ISTJ Anime Characters (A 13+ list)

In this brief guide, we will discuss 13 ISTJ anime characters and some features of the ISTJ personality type.

List of ISTJ anime characters

Here is a list of 13 ISTJ anime characters:

·       D-the Kid

·       Lorelai

·       Paul

·       Scar

·       Iceberg

·       Kalifa

·       Weiss

·       Kyon

·       Tien Shinhan

·       Smoker

·       Neji Hyuga

·       Jinbei

·       Vegeta

What is ISTJ Personality type?

ISTJ stands for Introverted, Sensing, Thinking, and Judging, and this is a personality classification in the Myers Briggs Type Indicator that is based on Carl Jung’s theory of personality.

ISTJs are known as Logisticians in the MBTI system, due to their traits that center around the logical and analytical processes of thinking.

These may be the people who make up a large part of the population, and their defining traits include integrity, practical logic, and an almost tireless devotion and dedication to duty and service.

These tendencies that these people have to be a duty fulfillers, and the orientation to service makes them vital to anything that has an organizational structure, whether it is the military or even a family unit.

They may be seen as the strong father figures working their fingers to the bone to provide for their family, or the traditional soldier willing to sacrifice her life for the country and for what she believes in.

These people believe in taking responsibility for their actions and like to involve accuracy and precision in everything they do, and unlike their extroverted counterparts who drive others around them to do the same and command those that are under their wing, these people are the ones behind the scenes, working quietly on their own, with an inner world that works as a rapid pace.

The ISTJ is not the kind to make random assumptions, they prefer to analyze their surroundings, check their facts, and only then do they arrive at practical courses of action.

These people are no-nonsense, and when they’ve made a decision, they will talk briefly about the facts that are going to be used to achieve the necessary goal and very little time will be lost from thinking to execution.

 There is no place in their lives for indecisiveness, and they also tend to lose patience quickly if their chosen course of action is challenged with impractical theories or alternate ideas.

These people are the type to get quite angry as deadlines get nearer and action seems to be on hold, and they abhor people who talk about the abstract or feelings or emotion without focusing on the practical and detail.

This kind of behavior can make them quite rough and insensitive, and people with more fragile personalities can wilt quickly under the thumb of a tough ISTJ.

If you’re facing this, it may be a good idea to seek the help of a therapist or other mental health professional. You can find a therapist at BetterHelp who can help you learn how to cope and address it.

On the other hand, though, these are some of the most disciplined, hard-working people there are in the world, and they make things happen almost everywhere in their respective organizations and make sure things run smoothly and on time.

ISTJ Anime characters

D-the Kid

D-the Kid is an ISTJ anime character on the show Soul Eater.

He is majorly described as having an “uptight personality”.

While this is by no means what all ISTJs are like, some of them are definitely prone to being too much of a stickler for rules and regulations.

He is generally calm and mature but he is not the type to show arrogance about being great and even being a god.

Kid also has a great sense of morality and order, which are traits even the most atypical ISTJs usually display, and he also believes that everything is about balance and that everything one does must be to ensure that this balance is maintained.

He also has the goal of achieving an “absolutely” perfect world, where no one would have the freedom to kill.

However, despite his strong views on the subject, he does not follow any of it blindly, and has his own beliefs and ideas about nearly everything he does.


Lorelai appears on the franchise Pokemon.

She shows a number of ISTJ personality traits such as being calm and composed and going about everything she does in a strategic and rule-oriented manner.

She is also rather indifferent to her fans and does not much care for theatrics, focusing more heavily on her work as a trainer.

She also tends to be rather eccentric and believes that the strategy in battle should be fluid, so one should change their tactics, depending on the situation.

Her main strategy consists of freezing her enemies with ice, which may well be considered to be a metaphor for the almost cold manner in which ISTJs can lash out sometimes, then turn defensive by remaining still and silent.


Paul is another ISTJ anime character from the franchise Pokemon.

Paul has a strong dislike for weak Pokémon and has a tendency of releasing them if they do not meet his expectations, which fits into the ruthless attitude of some ISTJ commanders or executives to get rid of indecisive individuals or those who may not be performing according to their expectations.

He works as a true analyst and thinker; he feels that bonding with Pokémon would only turn them into slackers.

