ISTP 5w4 Personality (A you need to know)

In this brief guide, we will look at the ISTP 5w4 personality type, as well as other related concepts like ISTP enneagram, ISTP Enneagram 4, ISTP personality features and ISTP 5w6.

ISTP 5w4 Personality

The ISTP 5w4 personality tends to be a deep thinker and at the same time someone with an aesthetic sense and athletic tendencies as well, and these are not the only contradictions in the ISTP 5w4 personality, as they have some very opposing tendencies.

The ISTP 5w4 personality is ruled by their strong introverted thinking framework and their introverted intuition that is responsible for all the abstractions in their thinking and information processing and gathering patterns. 

The Four wing in 5w4 ISTP also makes for someone who is more emotional and sensitive than the typical ISTP might be, or even more than a typical enneagram Five might be.

The typical ISTP 5w4 is someone who may have trouble focusing on the feelings and beliefs of those around them, because the enneagram 5 personality often pays more attention to knowledge and information, whereas the inferior extroverted feeling function is responsible for making the person more unaware of what other people are experiencing.

The introverted thinking and introverted intuition are other inferior functions in the ISTP 5w4 personality, which means that they may experience paranoia with social or interpersonal relationship areas, when they are more unhealthy and not in the right frame of mind.

In some cases, the ISTP 5w4 may also be extremely prone to holding people responsible or accuse people of things they may not have done because of the imaginative scenarios about slights done to them, and they may be quite vengeful towards these individuals as well, because they are so sure of their convictions.

The ISTP 5w4, because of their highly introverted thinking and tendency to be extremely introverted and introspective, may tend to spend a lot of time overthinking and questioning too much into any subject they find themselves at a disadvantage with.

Usually the things they don’t know enough about tend to revolve around social norms, relationships and situations, which means that the ISTP 5w4 may always be wondering why people do the things they do and how they are able to function so well in situations where they seem to know nothing.

An ISTP 5w4 learns by exploration of the things around them and they may frequently want to understand things by stripping them down to their components, which is obviously not possible with people (unless they take the ruthless approach to understanding someone’s secrets and attitudes, in which case they may be rather successful), and therefore they may often find that they don’t understand people nearly as well as they might understand deep philosophical works or how the biggest machine they have ever seen works.

The Enneagram type 5 is known as the “Observer” or “The Investigator.” and the ISTP is known as the builder or creator, which means that these individuals are likely to create things only after having explored everything they possibly can about something.

The typical ISTP 5w4, therefore, is likely to be someone who is mentally alert and curious, and kind of detached from the practical world; and they may even be seen as having a somewhat “disembodied mind”, that is, their physical being may be very separated from their mind because their mind might be their most prized possession.

The ISTP 5w4 is also very capable of concentrating on things, and they may often get deeply engrossed in whatever has captured their attention at that moment.

ISTP 5w4 personality may also be very meticulous and studious and they may get irrationally excited by knowledge, which is what also helps them conceptualize everything before acting.

Lastly, the ISTP 5w4 may be very fiercely independent, idiosyncratic, and open-minded, but they may not show these traits too openly given their highly introverted nature.

Enneagram 5w4 Personality Type

The 5w4 personality is known as the Philosopher, because of their traits like investigating and observing, and seeking information, and they may always be trying to find the answers to both the abstract as well as the real world.

The 5w4 is the personality type with core traits of 5 and some type 4, which may also give them the ability to introspect and ponder the great mysteries of both self and the world.

Other traits commonly seen in the enneagram 5w4 are curiosity, creativity and being reserved and their tendency to be alone so they may reflect and recharge may also be seen across the different types of type 5w4s.

Enneagram 5w4 personality is not cold though, because of their wing 4, in all likelihood, and they may be more emotional and self-expressive than other fives, and they may also not be as shy or withdrawn as other type 4s.

Type fives with a four wing may have a basic fear of being helpless and incompetent, and they may overcompensate by spending their time developing new knowledge and skills to feel useful and worthy, maybe even ignoring more practical, real-world needs in the process to deal with this fear.

The basic desire of the five wing four is to feel helpful and able, as well as acquiring knowledge and implementing it.

ISTP Enneagram 

The ISTP enneagram includes the more introverted enneagram types, like enneagram 4, 5 and 9, and sometimes they may also have the Enneagram type 1 as their type.

Most ISTPs identify themselves as type 5s in the Enneagram theory of personality, probably owing to the fact that dominant introverted thinking is highly correlated with the 5 type which is known for its investigative and highly curious nature.

Another reason most ISTPs tend to have type 5 as their enneagram might be is because the ISTP tendency to focus on their present and gather information is what most closely resonates with the observant and information seeking tendency of the type 5.

The MBTI personality type of ISTPs along with the Type 5s may be characterized by their love of learning, and they are blessed with great critical and analytical thinking skill, which is what underlie their desire to examine a situation from every available angle before they finally reach a conclusion.

The ISTP enneagram type 5 may find that they are highly reliant on their introverted thinking and introverted intuition functions, and surprisingly their extroverted sensing may be a bit of a blind spot, which means that they may not be comfortable acting until they have thoroughly scrutinized a given circumstance. 

