ISTP 9w8 Personality (A comprehensive guide)

In this brief guide, we will explore the ISTP 9w8 personality, along with some other topics related to this personality type, like ISTP 9w1, 9w8 vs 9w1, 9w1 vs 1w9, famous 9w8 and Enneagram type 9.

ISTP 9w8

The ISTP 9w8 personality may be someone who may have the typical introverted personality traits of ISTP and enneagram type 9, but at the same time they may also be forceful and rebellious in a way that only wing 8 can be.

The ISTP 9w8 combination (don’t confuse it with ISTP 8w9) may be fairly common in the population as well, and many people may actually find that ISTP 9w8s are more common than ISTP 9w1s. 

The typical ISTP 9w8 may be very solid, dependable, and usually very focused on being true but they may eventually go with their gut hunches, and they are capable of letting people be themselves as long as they are allowed to do the same.

The ISTP is someone who doesn’t like to follow arbitrary rules and won’t like being boxed in under someone else’s control, and the 9w8 traits make this tendency even stronger and more obvious, because they are the same.

The ISTP 9w8s have a cool and reserved demeanor, but they’re also very good at reading the room and acting in a way they know will be well-received.

ISTP 9w8 acts according to the inferior extroverted feeling function too, sometimes, and even though this means that they likely won’t be great at taking into account the feelings and emotions of others, they are still able to care about what others think about them and they may feel the need for interpersonal relationships to live a healthy life. 

The ISTP 9w8s does not get unreasonably stressed without interpersonal relationships, and if they feel like someone in their life is trying to exert control over them in some way, they might actually run away from that relationship immediately.

The ISTP 9w8 is also capable of being a proficient listener, which is actually something that may be seen in most introverts, and they may be quieter than most 9w8s, which does not hamper their ability to speak up when needed.

Like true ISTPs, the ISTP 9w8 will also have great appreciation for nature and may find extreme ways of interacting with it like in the form of activities like mountain running, kayaking, rock climbing, backpacking, etc.

ISTP 9w8 is also good at accepting others but one might find that they always maintain a safe distance, because they are afraid of getting stuck in a relationship or being under other people’s control.

ISTP 9w1

The ISTP 9w1 is likely to be much more polite than their 9w8 counterparts, and they may often be quite task oriented but because of their moral and peace keeping tendencies, they may also like to make sure that others know the details of their plans.

Most enneagram 9s want calm surroundings, stable and long-lasting relationships, and they often value “the little things in life.”, which are things that one might find in an ISTP as well, which makes the ISTP 9w8 a very common combination of personality.

ISTP 9w8 may also be someone who can “anchor” people in a group because of their peacekeeping abilities, and they are good at knowing the needs of others while presenting a confident, logical approach to things because of their good thinking abilities.

ISTP 9w8s are also more likely to be calmer than a typical ISTP of some other enneagram type, and they may often be far less involved in their work and more involved with the people in their life, and they may also often play the role of a protector and try to take care of everyone around them in some way or another.

The ISTP 9w1 is also very capable of getting things done in the most agreeable and efficient manner possible and because of their strong sense of honor and loyalty due to the wing 1 traits, they let very few people into their inner circle.

The ISTP 9w1 is someone in whom the moralistic and rigid tendencies of the typical enneagram 1 personality are very evident, and they may therefore often have a difficult time making decisions that pull them in different directions, because they want to ensure that they are doing the right thing.

ISTP 9w1 is also unable to properly comprehend their own emotions as well and they may often not be aware that they aren’t comprehending them, because they are not that in touch with their own emotional systems.

The ISTP 9w1 may also trap themselves in fantasies or equations sometimes, and they can also have a somewhat repressing nature that leads them to ignore their emotions and feelings till they explode.

The ISTP 9w1s general tendency to misunderstand emotions which can lead to pent-up anger and worse yet, they can sometimes be very stubborn which can lead to tricky situations.

The ISTP 9w1 does not like to do something they don’t feel like doing and they can ignore or refuse in a very aloof manner and they can brush people off unknowingly.

The ISTP 9w1 personality may also find agreeing with or doing what others tell them to do quite often, especially if those are authority figures or close to them in some way.

9w8 vs 9w1

The difference between 9w8 vs 9w1 is that while the typical 9w1 may be more concerned about the right and wrong and morality, the 9w8 may be likely to take things into their own hands and tackle it with confidence

The 9w8 is a forceful personality, compared to the other type 9s, that is, whereas the 9w1 might probably show some confusion about what the right thing to do might be.

