fun loving boys. He actually enjoys it because it allows him to create connections with others and observe people. Furthermore he does not let an opportunity go by when he can celebrate a success – not to show off but to enjoy the moment. When he gets selected for the tournament or wins the swimming contest, he expresses his happiness wholeheartedly with the others.


Cedric is a supporter of doing good with others although he may not expect the same. He is truly someone who wants the best for others even if it means giving something up that would give him great benefit. At the end of the tournament, he lets Harry take the cup because he accepts that it was Harry who rightfully deserved it and he was very supportive. He did not let him win in a bitter sense but actually justified it by telling Harry that you saved my life. 

He also let Harry in on a little secret about the golden egg by telling him to take it into the bath with him. This shows he not only liked Harry and wanted him to get closer to winning but also wanted to help out wherever he could.

Furthermore, in one scene where Harry pulls Cedric away from his friends, Cedric tells Harry that he had asked his friends to take off badges that showed they were against Harry. This shows that Cedric understood Harry and his situation unlike others and wanted to support him rather than be against him like others.


Their achievements are no product of luck! People with this personality type are definitely in the habit of working hard. This explains why they value just systems where only those who are competent will make it to the top. Even in the movie, Cedric does not engage in any sort of cheating during the tournament and also finds it suspicious that Harry lets him in on the first task which is relevant to dragons. Someone else may have warmly welcomed Harry’s input.

Kind To Others.

These individuals are extremely kind to others and do not mind taking a stand for them even if it is in an implicit manner. How Cedric openly tells Harry that he told his friends not to make fun of him or listens to Harry when he calls him despite the controversy surrounding him shows Cedric is kind even to those who are labeled not to deserve it. He is also very friendly as shown in the start of the movie where he warmly greets Harry and the others.


Too Altruistic.

People like Cedric are sometimes too altruistic to the point that others can take advantage of them. They are friendly, may not recognize the bad intent of others as soon as they should and let opportunities go if they deem themselves not worthy of it and yes they do have high standards of meeting a certain benchmark. This may explain why Cedric insisted Harry take the cup. Yes Harry did help him at the very end but that does not mean he let an opportunity go right? Maybe Cedric is right after all.

Humble and Shy.

Although they have developed good skills, people with an INFJ personality type are very shy and tend to act that way unless it is required of them to behave differently. Furthemore, they are very humble and this may allow others to take the credit and get away with better opportunities. So INFJs need to learn to take the credit; not only for their benefit but of others too!

Repress Feelings.

Like they defend others feelings, Defenders also protect their own feelings and hence they may not express what they always think and feel and this may prevent others from connecting to them closely. It can also become a hurdle in relationships Defenders have with others.

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The article looked at the Myer Briggs Personality type for Cedric Diggory, a much loved character from the ‘Harry Potter’ series. His personality type, its dominant traits as well as strengths and weaknesses were identified in this article!

Frequently Asked Questions: The Myer Briggs Type Of Cedric Diggory.

How would you describe Cedric Diggory?

Cedric Diggory can be described as a very handsome boy with grey eyes from the hufflepuff house of Hogwarts. He was quidditch captain and one of the contestants of the Triwizard Tournament. He is skilled, hard working and kind.

What personality type is Remus Lupin?

Remus Lupin’s personality type is an INFJ which is rare and unique. He is quiet on the outside but passionate on the inside.

What personality type is Emma Watson?

Emma Watson’s personality type is an ESTJ and hence she is extraverted, sensing, a thinker and judge.



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