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This blog will investigate what people in real life say and experience regarding the differences between the ISTJ and INTJ as discussed on Reddit.

Questions and topics discussed by Reddit users on the differences between ISTJ and INTJ

The following are the most frequently discussed questions and topics on Reddit regarding the differences between the ISTJ and INTJ:

  • What are the major differences between INTJ and ISTJ?
  • I can’t decide if I’m an ISTJ or an INTJ
  • ISTJ vs. INTJ

What are the major differences between INTJ and ISTJ?

“The difference between an ISTJ and an INTJ is going to be Si-Ne and Ni-Se. Defining Ni is one of the hardest functions to describe, so it is far easier to focus on the other perceiving functions. Si users tend to be conservative in appearance, dress, and just about every way. By conservative, I mean not wasteful, or simply, less is more…”

“ISTJs have a more utilitarian perspective on objects. They think that if this object works, it is good enough for me, and it still has some use in it ……they may shop at thrift stores, wear or use the same trusty thing for years and years, and wash disposable Ziploc bags over and over again. Now, this shouldn’t be confused for being miserly or not being able to appreciate the finer things in life….”

“……. they are consciously sentimental about an object, but they just don’t perceive it as “old or outdated” because they don’t perceive time the same way as an Se user. They don’t care about external perceptions since they are very subjective in this manner….” 

“…..ISTJs appreciate sensory pleasures, especially when they elicit a positive response in the user…..This makes them less concerned with shiny objects or keeping up with the latest styles. They aren’t trying to impress anyone and could care less if you happen to be so anyway. They would rather that you be impressed by their Ne side ..….”

“….INTJs are conservative in appearance and dress, but where ISTJs have subtle quirks, INTJs have subtle flair. Even though they would hate to admit it, INTJs have an inner ESFP ….. they are going to often have a more understated sense of style that they aren’t very comfortable with showing. They care more about objective appearance more so than an ISTJ but will do so in a somewhat distorted manner. Their relief and departure from their intuitive self are expressed physically…..”

“The INTJ in my life expresses her Se by organizing and manipulating her physical environment or delighting in sensory pleasures like scented candles, compulsive shopping, and decorative pillows….”

“The usually conservative ISTJ will have some odd little quirks that just seem kind of weird. They have a secret nerd or rebel. There is a stereotype that they love Comic-cons. Carefully planned escapes from their usual serious self is kind of a theme. “

“INTJs are going to have an adversarial relationship with the external world and have an oblivious relationship with their inner bodily workings. They don’t know what is going on inside of them, either bodily due to their Se or what they are feeling due to their Fi. Between Te and Se, they just push through the pain, and don’t take kindly to suggestions of looking after their health.”

“The external world will invariably trip anyone up, but for the INTJ, they seem to take it personally. They saw it coming, and when it happens, they think “Aha! I told you so!” The external world then becomes a source of consternation, just as they predicted, but it is more of a self-fulfilling prophecy than an actual logical perception of events as they unfold.”

“…..let’s say that an ISTJ has a test tomorrow on a subject they just don’t get. Ne will kick in. Along comes anxiety about preparedness, competency, etc. From here the ISTJ cannot sleep due to anxiety. Further anxiety will ensue due to knowing that sleep deprivation brings about diminished cognitive abilities. This is when it is time to start worrying about that happening…” 

“ISTJs are delighted and uncomfortable with abstract ideas and novelty, whereas INTJs are delighted and uncomfortable with concrete, sensory pleasures.”

“INTJs are more adaptive to change and innovation. ISTJs tend to get used to doing something, and prefer it not to change.”

“ISTJs focus way too much on details. They are good looking at every single sand cone, but they fail to see the beach. It’s quite annoying working with them as many of those details are unnecessary, and they lose sight of the big picture.”

I can’t decide if I’m an ISTJ or an INTJ

“I’ve had a similar issue. After a lot of research, I do think I am INTJ, however, I have shown ISTJ tendencies. My thought processes are often something like the following. When problem-solving, I will look to past experiences as a starting point. 

