ISTP 5w6 Personality type (A complete guide)

In this brief guide, we will look at the ISTP 5w6 personality type and all the other topics related to it, like ISTP 5w4, ISTP 6w5 and Enneagram test.

ISTP 5w6 Personality

ISTP 5w6 personality is actually quite common, and this person may be someone who seeks knowledge but at the same time has a distinct people oriented side to them, and they may have a higher need for affection and people than other type 5s or ISTPs in general.

The type 5 and ISTP personalities are both known for pushing away from emotions and needing time to process them, which means that they complement one another very well in most cases, and when there is an addition of a 6 wing, it makes the person more approachable and more able to deal with people as well, which is something the ordinary type 5 might often lack.

An ISTP 5w6 might have a unique and interesting approach to life they can be very detached, analytical, and cautious, but they will also struggle between being passive about their life, which means that they may often show the strong success-driven drives of the 3. 

The ISTP 5w6 may also experience conflict because they want to get things done but in a pleasant manner so they are sure of themselves before they act. 

The 6 wing may often serve to bring the ISTP 5w6 out of contemplation and force them to take action which gets rid of the 5′s potential pitfall of inaction, because they often get far too focused on endlessly gathering information, and never feel like they are “ready” to use it.

The ISTP 5w6 also deals in logic and analytical thinking same as any other ISTP or any other enneagram 5, and they may often follow the process of analyzing information, withdrawing and hoarding it, finally.

The ISTP 5w6 may also sometimes have an ego like a 3 and they may frequently want to impress others or be successful, and they may often put on an air of success despite their mistakes.

The typical ISTP 5w6 is also good at paying attention to detail gaining and understanding technical knowledge by breaking things down in their environment and thinking in a logical sequence. 

This personality type may be highly intellectual and extremely analytical, but unlike the somewhat asocial ISTP 5w4 or other ISTP enneagram types, they may also make for some very loyal friends and they may be great at offering strong behind-the-scenes support. 

The ability of ISTP 5w6 to be kind, patient teachers as well as skillful experts at whatever they pick up, and their sense of mission and tendency to work hard makes them some very accomplished individuals.

However, on the other hand, the ISTP 5w6 may also project an aura of sensitive nerdiness and sometimes, when they have underdeveloped wing 6 traits, they may also have somewhat clumsy social skills. 

In the moments when the ISTP 5w6 is feeling particularly defensive, they may also get somewhat unnerved by others’ expectations and even though they like other people and crave the nearness, they may start to avoid them. 

Because of their wing 6, these individuals are also quite likely to be sensitive to social indebtedness and they may often have trouble saying “thank you.” 

The ISTP 5w6 may also suffer from a Fear of taking action, and they may often have an “information addiction” which means that sometimes they may ask lots of questions but don’t necessarily find it easy to decide what they actually want to do.

5w6 INTP Personality

The INTP 5w6 personality may be someone who seeks new adventures and may need great amounts of time alone to refresh themselves and introspect on what they have learned, but at the same time they may be slightly more socially gifted than other INTPs or other type 5s.

The INTP 5w6 is likely to spend a lot of time dissecting and analyzing, and studying the environment around them, which when coupled with their extroverted feeling function may enable them to have a unique ability to be attuned to the feelings of those around them.

Because of this attention they can pay to the feelings of those around them, coupled with the enneagram 6 traits, the INTP 5w6 is also capable of being a great source of support to their loved ones and their dependability may be second to none.

The INTP 5w6 has the innate curiosity of the type 5 (investigator personality) for everything in their internal and external environment, and they may use a combination of intuition and observation to come to well-thought-out conclusions.

The curious and to the point nature of the INTP 5w6 personality is also reflected in their speech and they may often use the most calculated and clear language which has no unnecessary embellishments and no vagueness.

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ISTP 5w4 Personality 

The ISTP 5w4 personality will be a deep thinker and they may have a very good sense of aesthetics, whereas their strong introverted thinking framework and their introverted intuition may be responsible for the great abstract thinking and information processing and gathering abilities. 

The Four wing in 5w4 ISTP may make them slightly more emotional and sensitive than the typical ISTP but at the same time these individuals may have trouble focusing on the feelings and beliefs of those around them.

