ISTP 1w9: (A Complete Guide)

In this article, we will describe a combination of ISTP 1w9 personality type i.e. ISTP personality from the MBTI types and the type 1w9 from enneagram types. We will be describing each personality separately followed up by giving an in-depth overview of a combination of both personalities i.e. ISTP 1w9.

ISTP 1w9

ISTP 1w9 shares traits of both ISTP and 1w9 personality. These personalities are quiet and practical in their approach. They fear being corrupt and strive to be ethical. Their focus is to spread awareness and stand for the rights of others through teaching and intellectual discussions. They make good problem-solvers who are on a constant lookout for new challenges. 

MBTI: Four Cognitive Functions

 Myer Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), based on Carl Jung’s 16 personality types, approaches personality to be composed of four cognitive functions that govern how people think, process, and make decisions. The top two cognitive functions play a dominant role in guiding a person’s personality. Whereas, the latter two play less of a role. However, they still have some impact or influence on how a person behaves in certain situations. ISTP is one personality type out of the 16 types. 

ISTP: The Crafter (Introverted, Sensing, Thinking, Perceiving)

The ISTP personality type from the Myer-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is based on Carl Jung’s 16 personality types. It describes people who are independent, action-oriented, prefers freedom and flexibility in their life. They are open to new experiences and like engaging in practical activities. Logic,  rationality,  concrete information, and practical application of things appeal to them more than abstract ideas.  They dislike routine and prefer newness in their life. 5.4% of people have an ISTP personality type in the world.

Four Cognitive Functions of ISTP

Four cognitive functions that guide how ISTP personality type processes information includes:

Introverted Thinking

ISTPs spend most of their time thinking and processing information which they rarely express to others.  Consequently, they prefer being quiet most of the time. Their actions are based on their strong observational and thinking skills.  You could say they are rational and logical people who like to engage in practical activities.  Furthermore, while analyzing situations,  they can put their emotions aside and see things objectively.  Such personalities are hard to get to know for other people due to their action-oriented and reserved nature.

Extroverted Sensing

ISTPs are present-oriented who do not think about the past or future excessively.  They are logical and enjoy learning about how things function and operate.  They love the practical application of concepts. So they learn more by doing than from reading theories or abstract ideas.

Introverted Intuition

ISTPs often have gut feelings about different situations especially before making a decision. They can turn abstract concepts into actions or practical ideas.  Due to their intuitive function,  they are also able to have moments of insight about themselves and others. 

Extroverted Feeling

This is the weakest part of ISTP’s personality. They are usually calm and logical.  However,  in stressful situations, they can have emotional outbursts and lash out at others.  This is because they usually ignore their feelings till they reach a breaking point. 


Enneagrams are a map or typology of human personalities. It was developed by George Ivanovich Gurdjieff, Oscar Ichazo, and Claudio Naranjo. It is divided into nine personality types that are spread across 3 triads i.e. Feeling triad, Thinking Triad, or Instinctive Triad. It describes a person’s fundamental psychological orientation in the form of good or bad traits and sees which triad quality i.e. emotion, intellect or instincts is most characteristic of his or her personality.  The Basic Personality Type is the most characteristic of a person. Whereas wings add elements to the overall personality. Type 1w9 is one of its types.

Type 1w9: ‘The Idealist’

Type 1w9 means people with type one personality have secondary traits of type nine personality. Such personalities are highly idealistic yet detached from the people. They appear disconnected and impersonal to others. Type one with wing nine is in conflict within themselves because type one strives to provoke change whereas type nine wants to avoid that. As a result, such people distance themselves and observe & evaluate their surroundings logically. 

Healthy versions of these personalities are objective with reasonable judgment, spiritual, scholarly, and attracted to nature and art rather than people. Although they are not emotionally expressive, they make loyal & generous friends, good speakers, articulate writers, and educators of good principles.  They try to raise awareness through their skills of verbal and written expression yet they are pessimistic at times about whether their advice will be taken by others or not. They avoid politics yet spread their teachings in an abstract manner devoid of any personal or emotional component. Although type Ones get angry, yet this type is more sarcastic, stiff, and impatient than aggressive. They prefer being alone, push away people who disagree with their worldview, and rigidly hold strong opinions.