I often do things the way I’ve done them before, not because I’m a stickler for tradition, but because that way has been proven to work well and I simply want the best solution. However, the minute I come up with a better solution, or one is presented to me, I will change course immediately. 

Again, I want the best, most efficient solution regardless of where it comes from. Sometimes that means doing what is proven to work, and sometimes it’s doing something in a completely new way. Whatever gets the best result.”

“I can’t help you so much on the INTJ end of your quandary (I don’t completely understand what Introverted Intuition is either), but my best friend is an ISTJ.”

“When applying the notion of “guardian of tradition” to an ISTJ, you have to realize that it is an extremely personal thing. Generally, they latch on to some subject matter and have a ridiculously detailed knowledge of all its ‘cannon’ features, and tend to be upset, or at least annoyed, by alterations of those features, especially in subsequent iterations of the subject area, if those happen to exist. Often, they have collections about the subject area, which help reinforce nostalgia.”

“I’m not sure what the contrariwise “thing” for INTJs is, though I have the impression that they also have favored subject matters. Perhaps they approach them differently.“

“I lived with someone who I thought balanced their S and N very well. It was hard to know if he was an INTJ or ISTJ.”

“….every ISTJ I’ve met has ALWAYS had an extremely organized room, has pet peeves to small things, and is motivated with being busy (worker bees) while all of the INTJsI’vee met fits the same description except for the perfectly organized part. Some of my INTJ friends have very messy rooms… some do not.”

“……I still have no clue which I am. Is it possible to be some S/N hybrid? I care deeply about practicality and the cold hard facts, but I also care deeply about abstraction and theory.”


“These two are nothing alike. One looks to the past to see how it’s always been done and continues to do “what works”. The other is always looking forward, with hardly any viewpoint to keeping the status quo.”

“One ISTJ friend of mine is the work hard, play hard type. She is the total ISTJ stereotype at work, but just about every weekend, she is exploring and I mean risky exploring at times. She will plan vacations based on breaking into and exploring abandoned buildings and military bases.”

“They have similar characteristics in the areas of emotions and organization, but they are really nothing alike.”

“INTJs will look to change and improve. ISTJs will look to preserve and maintain.”

“One seeks to control how everything is thought and rationalized (one perfected ideology) and the other seeks to control how everything is done from day to day (one perfected routine). I’ll let you guess which is which.”

“One big way in which the two types differ is on their views toward tradition and authority. An ISTJ holds the two of these in high regard, whereas an INTJ will tend to not be impressed by the authority in and of itself. They will place a higher preference for rules and what is socially acceptable, even if it impedes effectiveness. INTJs (and all NT types) typically place effectiveness over rules created by authority figures. These two types can be easy to confuse.”

“All of the ISTJs I know are intelligent and introverted (of course), and they don’t differ much from my INTJ personality.”


This blog investigated what people in real life say and experience regarding the differences between the ISTJ and INTJ as discussed on Reddit.

The following are the most frequently discussed questions and topics on Reddit regarding the differences between the ISTJ and INTJ:

  • What are the major differences between INTJ and ISTJ?
  • I can’t decide if I’m an ISTJ or an INTJ
  • ISTJ vs. INTJ

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Frequently Asked Questions: ISTJ vs. INTJ Reddit

Can you be both ISTJ and INTJ?

No, You can never be both an INTJ and ISTJ.

Are ISTJs lazy?

No, ISTJs are never lazy. They are hardworking and diligent individuals.

Who are INTJs compatible with?

The INTJ’s natural partner is the ENFP or the ENTP. INTJ’s dominant function of Introverted Intuition is best matched with a partner whose personality is dominated by Extraverted Intuition.

Do ISTJs fall in love easily?

No, ISTJs do not fall in love fast, but when they do fall in love it is for the long run.

What do ISTJs find attractive?

ISTJs are attracted to people who are capable and intelligent. They are drawn to someone who has a strong sense of independence and who knows what they want from life. 

Which personality type has the highest IQ?

The ENFP is a personality with a genius IQ.


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