ISTP Female Careers (Top 3 Careers)

This blog will attempt to answer the question, “ISTP female Careers?”, list the characteristics of the ISTP female and discuss some of the ideal jobs for an ISTP female.

Four of the best Careers that an ISTP female would thrive at including Computer Programmer Machinist, Forensic Scientist, and Engineer.

The ISTP female is not your average female, she is known for using a rigorous and very analytical decision-making process based on facts and evidence. She tends to be unbiased and objective regardless of how people feel. 

 What are the Ideal career choices for an ISTP female?

ISTP females are also great problem solvers who enjoy challenging situations. Therefore, the most ideal careers are those that can afford them excitement, a challenge and capitalizes on their superb kinesthetic abilities.

  • Engineering
  • Computer programming
  • Forensic Scientist
  • Machinist


Engineering is ideal for an ISTP female because it allows her to focus on an area of specific interest. It requires creativity, advanced calculations and their great problem-solving skills is an added advantage.

There are many branches of engineering they can choose from such as chemical, civil, mechanical, or aeronautical engineering.

Computer Programmer

The solitary manner of working as a computer programmer suits the ISTP since they can fully focus on the task at hand, without having to consider the emotions and concerns of colleagues.

Forensic scientist

An ISTP female is perfect for this role because Forensic science requires problem-solving skills and critical thinking skills. It involves investigating facts and is based on evidence. 

A Forensic scientist collects and examines samples and specimens and writes reports on their findings. The job requirements of a forensic scientist make good use of the traits associated with the ISTP.


Machinists are people who specialize in working with and developing all sorts of machines. It is a job for people who are focused and pay attention to detail. 

This is a great job for ISTP females because they get to see their ideas take physical form and shape. Machinist work is solitary, which allows the introverted ISTP female very little or no interaction with others.

Characteristics of ISTP females.

Unlike most females, the ISTP woman is not emotional and rarely overreacts and has outbursts she is calm and collected and may sometimes come across as cold-hearted.

The ISTP woman is more inclined to believe the information she receives through their sense of modality. These are Touch, Smell, Sight, Taste, and Hearing. Ideas and theories do not particularly appeal to them because ‘seeing is believing’.

ISTP women are great problem solvers and enjoy challenging situations as they can easily come up with solutions and remedies to problems.

ISTP females are very realistic and unlike other women, they rarely fantasize and can admit that things are not in their favor. They can therefore easily cope with most situations and have strong mental stamina.


This blog answered the question “what are the best careers for an ISTP female?”, it listed the characteristics of the ISTP female and discussed some of the ideal jobs for an ISTP female. These jobs include Computer Programmer, Machinist, Forensic Scientist, and Engineer.


How rare is a female ISTP?

ISTP females are quite rare making up only 2% of the general population.

What are the best jobs for ISTP?

• Surveyor.
• Mechanic.
• Designer.
• Landscaper
• Architect.
• Building Inspector.
• Engineer
• Farmer or Rancher

Who should ISTP marry?

Research shows that the ISTP’s natural born type to marry is the ESTJ or the ENTJ. Because they are introverted they are best matched with a partner whose personality is Extroverted.

What ISTPs look for in a relationship?

ISTPs often look for friendliness, warmth, and attentiveness which are qualities they tend to lack. ISTPs place a high value on respect. 
If you want to show an ISTP respect, be loyal to them, tell them the truth, and respect their independence and autonomy.

Why are ISTPs so mean?

ISTPs come across as mean because they usually use logic to understand everything and can be expressionless and silent. 

It is rare that they show or express sympathy and can be very nonchalant about emotional situations. Not all ISTPs are mean, they can be accommodating once you get to know them.

Who are ISTPs attracted to?

 ISTPs are attracted to people who are confident and comfortable with themselves.


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