Luna Lovegood MBTI – An INTP?

This article will explore the personality type of one of the most loved Harry Potter characters, Luna Lovegood, and whether or not she is an INTP. The article will also attempt to highlight her dominant traits and what strengths and weaknesses her personality type yields.

Is Luna Lovegood An INTP?

Yes Luna Lovegood is an INTP who is also known as an ‘Logician’. People with this personality type are creative while at the same time processing everything in their surroundings using logic and rationale. They seem simple on the outside but they live in a very private and complicated world from their point of view.

Before we study Luna’s dominant traits as an INTP, we will take a quick look at her character from the ‘Harry Potter’ movies.

Who Is Luna Lovegood?

Luna is one of the students at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. She belongs to the house of Ravenclaw and participated in the battles that took place in the Department of Mysteries, the Astronomy Tower and also co led the army of Dumbledore when Harry was away.

As a character, she always seems to live in a world no one can see or understand; her deep interest in mythical creatures combined with her imagination and creativity is oftentimes hard for others to visualize. Despite that, she is able to think quite well in times of crisis and offer her friends the best piece of advice.

Luna lost her mother when she was very young as a result of experimenting with spells going bad. She lives with her father who is also the editor of the famous Quibbler magazine. They live in an odd looking house somewhat away from other people possibly near a village. 

The Dominant Traits of Luna Lovegood.


Although Luna seems to be confident around others when it comes to speaking her mind, she is truly an introvert who has just mastered her people skills which is indeed unique just like her. Luna is very thoughtful and likes to spend time thinking about what she sees or believes in; this allows her to critically analyze her thoughts and form connections. This skill is what results in her giving such good advice because her strengths is her focus on her thoughts. Like introverts, Luna lives in her own world of creatures and this is why she is often not part of most scenes because she values her solitude. Only when she has given sufficient time to her thoughts does she appear back and interact with others.


Luna doesn’t simply rely on her senses. She thinks in an abstract manner and that is what makes it possible for her to actually imagine all the mythical creatures she reads about. Furthermore she does not just rely on what is going on in front her, she looks inside and beyond what is observable for the truth. Her ability to construct new information, identify patterns and come up with novel situations shows she is an intuitive personality.


Although she is kind, warm hearted and wants the best for others, Luna does not let her goodness fog her ability to think in a strategic manner based on logic and objectivity. She is able to bypass her feelings for others and rummage through the mess for the truth. When Harry is in a hurry to find Ramona’s diadem, it is Luna that puts some sense into him and tells him to talk to someone who is dead because no person alive has seen it. She is able to think beyond others due to her strong thought patterns.

The advice she offers is very logical and truthful. She is able to see what people feel and think due to her ability to objectively observe them. Her opinions are not based on how she should treat others but the truth. When Ron is having breakfast just before the quidditch match and he is very anxious, Luna confronts him truthfully and highlights that she saw Harry spiking his drink; she is able to identify connections and make use of them for the benefit of others.


Luna is definitely the perceiver when it comes to her dominant personality traits! She is very much open to new experiences and has no problem keeping alternatives in her plan. She is spontaneous; either becoming it herself or at the receiving end, she has no problem with being or experiencing spontaneity. 

Luna focuses on the experiences she has and this is how she understands her world in order to reach conclusions, give advice or make decisions. She is flexible in how she operates and does not have an urge to get things done immediately but rather adopts an approach where things will happen at the right time.

The Strengths of Luna – The INTP.

People like Luna are great thinkers and analysts. They see the world as one big system which they want to study; they can break it down into its parts and understand it from different perspectives due to their ability to think abstractly. This allows them to create new possibilities and test better and more innovative ideas. Luna’s suggestion to Harry that he should talk to someone who is dead in order to find the diadem, one of the horcruxes, is an innovative idea which someone would not suggest because unlike Luna, it is difficult for them to think out of the box.

Imaginative and Original.

Luna is indeed imaginative and original like her father. They run a magazine which is based on these two qualities; the Quibbler. In one scene on the train to Hogwarts, Luna is seen wearing funny looking glasses which actually turn out to be an invention to spot little mythical creatures that buzz around your head. It saved Harry from going all the way back to London and a lot of time too. Hence these people take up their imagination and use it to create innovative things or ideas that are simply not the copy of something else.


Yes, despite being quiet, Luna can be very enthusiastic. When Harry initiated the process of recruiting for Dumbledore’s army, she joined eagerly and practiced in the Room of Requirement with much delight. She did everything in her power to assist the trio in the series where Dolores Umbridge is constantly trying to catch them doing something wrong so she can have them expelled. Her bravery shows how enthusiastic she is about the entire idea. When Harry is no longer at the school, she takes up lead with Neville to lead the army on.

Honest and Straightforward.

Luna is indeed honest and straightforward even if it means she might hurt someone’s feelings or seem extremely blunt. However, when she speaks she does so very thoughtfully and with a lot of evidence to the extent that the other person has to accept what she proposes or spots. It’s possible people avoid her or call her loony because they are actually scared of getting true feedback or an honest opinion. Maybe people like living in a delusional world where everything seems alright!

The Weaknesses of Luna Lovegood.


People with this personality type are usually distant. In the case of Luna she had developed very good people skills however, despite this development, she often seemed to spend time on her own away from others taking pleasure in her thoughts and experiences. INTPs are difficult to reach and family and loved ones may get frustrated while trying to do so – not understanding why they don’t open up!


However nice Luna may seem, sometimes she does point out things at the wrong time temporarily hurting someone even if it may be the truth. These people are so focused on logic and how things really are that they are not able to understand why people would not want to see it that way. Throughout the series Luna is lauded for how she points out the ‘obvious’ but at the same time the same scenes show people who may become uncomfortable with her observations or possibly upset.

Absent Minded.

INTPs are absent minded and this may be because of how much time they spend in their own world looking at things from a different lense. The appearance of the character of Luna was such that she appeared to be dreamy, distant and in another dimension people could not understand and yes that is usually the case with other INTPs hence people may find it difficult to approach them or understand them.

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The article explored why Luna Lovegood is an INTP by looking at her dominant traits while at the same time pointing out her strengths and weaknesses which were in alignment with the mentioned personality type. The article also attempted to highlight some scenes from the movie to support its stance on Luna’s personality type.

Frequently Asked Questions: Luna Lovegood – An INTP?

Is Luna Lovegood an INTP?

Yes, Luna Lovegood is an INTP in the movie series of Harry Potter because of her ability to lead in an objective manner and see things in a truthful light.

Why is Luna Lovegood so weird?

She is weird because of her views on mythical creatures as well as how objectively she sees things which other people may want to ignore hence they considered her weird and teased her.

Did Luna Lovegood die?

No. Luna did not die in the movie. She survived the battle of Hogwarts where she is seen sitting on the steps with Neville Longbotto


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