The ISTP who has an enneagram type 5 may even look like an INTP sometimes, which is a good indicator of how slow they may be to act upon their impulses compared to other extroverted sensing individuals.

Sometimes the ISTP enneagram 5 may also look like an ISTJs while taking a dichotomy-driven test, as they may not act as impulsive as the ‘perceiver’ stereotype would imply.

Some ISTPs also identified themselves as type 9s which may also be an indicator of the correlation between introverted feeling functions of both these personality types but still, considering the strong traits of ISTP, it is somewhat surprising that so many ISTP people associate with the type 9.

It has been seen that in any ISTP enneagram 9 individual, the inferior extroverted feeling may play a big role because the inferior extroverted feeling user may often fear that they will be unable to connect with others, which means that they fear disconnection and loss, and be unsure of how to reverse the situation.

Type 5 ISTPs may be particularly in touch with their extroverted sensing function unlike the ISTP type 9, as it keeps them highly in tune with their surrounding environment and often they may have a rather volatile relationship with their inferior extroverted feeling function, which demands harmony but is often difficult for the ISTP to manage due to its inferior position in their stacking. 

INTP 5w4

The free nature of INTP personality when coupled with the enneagram 5w4 may be someone who plays a critic of science or devil’s advocate, and they may love going into details and arguing logically for all sides of something.

The INTP 5w4 is very capable of thinking rationally and going deep into the knowledge they have so painstakingly acquired for every argument and every discussion.

This individual will love the pursuit of knowledge more than anyone else, and they are totally focused on the current situation in order to gain this knowledge.

The INTP 5w4 loves detailed arguments and they often use it to cast doubts on the foundations or assumptions of any theory people accept as true without going through the scientific method, which is like a religion to these individuals.

INTPs does not have a dominant feeling function, so 5w4 INTPs are all about the logic and thinking rather than the expressing and feeling, and their fear of being thought of as incompetent or insignificant, may cause them great worry that they will become too imbalanced, isolated, or depressed without their knowledge.

INTP is a common MBTI type among Enneagram Fives due to the fact that type five traits are often correlated heavily with the ISTP traits of introversion (I), thinking (T), and to some extent, intuition (N).

ISTP Enneagram 4

The ISTP enneagram 4 may most commonly be seen as an enneagram 4w3, and these individuals are likely to be driven to externalizing their issues and they may often suffer from irrational envy and competitiveness.

The ISTP 4w3 is not going to be an extrovert, but they may still be quite attuned to the external world due to their extroverted sensing function, but this will still not help them in the realm of relationships and romantic situations.

The ISTP is a highly logical type, but they are not all about the detachment, in fact they may be very intensely emotional towards some people and situations, and when these traits are combined with the traits of type 4, which is emotion and romantic views on life, the individual may be softer and more prone to paying attention to their feelings than other ISTPs.

The ISTP with enneagram 4 may be drawn to the arts and they will have a highly developed extroverted sensing function, which means they would like to explore with their senses a lot.

When they are the unhealthy type, they may often seek too much reassurance, attention and validation. 

ISTP 5w4 Characters

Given below is a list of the most famous ISTP 5w4 individuals which may give you an insight into the typical ISTP 5w4 character:

  • David Lynch
  • Stephen King
  • Sinead O’Connor
  • Merce Cunningham
  • Lily Tomlin
  • Glenn Gould
  • Georgia O’Keeffe
  • Joyce Carol Oates
  • Tim Burton
  • Kurt Cobain


In this brief guide, we look at the ISTP 5w4 personality type, as well as other related concepts like ISTP enneagram, ISTP Enneagram 4, ISTP personality features and ISTP 5w6.

The ISTP 5w4 personality may be fairly common, but it is not unusual if an ISTP gets another enneagram type as their result, because this personality type may find that they relate to other introverted personalities just as much.

The ISTP personality is a very interesting one, and their thirst for knowledge of the world around them may often make them fit into various enneagram types.

If you have any questions or comments about the ISTP 5w4 personality type, please feel free to reach out to us at any time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): ISTP 5w4

What Enneagram type is Istp?

The enneagram type of ISTP is likely to be 5 in most cases, as these introverted individuals with their thirst for knowledge tend to fit most into the investigative and introverted enneagram type 5.

Some ISTP personalities might also relate to the Enneagram type 9 or 1, but this may be more uncommon.

Is 5w4 rare?

5w4 is a rare personality type, and they are the most commonly mistyped one as well, because most people want to believe that they are the type of special or talented that a typical 5w4 is likely to be.

Type 5 in general is quite rare, as is type 4, which means that there is definite proof that the 5w4 is equally as rare as the two types that make up this personality.

Who should the ISTP marry?

An ISTP should marry someone like an ESTJ, or the ENTJ, as their dominant function of Introverted Thinking may work well with a personality type that is dominated by Extraverted Thinking.

What does 5w4 mean?

5w4 means an enneagram type also known as five wing four, and this is a personality that may be most like type fives, but also share traits with type fours. 

The typical enneagram 5w4 might be quite curious, creative, and reserved in their behavior and they may also prefer to be alone to reflect and recharge. 

The enneagram 5w4 is also likely to be more emotional and self-expressive than other fives and they are likely to be more curious and knowledge-seeking than other type 4s.


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