ISTP 7w6: (A Complete Guide)

In this article, we will describe a combination of ISTP 7w6 personality type i.e. ISTP personality from the MBTI types and the type 7w6 from enneagram types. We will be describing each personality separately followed up by giving an in-depth overview of a combination of both personalities i.e. ISTP 7w6.

ISTP 7w6

ISTP 7w6 shares traits of both ISTP and 7w6 personality. These people strive to be happy and live a fun-filled life. Consequently, they are afraid of missing out on opportunities for enjoyment. They love engaging in stimulating challenges and spend their time fixing new problems. They also acquire knowledge and skills for the purpose. However, they can easily get bored and constantly need innovation and adventure to stay excited and interested in things.

MBTI: Four Cognitive Functions

 Myer Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), based on Carl Jung’s 16 personality types, approaches personality to be composed of four cognitive functions that govern how people think, process, and make decisions. The top two cognitive functions play a dominant role in guiding a person’s personality. Whereas, the latter two play less of a role. However, they still have some impact or influence on how a person behaves in certain situations. ISTP is one personality type out of the 16 types. 

ISTP: The Crafter (Introverted, Sensing, Thinking, Perceiving)

The ISTP personality type from the Myer-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is based on Carl Jung’s 16 personality types. It describes people who are independent, action-oriented, prefer freedom and flexibility in their life. They are open to new experiences and like engaging in practical activities. Logic,  rationality,  concrete information, and practical application of things appeal to them more than abstract ideas.  They dislike routine and prefer newness in their life. 5.4% of people have an ISTP personality type in the world.

Four Cognitive Functions of ISTP

Four cognitive functions that guide how ISTP personality type processes information includes:

Introverted Thinking

ISTPs spend most of their time thinking and processing information which they rarely express to others.  Consequently, they prefer being quiet most of the time. Their actions are based on their strong observational and thinking skills.  You could say they are rational and logical people who like to engage in practical activities.  Furthermore, while analysing situations,  they can put their emotions aside and see things objectively.  Such personalities are hard to get to know for other people due to their action-oriented and reserved nature.

Extroverted Sensing

ISTPs are present-oriented who do not think about the past or the future excessively.  They are logical and enjoy learning about how things function and operate.  They love the practical application of concepts. So they learn more by doing than from reading theories or abstract ideas. 

Introverted Intuition

ISTPs often have gut feelings about different situations especially before making a decision. They can turn abstract concepts into actions or practical ideas.  Due to their intuitive function,  they are also able to have moments of insight about themselves and others. 

Extroverted Feeling

This is the weakest part of ISTP’s personality. They are usually calm and logical.  However,  in stressful situations, they can have emotional outbursts and lash out at others.  This is because they usually ignore their feelings till they reach a breaking point. 


Enneagrams are a map or typology of human personalities. It was developed by George Ivanovich Gurdjieff, Oscar Ichazo, and Claudio Naranjo.It is divided into nine personality types that are spread across 3 triads i.e. Feeling triad, Thinking Triad, or Instinctive Triad. It describes a person’s fundamental psychological orientation in the form of good or bad traits and sees which triad quality i.e. emotion, intellect or instincts is most characteristic of his or her personality.  The Basic Personality Type is the most characteristic of a person. Whereas wings add elements to the overall personality. Type 7w6 is one of its types.

Type 7w6: ‘The Entertainer’

Type 7w6 has basic traits of type 7 and secondary traits of type 6 personality. Type 6 and type 7  are in conflict with each other i.e. orientation towards people (need the approval of others) vs orientation towards things/experiences ( do not need the approval of others). Thus,  such subtypes do a bit of both. i.e. find satisfaction within themselves and also approach others for extra happiness.  These people are outgoing,  adventurous, and relationship-oriented who are just looking for a genuine human connection.

Healthy versions of this subtype are productive and playful people who have an infectious child-like quality. They are creative entertainers with a positive outlook on life.  Their quick humor, clever minds, and sense of discipline help them to achieve a lot of things.  They are assertive yet have a need to be liked and accepted.  Similarly,  they are generous with their money and party-throwing nature.  With their optimism,  they easily form bonds with people especially since they have a very appealing soft side that is both adult and childlike.

Average versions of this subtype are also productive but can easily lose focus.  They are insecure and anxious people who appear to be nervous and fidgety most of the time.  They have trouble following through with commitment. Regarding money, they can be extravagant but also careful.

At times, they can be impulsive and fall in love as easily as they fall out of it.  They need the acceptance and approval of other people which explains their need to always be in a relationship. 