In addition, he also has a habit of scolding his Pokémon for losing to opponents he feels were beatable, which is also something that may be seen in some ISTJs.

Paul is an example of the rougher type of ISTJs, of course not all of them are like that, not by a long shot, but some of them, in whom the traits of logical thinking and decision making are more dominant, tend to be somewhat ruthless and controlling.


Scar appears on the anime show Fullmetal Alchemist, and he is a good study for the more serious ISTJ anime character.

Scar is shown as brooding, vicious, and angry, and someone that is totally consumed by hatred toward the people who were responsible for the destruction of his homeland.

He goes against the teachings of his religion’s teachings just to fashion himself into an agent of chaos so he may avenge his homeland effectively.

Of course, like any turmoiled individual on a warpath for vengeance, he sometimes targets innocent people, like Elric, but sometimes there is a kind side to him even in the middle of the bloodshed and violence.

He also sympathizes with those who have suffered losses of their own and would like to help them, and is exceedingly protective of his surviving kinsmen and all the things they say to him, he takes very seriously.

Most ISTJs behave in the same way with their unit, whether it is family or friends they hold close, or just co-workers they are particularly close to or respect; their word can mean a lot to them and they might even bend their otherwise steadfast rules to fit their opinion in.


Iceberg appears on the show One Piece and shows traits like being a good manager and good captain to his subordinates, commanding respect and love from those under him, and being a thorough and logic-oriented leader.

This ISTJ anime character is marked by his tendency to show weird behaviors at times as well, like refusing to meet those he does not want to, acting weird and childish other times, and doing out of character things like finding animals on the ground and taking care of them.

He can be extremely serious when need is, though, and all his childishness disappears like a whiff of smoke when he is called to action, and at that moment he becomes the leader that his people need, and he drives them hard to action with no hesitation whatsoever.


Kalifa is another ISTJ anime character on the show One Piece and she plays Iceberg’s secretary.

Kalifa is a serious and business-like woman and is dutifully loyal to Iceberg, which is a core ISTJ trait.

These people are nothing if not loyal, and they will go to hell and back for the people they care about or are associated within a serious capacity.

Kalifa is seen accompanying him everywhere and she readily attacks anyone who approaches him without the proper respect she thinks he deserves, which is typical of her ISTJ personality.

She anticipates Iceberg’s needs with maximum efficiency, which is yet another ISTJ trait of the highest order, as these people excel at literally any job they undertake, and they may even be borderline perfectionists.

At the same time, she is also calm and composed at all times, regardless of what is happening around her, which is another trait that may be seen in many ISTJ personalities.

Weiss Schnee

Weiss appears on the show RWBY and is a good addition to the list of ISTJ anime characters owing to many traits, but in particular her tendency to be ordered and maintaining symmetry in her life.

Due to the introverted thinking function of the ISTJ personalities, Weiss can be somewhat aloof and even cold sometimes, and her voice actor Kara Eberle describes her as “Nice but a little fiesty, which might be an apt description for a lot of ISTJ personalities.

The truth is that ISTJ is so caught up in trying to create the perfect world with the perfect manner of things, that they may just come across as rough and mean, but they don’t do it out of malice or to hurt people, they are just simply wired to not tolerate nonsense and get things done.

In a similar vein, Weiss has immense confidence in her skill and she can be a touch arrogant about it, but she is gentle and compassionate towards her friends and looks after them all the time.

She is a true team player, and despite the fact that she likes being alone and would rather do things her own way, she does include other people when need be and does not shy away from mingling if that is required for any situation.


Kyon appears on the show Haruhi and is an addition to the list of ISTJ anime characters due to traits such as his snarky and cynical manner and his tendency to hide his true emotions using his gruff demeanor.

Sometimes the difference between how he really feels and how he acts may be seen in the obvious discrepancy in his actions.

For example, he always acts like a skeptic and argues in favor of the most mundane possibility in any situation, but then eventually confesses that he wishes extraordinary things existed.

This confession is basically what one might find in most ISTJ personalities, and why they are drawn to more extroverted and feeling-oriented people so often.

They might be consumed with order and rules and deadlines, but at the same time, there is always a softer side to them that they keep hidden due to their introverted tendencies and this part usually comes out in front of a select few.