The 9w1 is all about the right or moral thing and they may spend far too long on a single decision, because they may be obsessing about how to do the thing and if it is the right thing to do even, while the 9w8 is concerned with efficiency, to do what gets the job done.

The 9w8 is also likely to be more extroverted than the 9w1, and the 9w1 may be more serious and peaceful, and they may be introspective and introverted.

The 9w8 may also be someone that deals with conflict in a slightly more head-on way,using charisma and confidence, whereas the 9w1 might use more tact and morally rigid ways of dealing with stress or conflict.

9w1 is likely to be more uptight and strict than 9w8, where the 9w8 may be much more playful, and they are also more likely to externalize the problems they experience, and they may internalize their problems 

The 9w1 may have trouble being incompetent or wrong becuase of their staunch ideologies, and they may ruminate about possibly making the wrong choice, but while the 9w8 is also conflict avoidant they may not ncessarily be so bent on being decisive, as long as the work gets done.

The 9w8 may not be as plagued by fears of being wrong but they may still be very scared of conflict but their idea of conflict will be more about avoiding being under someone’s control, whereas the 9w1’s idea of conflict may be more about being moral and right, and they may want things more ideal than being invulnerable.

On the other hand, both 9w8 and 9w1 are peace-loving and conflict avoiding and their first course of action will always likely be to see if the problem resolves with a more adaptive approach.

9w1 vs 1w9

The 9w1 vs 1w9 distinction is rooted in the fact that while the 9w1 is likely to have core traits of the type 9 and some traits of type 1, while the 1w9 has more core traits of type 1, and some traits of 9.

The 9w1 personality likes to avoid conflict and is likely to take the more peaceful approach to any moral quandaries they may have, whereas the type 1w9 is likely to place more importance on making moral and just decisions and the peaceful approach may be secondary to them.

Additionally, the 1w9 personality is also more idealistic than the 9w1 personality, who is more likely to be introverted but based in the reality aspect of things.

Famous 9w8

Here is a list of some of the most famous 9w8 personalities:

  • Ronald Reagan.
  • Gerald Ford.
  • Lady Bird Johnson.
  • Kevin Costner.
  • Sophia Loren.
  • Walter Cronkite.
  • Whoopi Goldberg.
  • Beyonce
  • Bing Crosby
  • Shakira
  • Rex Tillerson
  • Vladimir Horowitz
  • Scarlett Johansson
  • John Mayer
  • Jay Z
  • Vin Diesel


In this brief guide, we explored the ISTP 9w8 personality, along with some other topics related to this personality type, like ISTP 9w8, 9w8 vs 9w1, 9w1 vs 1w9, famous 9w8.

The ISTP 9w8 personality might be fairly common, given that it is an introverted personality with strong beliefs and values of their own, and these cognitive functions fit well with a lot of the traits one might see in a 9w8 personality type.

The ISTP personality may have any of the enneagram types that are introverted and quiet, and those who seek knowledge and want to get to know their surroundings, like type 5 or 4.

If you have any more questions or comments about the ISTP 9w8 personality, you can reach out to us at any time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): ISTP 9w8

What Enneagram type is Istp?

The enneagram type most closely correlated with ISTP tends to be enneagram type 5, or type 9, and most enneagram type personalities that have introverted tendencies fit well with the dominant introverted thinking processes that are a part of the ISTP personality.

How rare is Istp?

ISTP is not very rare, but it is rarer than some of the other introverted personality types, and it is rarer than a lot of the extroverted personality types.

Most statistics show that ISTP is the third rarest among men and the fourth rarest among women and in general, ISTP personality tends to make up about 5% of the population.

Who Should an Istp marry?

An ISTP should marry someone like an ESTJ, as the function stacks of these personalities are the most complementary to each other.

The ISTP personality can also marry someone like an ENTJ,  as their dominant introverted thinking function is well matched with the extroverted thinking function of the ESTJ and ENTJ personalities.

What does Istp hate?

Some things that the ISTP hates are as follows:

Things and situations not changing.
Only theoretical knowledge and no hands-on experience. 
Excessive drama and messy emotions.
Feeling like they are stuck, trapped, or stifled in some way.
Dealing with red tape or unbending rules, or bureaucracy
Not being able to get up or move around
People who overthink things too much
Lack of alone time.

What is the difference between Istp and Isfp?

The key difference between ISTP and ISFP is that while ISTPs are very systematic, and like to break things apart to see how they work, the ISFPs are more sentimental or emotional and prefer being focused on personal values and they often make their decisions according to those values.


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