Unhealthy versions of this personality see other people as the problem and source of evil in the world. They compulsively take action to eradicate such sources and can cause other harm in the process. Yet, they don’t understand what they are doing is wrong in the name of idealism. 

Example: Noam Chomsky, C.S Lewis, Thomas Jefferson

A Combination of ISTP 1w9

Personality: ISTP 1w9

ISTP 1w9 personalities are afraid of being corrupt and unethical. Their focus is to be ethical, morally good, and stand up for the rights of others through teaching or discussion. They do this quietly while remaining in the background. Their knowledge and skills guide them to solve problems and fix things. However, once they get bored from a challenge, they move on quickly to the next. 

Workstyle: ISTP 1w9

ISTP 1w9 are focused on problem-solving at the workplace. They use their knowledge, experience, and skills to contribute to their team. They are good at crisis management and prefer independence in their work. They especially dislike schedules and routine and keep their attention towards details, concrete information, and making a positive impact on the world. Jobs like a judge, social worker, guidance counselor, journalist, environmentalist, pilot, firefighter, forensic science are well suited for them.

Emotional stressors of ISTP 1w9

ISTP 1w9 are stressed by being ignored by others, being criticized, and being perceived as weak. They especially get distressed if they are exposed to corruption and evil in the world and if they are unable to do anything about it. They push themselves to avoid negativity by emotionally detaching themselves from situations, distracting themselves, or completely withdrawing. 

Conflict: ISTP 1w9

ISTP 1w9 are objective in their conflicts. They are able to express their point of view in a logical manner but struggle at times. Their focus is to resolve things quickly and practically. If things continue to drag out, they get irritated as they want action and solution as soon as possible. 

Interpersonal Skills: ISTP 1w9

ISTP 1w9 are friendly people who can make connections. However, they are more detached and not emotionally expressive. Their manner towards relationship is more practical and interest-driven. They do not open up easily to others but if they do they make loyal friends and partners. They like action in their relationships and soon get bored once the thrill is over.

Strengths of ISTP 1w9

  • They are detail-oriented
  • They stand up for the rights of others
  • They have a logical yet imaginative world-view
  • They are considerate about their community
  • They follow personal values
  • They learn by experience
  • They are action-oriented
  • They are realistic and practical in their approach
  • They enjoy new things and experiences
  • They are self-confident and easy-going in their attitude

Weakness of ISTP 1w9

  • They get detached from others
  • They have a low negativity tolerance
  • They are critical of self and others
  • They are stubborn with regard to their views
  • They are difficult to get to know
  • They can be insensitive
  • They get bored easily and look for new challenges and problems
  • They are risk-takers
  • They do not like commitment

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 FAQs: ISTP 1w9

Who should an ISTP marry?

ISTP should marry ESTJ or ENTJ. This is because their dominant introverted thinking can be matched well by the dominant extroverted thinking of such partners. However, they can enjoy good relationships with other personality types as well.

Is ISTP rare?

No. ISTPs are not rare among the general population but they are rare among women. 

What is Type 1 personality?

Type 1 personality is rational, ethical, and highly principled. They fear immorality and strive to make ethical choices. They are driven to practice justice and equality.

What is Type 1w9?

Type 1w9 or Type1 wing9 is an enneagram personality subtype. It has core characteristics of type One personality and complementary characteristics of type nine personality. 


In this article, we discussed ISTP 1w9 personality.  We found that ISTP 1w9 shares traits of both ISTP and 1w9 personality. These personalities are quiet and practical in their approach. They fear being corrupt and strive to be ethical. Their focus is to spread awareness and stand for the rights of others through teaching and intellectual discussions. They make good problem-solvers who are on a constant lookout for new challenges. 

I hope you found this article interesting. If you have any queries or comments, please state them in the comment section 😊


Personality Types – Using the Enneagram for Self-Discovery by Don Richard Riso with Russ Hudson

The Wisdom of the Enneagram by Don Richard Riso and Russ Hudson

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