The typical enneagram 5 personality tends to be more attentive to knowledge and information, and in the lack of this information the ISTP 5w4 may experience paranoia with social or interpersonal relationship areas, when they are more unhealthy and not in the right frame of mind.

ISTP 5w4 personality may also find that their highly introverted thinking and tendency to be introverted and introspective sometimes leads to ruminations and overthinking, making them question any subject or situation they find themselves in.

Usually the things they don’t know enough about tend to revolve around social norms, relationships and situations, which means that the ISTP 5w4 may always be wondering why people do the things they do and how they are able to function so well in situations where they seem to know nothing.

ISTP 6w5

The ISTP 6w5 is not very uncommon and like most ISTP and 5 and 6 enneagram types, they may be strong thinkers, however, they are also likely to be more socially oriented than any other personality type because the type 6 enneagram is someone who likes dependability and being social.

The typical ISTP 6w5 may be a somewhat opportunistic girl and they may often like to figure out how to use their environment to their advantage, but this may happen after a lot of time spent on figuring out how to do it. 

An ISTP 6w5 may approach new situations by observing them first, because they are at their hearts, introverted, so their extroverted sensing awareness of the world around them needs to first tell them everything about what they are dealing with.

The ISTP 6w5 will also have a great openness to exploring and engaging with the environment, and they are very capable of staying calm in a genuine crisis.

The typical ISTP 6w5 will never fall for the thing that is trying to deceive them and they have the typical enneagram 5 tendency to be able to understand everything around them in a crystal clear manner, and they may be able to see right through pretense of any kind

Enneagram Test

The main and most validated enneagram test was made by Don Riso and Russ Hudson after they created the Enneagram theory of personality and theorized about the presence of levels of development and accounted for the possibilities of growth or disintegration in the personality types.

This enneagram test is known as the Riso-Hudson Enneagram Type Indicator (RHETI), and one may take this test through a clinician, as they are meant to be administered in formal settings, unlike the commonly available online enneagram tests which are not as reliable or valid, but are more easily available. 

A supplement to the Enneagram test RHETI I is the Instinctual Variants Questionnaire, which helps to further refine the understanding of the Enneagram subtypes and centers.


In this brief guide, we looked at the ISTP 5w6 personality type and all the other topics related to it, like ISTP 5w4, ISTP 6w5 and Enneagram test.

ISTP tends to be a very introverted personality type, which means that they are likely to correlate rather heavily with enneagram personality types that are more introverted in nature.

ISTP 5w6 may be someone who is introverted but dependable, and they may often want to seek knowledge but also relationships that are close and personal.

If you have any questions or comments about the ISTP 5w6 personality, please feel free to reach out to us at any time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): ISTP 5w6

What is a type 5w6?

The type 5w6 refers to someone that is organized and intellectual and these may be individuals who have core traits of the enneagram type 5, as well as some traits of the enneagram type 6, which makes them great problem-solvers and they often have the need to make the world a better place. 

The typical 5w6 may often thrive in any environment that allows for the pursuit of knowledge and self-growth and they may often be encouraged by things that allow them to be logical and analytical.

Are Istp rare?

The ISTP is not very rare, in fact it is the fourth most common type of personality in MBTI, and it is also quite significant that there are more ISTP men than women. 

ISTP women are quite rare, however, and only about 2% of all women have ISTP personality traits.

Who is attracted to Istp?

ISTP may find that individuals with a dominant Extraverted Thinking are often attracted to them, which means that people like ESTJ or ENTJ may often be attracted to the ISTP.

People who are attracted to ISTP may often be the type that appreciate the logical and introverted thinking function that these personalities have, and anyone that appreciates a person with a thirst for life and knowledge will find themselves being attracted to the ISTP personality.

How can you tell if someone is Istp?

To tell if someone is an ISTP, you may check the following things about them:

They are a  born problem-solver.
They are practical and have their feet on the ground. 
They don’t mind getting your hands dirty. 
They often like to seek newness in situations and experiences
They are friendly but private.
They like it when people take an interest in their projects. 
They have a tendency to act first and think later.

What is the smartest Enneagram type?

The smartest enneagram type tends to be enneagram Fives mostly because they constantly seek knowledge and they have a tendency to be able to compartmentalize their knowledge accordingly, which means all the information they collect is easily accessible.

The type 9 is also highly intelligent, and may be just as brilliant as Fives, but they may not seek it as much as the type 5.


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