ISTP female (A 3 point guide)

This blog will answer the question, ‘who is an ISTP female?’ and will also discuss the characteristics, strengths, and weaknesses of an ISTP female.

Who is an ISTP female?

  • An ISTP female is born a problem solver, given enough time and resources, there’s completely nothing she can’t fix
  • She is always on two feet on the ground. An ISTP female has zero-tolerance for vague and theoretical ideas and projects 
  • An ISTP female is not afraid of getting her hands dirty. Therefore, she is called a crafter. Her hands are always trying to fix something.
  • She also craves novelty. An ISTP female easily gets bored and that’s why she is always drawn to finding new activities or adventures.
  • ISTP female is relentlessly curious. It’s the reason why she has many projects on her table.
  • ISTP females are also friendly but private. She is reliable and confident though most times she likes to keep to herself.
  • She likes it when people take on an interest in her projects. It boasts an ISTP female when her help or work is appreciated.
  • She tends to act first and think later. An ISTP female usually has a moment of emotional outburst due to bottling up emotions for a long time.
  • She is also somewhat unpredictable. An ISTP female can sometimes be so friendly, relaxed and some other times she is private and spontaneous
  • Sometimes she chooses to pull away, in terms of relationship, an ISTP female is a bit hard to nail down as she enjoys her independence
  • She never grows stale, an ISTP female finds ways of inventing fun and exciting activities.
  • Giving emotional support does come naturally to her, an ISTP female does not merely offer sympathy but practically fixes the problem 
  • She is not a robot though, as much as an ISTP female does not show her feelings, emotions even weaknesses, she remains a human being
  • ISTP female defies stereotypes, she usually sticks to what she believes in even though it breaks societal norms and customs
  • An ISTP female goes for the most rewarding careers since she enjoys working with her hand. Some of which are, construction workers, pilots, mechanics, and system analysts 
  • She is always wondering what’s next. To an ISTP female, every new day is a new opportunity to discover some excitement in working.
  • She has value for artistry and craftsmanship, since an ISTP female has a keen eye for detail, she is easily fascinated by things like art, craft, and even sometimes fashion
  • Combines physical gifts with her sharp mind, most cases an ISTP female is usually blessed not only with the handy skills but also the capability of applying her intelligence
  • An ISTP female’s priorities are freedom and autonomy, she does not want to feel like she is being restricted or confined to one place.

What is the meaning of an ISTP female?

An ISTP female is a female who exhibits behavioral characters and preferences like a person with ISTP personality type.

The acronym ISTP stands for (I) introverted, (S) sensing (T) thinking (P) perceiving. 

ISTP is one of the 16 personalities on the Myers-Briggs type indicator (MBTI)

What are the characteristics of an ISTP female?

  • ISTP female is a practical thinker and logical in whatever she does, she does not just make conclusions on mere facts but rather analyses the facts critically before concluding to a result. The ISTP female has an excellent eye for detail hence good at making effective decisions.
  • ISTP female is independent and action-oriented, she does not wait for things to be done for her. She is always on her feet in the field trying to get things done instead of remaining seated drawing projects and discussing ideas.
  • She is non-judgmental and open-minded towards those around her but prefers making judgments about objective criteria instead of conclusions based on personal beliefs and societal values.
  • The ISTP female creates an opportunity where there seems to be none, this is due to her practical sense. She is exceptional at implementing ideas and creating opportunities.
  • She is a risk-taker who enjoys her free time in taking new adventures and discoveries. She tends to partake in the fiercest adventures like cycling, aviation, racing, and firefighting. She goes for such activities because she finds boredom in participating in female-related activities like partying, modeling.
  • The ISTP female is known for breaking rules and rarely follows social settings, rules, or regulations, with this she is usually viewed by society as being insensitive and stubborn. She is loyal to her intuition, cause, and belief in whatever circumstance. 
  • She tends to hold in her emotions and often viewed as emotionless, detached from reality. This is because she wants to keep a cool head when in pain and does not want to be perceived as weak.
  • An ISTP female is reserved, laid back, and always alone to sort out things on her mind and not get distracted by people who are not like-minded  
  • ISTP female is a problem solver who always tries to find a solution to every crisis that comes her way
  • ISTP female is also good at teamwork. She loves to work around groups of people who portray the same energy as her 
  • ISTP female is good at understanding the operation of machines, she exhibits an excellent ability to have the damaged machines fixed.
  • She is optimistic and that’s why an ISTP female does not hold herself back for fear of risks or failure. She takes up different tasks with high enthusiast for good returns 

What are the strengths and weaknesses of an ISTP female?


  • ITPS female is optimistic and energetic, she cheerfully accomplishes different projects 
  • She is creative and practical because ISTP female loves using their hands and everything to do with crafts and skills 
  • An ISTP female is spontaneous and rational, due to her adaptability and versatile traits  
  • She knows how to prioritize, most especially when it comes to an ISTP female’s freedom and autonomy 
  • An ISTP female is great in a crisis, to an extent that she is not afraid of getting her hands dirty when solving a problem.
  • An ISTP female is relaxed, laid back, and lives her life through the moment.


  • An ISTP is stubborn in cases where someone tries to change her routine through criticism.
  • An ISTP female can be insensitive, in moments of emotional outburst and pain
  • She is private, reserved, and keeps to herself most of the time.
  • An ISTP female easily gets bored when in the same surroundings for so long.
  • She dislikes commitment and always wants to be independent
  • An ISTP female is known for taking up risky behavior and practices.

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The blog answered the question, ‘who is an ISTP female?’ and proceeded to discuss the characteristics, strengths, and weaknesses of an ISTP.

Frequently asked questions: Who is an ISTP female

What is an ISTP female afraid of?

An ISTP female is afraid of having to show their vulnerable side. she tends to hold her emotions to the extent that she is usually considered emotionless. The fear is having to depend on others for anything, this is because she is so independent that depending on others makes her look weak.

Is an ISTP female lonely?

Yes, an ISTP female is in most cases lonely, as much as she is very intelligent, she is distant as well that to some extent, affects her relationship with family and friends.

Is an ISTP female rare?

Yes, ISTP is rare among women as compared to men and it makes up 2% of 5% of the general population.

What are the best jobs for ISTP females?

They include mechanics, surveyors, carpenters, commercial designers, landscape architects, building inspectors, foresters.

Why is an ISTP female so cool?

She is a critical thinker, a crafter, a go-getter, an adventurer, problem solver, firm to her beliefs, nonjudgmental to family and friends, strong, open-minded, curious, the list is endless


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