In similar tendency of hiding his emotions, he rarely admits to having a fondness for anyone but he does act in a way that suggests he cares about other people.

Tien Shinhan

Tien Shinhan is an ISTJ anime character on the show Dragon Ball Z.

He was originally a cold-hearted and ruthless warrior but eventually, he transitioned to the good side.

He becomes an honorable warrior who cares deeply for those he strives to protect. 

Sometimes he also tries to repent for his former brutality and succeeds in eventually rising above his horrid memories and looks toward the future.

He may also be somewhat stern and rigid which makes him a good ISTJ anime character.


Smoker is yet another ISTJ anime character from the show One Piece.

He is a Marine soldier and is somewhat infamous among his organization obstinate, rebellious attitude towards even his superiors, which is not something you often hear about ISTJs but it may happen if they find themselves in an organization that does things too differently for them or is not efficient enough according to their standards.

If he gets an award or commendation that he feels he has not earned, he lashes out against that too.

This kind of tendency in an ISTJ is usually telling of a deeper problem, and behavior like this in a real-world ISTJ would probably merit some outside influence or help from loved ones.

Smoker is also an extremely serious and gruff man, and rarely smiles, which may be seen in older and seasoned ISTJ individuals who have not had many people with extroverted or feeling dominant individuals around them, as they can mellow the serious ISTJs out quite a bit.

Neji Hyuga

Neji Hyuga appears on the show Naruto.

While he was pleasant and cheerful as a child, the weight of responsibility after his father’s loss has turned Neji into a serious, practical person that rarely smiles and mostly focuses on getting his duties done.

For ages, he had fatalistic sort of beliefs about life and loss and he believed solely in the black and white, with no place for any in-between.

He is also of the belief that straying from the paths that have been set out for someone is a weakness and will result in failure, which shows the ISTJ trait for high discipline and rigidity.

He eventually changes into a more mellow person through his interaction with other individuals and due to these traits he makes a good example of an ISTJ anime character.


Jinbei appears on the show One Piece as well, and it would seem that this show has a number of great TSTJ anime characters, likely due to the values of duty and honor that it purports fairly often.

Duty and honor is everything to Jinbei, which instantly makes him believable as an ISTJ anime character.

Introverted sensing is fairly evident in Jinbei and he also values security strongly along with efficiency and staying on task regardless of the situation around him.

His introverted feelings are geared towards morals and values and these he follows to the end with everything he does in the world and in his life.

Jinbei hates taking risks and fears negative possibilities coming up, likely due to the extroverted intuition function.

He is also very respectful and compassionate towards those he is associated with.


Vegeta is an ISTJ anime character on the show Dragon Ball Z.

Vegeta shows an introverted sensing function in a true ISTJ manner.

Time and again he is seen making decisions based on past details and past experiences and is likely quite in touch with the past.

Vegeta also cares deeply about duty and honor as a warrior and was in fact taught as a child about being amazing and elite, and to behave like it.


In this brief guide, we discussed 13 ISTJ anime characters and some features of the ISTJ personality type. Please feel free to reach out with any questions or comments.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): ISTJ anime characters

What anime characters are Istj?

Kurogane – Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicles.
Mikasa Ackerman – Attack On Titan.
Sasuke Uchiha – Naruto.
Teru Mikami – D-Note.
Miles Edgeworth – Ace Attorney.

What personality type should an Istj marry?

ISTJ should marry a personality type that is feeling dominant but extroverted and more sensing than intuitive.

The ISTJs natural partner is likely ESFP or ESTP.

Although two well-developed individuals of any type can enjoy a healthy relationship, the ISTJ’s natural partner is the ESFP, or the ESTP. ISTJ’s dominant function of Introverted Sensing is best matched with a partner whose personality is dominated by Extraverted Sensing.

Who has Istj personality?

Some people that have ISTJ personality are George Washington, John D. Rockefeller, and Warren Buffet. From the fictional world, Ned Stakr from Game of Thrones may be seen as having an ISTJ personality due to his strong regard for rules and staunch ethics.

What do ISTJs find attractive?

ISTJs are attracted to people who are confident and have the courage to stick to their ideals.

ISTJs are likely not attracted to indecisive people and people who tend to be too wishy-washy and have their head in the clouds all the time.


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