Often, they get preoccupied with what other people think of them and their decisions.   Although they have a good sense of humor but it has a pessimistic and fearful quality. Such people can unconsciously be insensitive and self-centered and easily turn to substance abuse to cope.

 Unhealthy versions of this subtype have an erratic and needy quality.  They are always in search of people who can keep them distracted from their internal fears.  They want the approval of others and turn to them for solving their life’s problems.  Being alone scares them which is why they continue to look for anyone to hang out or party with.  Without, this, they can become helpless, hysterical, and violent.  Such types are highly vulnerable to be dramatic and self-destructive who can even turn to suicide attempts.  Addiction and emotional breakdowns are also possible in their case. 

Examples of Type 7w6: Steven Spielberg,  Elton John,  Jim Carrey, Robin Williams

A Combination of ISTP 7w6

Personality: ISTP 7w6

ISTP 7w6 are afraid of missing opportunities for fun. They want to be reliable and fulfill their commitments but also need freedom of choice. They strive to be happy and fulfilled. This is exhibited by their joy in small things of everyday life. They love new challenges and solving complex problems. For this, they use ther knowledge and skills. They have a low boredom threshold and easily get bored by daily mundane tasks.

Workstyle: ISTP 7w6

In the workplace, ISTP 7w6 are productive,  inquisitive,  loyal, and seek new experiences.  They are determined and hardworking individuals who love working on new challenges. This makes them good at crisis management. However, they like freedom and independence. They dislike being controlled and made to follow schedules. They pay attention to details and take into account concrete information. They prefer to work in jobs that are fast-paced and encourage their creativity and adventurous qualities e.g. Publicist, pilot, journalist, media planner, travel writer, video game designer, firefighter, pilot, etc.

Emotional stressors of ISTP 7w6

ISTP 7w6 are stressed by the negativity of other people, being in isolation, and made to follow schedules. Excessive rules and boring routine also distresses them. They usually want innovation and excitement in their life. However, when they are forced and not given freedom of choice, they get upset.  These people defend themselves by giving a logical meaning to their negative feelings i.e. they convince themselves they are happy when they are not.

Conflict: ISTP 7w6

ISTP 7w6 are good at conflict management. They use practicality and logic to resolve disagreements. They make an effort to keep the situation from escalating and try that things are kept light. They are solution-oriented and fast in their approach to resolving matters. 

Interpersonal Skills: ISTP 7w6

ISTP 7w6 are friendly and social people. They are both adult and childlike in their relationships and require the approval of others. They stay positive and rarely get offended. They keep their emotions to themself and are usually thrill-seekers in their relationships. They also try to be sensitive towards the feelings of others but at times they can be practical and logical. 

Strengths of ISTP 7w6

  • They are productive
  • They are optimistic
  • They are quick and thorough thinkers
  • They are sensitive to the feelings of others
  • They are logical
  • They learn by experience
  • They are action-oriented
  • They are realistic and practical in their approach
  • They enjoy new things
  • They are self-confident and easy-going

Weakness of ISTP 7w6

  • They are anxious
  • They engage in self-doubt
  • They can be disorganized when stressed
  • They have trouble remaining focused in stress
  • They are difficult to get to know
  • They can be insensitive
  • They get bored easily
  • They are risk-takers
  • They do not like commitment

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 FAQs: ISTP 7w6

Who should an ISTP marry?

ISTP should marry ESTJ or ENTJ. This is because their dominant introverted thinking can be matched well by the dominant extroverted thinking of such partners. However, they can enjoy good relationships with other personality types as well.

Is ISTP rare?

No. ISTPs are not rare among the general population but they are rare among women. 

What is a Type 7 personality?

Type 7 personality is social, fun-loving, creative, and productive. They fear a lack of nurturance. So, they turn to other people and things to keep themselves distracted. It is one of the types from the nine enneagrams.

What is Type 7w6?

Type 7w6 or Type 7 wing 6 is an enneagram personality subtype. It has core characteristics of type seven personality and complementary characteristics of type six personality. 


In this article, we discussed ISTP 7w6 personality.  We found that ISTP 7w6 shares traits of both ISTP and 7w6 personality. These people strive to be happy and live a fun-filled life. Consequently, they are afraid of missing out on opportunities for enjoyment. They love engaging in stimulating challenges and spend their time fixing new problems. They also acquire knowledge and skills for the purpose. However, they can easily get bored and constantly need innovation and adventure to stay excited and interested in things.

I hope you found this article interesting. If you have any queries or comments, please state them in the comment section 😊


Personality Types – Using the Enneagram for Self-Discovery by Don Richard Riso with Russ Hudson

The Wisdom of the Enneagram by Don Richard Riso and Russ Hudson

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